The New Windows 10 keylogger

With the release of the Windows 10 operating system, the new generation isafe keylogger 2017 was released.

It has the following monitoring software for Black Technology:
1, the perfect fit windows 10 system
2, full background operation
3, monitoring facebook all the chat, message and friends
4, monitoring e-mail, including encrypted mail
5, monitoring all the keys
6, send a chat to the phone remotely

Keylogger email sending log SMTP configuration guide

To use iSafe keylogger’s sending logs to email feature, you need a gmail, hotmail or anyother email account to receiving logs, and you need to configure your keylogger and email account to enable SMTP AND IMAP feature.

Let’s take gmail as example:

  1. Go to gmail’s Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP, enable  IMAP.
  2. gmail imap







  1. Enable SMTPsmtp

    Question: What Are the Gmail SMTP Settings?

    Looking for the Gmail SMTP server settings?

    Answer: The Gmail SMTP server settings for sending mail through Gmail from any email program are:

    1. Gmail SMTP serveraddress:
    2. Gmail SMTP user name: Your full Gmail address(e.g.
    3. Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password
    4. Gmail SMTP port (TLS)587
      • Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465
    5. Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

Remote Install Keylogger remotely changes setting specification

Good News!

The new version of iSafesoft Remote Install Keylogger version added a remote control function, by which you can remotely disable or enable it monitoring, change password, change receiving logs email and etc.

To remotely change its set, you just need to send an email to the email account  receving logs with the following COMMAND specification.
Email Title has to be:RMKCMD

Email Body should include any one of the following instructions used to change setting.

Change sending log interval {[CMD=INTERVAL|VALUE=6]} The value is minute.
Enable monitoring {[CMD=ENABLE]}
Disable monitoring {[CMD=DISABLE]}
Uninstall itself {[CMD=UNINSTALL]} This will uninstall keylogger permanently and no way to restore unless you reinstall it
Change log email {[CMD=EMAIL|EMAIL=YOURMAIL|SMTP=yoursmtp|PASSWORD=123abc|PORT=465|SSL=TRUE|IMAP=yourimap]}
Change log email password {[CMD=PASSWORD|VALUE=NEWPASSWORD]}

Webcam and Microphone Keylogger

Keylogger is a technique which is used basically to capture and monitor interactions between a human a computer system. It studies the pattern and way a human mind interacts with the computer. Keylogging can be done in various ways such as studying the software usage, studying the hardware usage and the study of acoustics. The key logging technique is also used at work places to monitor the employees’ work pattern and mind reading.

free keylogger

Some of the common hardware key logging techniques are keyboard keylogger, acoustic keylogger, webcam keylogger, smart phone sensors and many more. The webcam keylogger is the recent addition to the list and monitors the webcam along with capturing the video from the same. This helps to know the location and environs of the person upon whom the study is being carried on. On the other hand, a microphone keylogger records the audio of the user, this audio recording helps in the studies and investigations when required.

The audio recordings obtained by the microphone keylogger helps to understand the state of the mind of the user. The recording also helps researchers to characterize the person of the study. The webcam remote monitoring captured will help to locate and identify the user for the purpose of investigations.

The audio recordings captured and the webcam remote monitoring will also help the user to track the continuous usage of the system. One can also get to know about the misusage of the system if any at any point in time.

iSafeSoft Webcam and Microphone keylogger will capture the user activity and saves the same on an encrypted logged file. The same file can be later viewed with the help of log viewer software.

Using this tool helps user to discover the happenings on the computer system while the user is out for some work. This software also maintains a backup file of the typed data on its own and can also be used to monitor the kids. This tool comes with an application ‘Voice-Activation Microphone Surveillance’. This application monitors the systems and records the sounds within the room either with the computer speakers or computer microphones. This enables the user to monitor the chats and other conversations which are made using the microphones and hear to the various activities going in the room.

These logs are password protected and are sent to the user’s email id. The captured audio recording and webcam remote monitoring are password protected and are not operable by any unauthorized sources.

A keylogger was first handwritten and printed by Mr. Perry Kivolowitz. He posted the same to an online news portal ‘Usenet News’ during early 1980s. The postings made by Mr. Perry were operable on simple rule of positioning and discarding the character lists as present in the UNIX operating systems. A keylogger is used by Cops to obtain some vital information in some crucial cases for investigation purposes.

The Keylogger has Come of Age

Keylogging is a relatively ancient method of spying on someone’s use of a computer. The ethically questionable practice of monitoring what someone does on a computer, whether it belongs to them, their employer, their school, or a public computing facility like an internet café, has indeed come a long way and evolved dramatically since the discovery of simple tools like a keylogger on a computer was a surprising and newsworthy event.

free keylogger

Today, a Google search for the term ‘keylogger’ returns just over two and a quarter million results, and the top ranked of these are from people and businesses selling keyloggers, not from news of the discovery of keylogging or other undisclosed observation of people’s computer use, what some would call ‘computer spying’, while others would use the more euphemistic term ‘monitoring’. This is no longer a relatively unknown phenomenon of the so called hacker underworld, but instead a vast commercial industry.

For those who may not be aware of what keylogging is, it is, at its simplest, the recording or transmission to another computer, which keys are pressed on the keyboard by a user while they are using a computer, without that user being aware of this. One of the roots of this technology was the use of simple little programs to steal people’s passwords, and memory and stealth requirements a few decades ago normally limited keylogging to such scenarios, for short periods of time.

With advances in software technology, it has on one hand made it very easy for the technically savvy users to protect themselves from being spied on or monitored on their own computers, but on the other hand, technically ignorant or negligent users are now at risk of even a simple keylogger recording everything they type on their computer, all the time, without pause. When using computers that are not their own, where users are not in control how the machines are configured, every user is at risk of not only having their keystrokes logged, but nearly everything they do, recorded and observed for reasons that may be range from ethically valid, and beneficial, downright criminal, and possibly very expensive and harmful.

One such usage monitoring product even makes no bones about its purpose, and is named Win-spy Monitoring Software. With this product, for just $40 (US), you can monitor up to ten remote PCs, and an unlimited number of Android based devices, e.g. tablets and smart-phones. Win-spy’s use of the term ‘monitor’ is also as much broader than old-fashioned keylogging as an elephant is larger than an ant. A user can do very close to nothing on a PC running this software without the party doing the monitoring knowing about it.

Alarming invasions of privacy, such as the activation of webcams or microphones on PC’s being monitored place using this software well inside the scope of genuine spying, well beyond innocent monitoring of PC usage. If activated, these devices can observe nearly everything a user does and says anywhere near the monitored PC, including things that have nothing to do with their using the PC and that are no business of anyone but themselves. It is time for legal controls to be instituted and put in place to place using software such as this alongside secretly taking photos of people while they are unaware of it, tapping their phone, or secretly copying their personal documents.

The Best is Free KeyLogger

Once upon a time, parents knew most of their children’s friends, and had control of what TV and video programmes the kids watched, and what they read. Now, with the internet, finding information on any topic you want, or downloading videos of anything you want to see, is a no-brainer. The more recent explosion of social networking has caused millions of all sorts of people to be connected all the time, and these factors are indeed cause for concern for most parents.


There are always some employees goofing off or abusing the facilities at their disposal in most workplaces. In connected offices, avoiding work by spending time on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is probably the most common example of this, with using company bandwidth to download movies and music a close second. This is both unfair to fellow employees and costly to employers.

Concerned parents and employers often choose to use keylogger software to monitor what their children or employees do on their computers. If you think doing this might be expensive, think again. It is easy to find free monitoring software, and not hard to consider the best to be Free Keylogger, from iSafesoft. Free Keylogger can monitor usage on local as well as remote computers.

Free Keylogger lets the term “monitoring” include the capturing of keystrokes, logging of web sites visited, documents printed, and voice recording. It also captures screenshots of user activity, tracks the title bar of the active application, and records user email activity. Your monitoring data is also safe with Free Keylogger offering the option to encrypt its usage logs.

Free Keylogger is unique in that it is keyboard layout and language independent when logging keystrokes, where it always succeeds regardless of where in the world and on whatever keyboard type it is used. It is also able to bypass the private and incognito features built into most browsers to avoid their users being monitored, and its screenshot feature works with up to sixteen displays!

Protect Kids Online with iSafe Keylogger PRO

If you are concerned about your child’s experiences online, then you can be assured of their safety and protection with iSafe Keylogger PRO. There are plenty of fun and educational websites for kids online, but you must be cautious of potential risks such as cyber bullies, scams, viruses, and harmful websites. One of the priorities of any parent is their child’s well-being while surfing the web, and this software allows children to enjoy the wonders of the internet with careful control and guidance from parents.

keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger
keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger

iSafe Keylogger PRO offers innovative features which makes it exceed almost any other keylogger software. Among the features incorporated in this useful software are the ability for parents to monitor a child’s activity, control which sites can be visited and which cannot, and gain the child’s login information to ensure that there are not any unwanted private messages on their website account. Even though the software is packed with excellent features, it is still simple enough so that even those who are new to computers can understand how to use it.

A functionality which cannot be found on any other keylogger software is the audio surveillance tool. If your child is voice chatting with someone online, the software will record your child’s voice so that you will be able to hear it as well. Not only is this useful for checking that your child is having a safe and friendly conversation with a friend, but additionally, you can adjust the settings so that it only records actual talking instead of useless sounds that take up computer disk space.

iSafe Keylogger PRO is completely anonymous to your child. The icon does not appear in the taskbar or any other place that a child will typically look at, but it is still easy for adults to access. The program can be found in the control panel, task manager, and other places that adults know how to access but most children do not. If a child knew about the keylogger, they may make an effort to avoid doing things that they shouldn’t do, but have done before.

iSafe Keylogger PRO records any key that is pressed on the child’s keyboard, including content that they erased. This is useful for monitoring text conversations that may be lost afterwards, such as chat room conversations that were cleared once the child left the chat room. You can also utilize this feature to find out a child’s login information on websites such as Facebook, Skype, and more. This is necessary for viewing content on the account that cannot be accessed otherwise.

Other features include the ability to check anything that was added to a child’s clipboard, the files, programs, and windows that they opened, the websites they visited, the emails sent or received, and who they are friends with on social media networks. You can even choose specific words you do not want your child to type, and you will receive email alerts if they do use the given words. This is helpful for checking if a child types something that suggests they may be at risk.

With a maximum supply of features to ensure the utmost safety of your child and monitoring of their activity, iSafe Keylogger PRO is a must-have program for any parent. You can buy the full version for $79.95 or test a free trial for two months. Get your hands on this software and you will no longer have to worry about your child unknowingly taking part in unwanted activity online.

Hack Facebook Password and Messenger Chats by Facebook Keylogger

The Internet, one of the blessings of the 21st century has become the household necessity of almost every house. As we all know, everything has both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the immensely populated items of internet is social networking sites. Facebook is one of the leading social websites registering almost one billion users worldwide. As a parent one must try to protect his children from any sort of bad activity and make sure that they stay on the right path. Monitoring their Facebook activities can well be an integral part of the moral upbringing of your kids. Facebook may open the door of some bad and unwanted habits and activities. So it’s highly important to monitor Facebook passwords and the chat messages.

Keyloggers can be the smartest and the most effective way to do so. You can monitor their activities without showing them that their personnel privacy is invaded, as they can get somewhat offensive in some cases. In case you are searching for the best keylogger available then believe me that the iSafe is your first choice as it provides complete monitoring of all the Facebook activities including the personnel chats and the password. Acquiring the password makes you able to access the account any time you like.

The iSafe keylogger has got a lot of prominent and useful features. One of its intriguing features is that it is virtually invisible while providing you the best desired results for monitoring Facebook password and the chat messages. It can disappear from the task bar as well as the task manager. It can also be made hidden from malware detector software and likewise. This feature ensures that the kid does not find out about this monitoring of his Facebook password and the chat messages.

Another wonderful and rather rare feature is the ability to record the audio chats as well. Audio surveillance option is a very unique and extremely helpful option to monitor the Facebook password and the chat messages. This will help you ensure that your kid is doing nothing wrong and you will be well aware of his actions and thoughts. Also it can be customized to record only the suspected or seemingly harmful audio chats hence providing a lesser burden on the disk space of your own computer. It can also be configured to send the recorded data to your google drive or email id, which can be very effective.

It is also capable of extracting deleted information so as to ensure proper monitoring older data. The iSafe keylogger is a complete package which can be your true companion to safeguard your kids from the hazards of the outer world and monitor their Facebook password and chat messages. Once you get this into your child’s computer then it will do the rest of the work itself. It is important to realise when and how some simple Facebook chatting or comments can lead your child to an unwanted and bad world. Hence installing the isafe keylogger can really safeguard your child and end your monitoring worries.

Get the Best Parental Control with iSafe

In today’s world, safety measures need to be taken in many ways that in the past were unheard of or nonexistent. With the dawn of the Age of Information and the birth of the internet, the world has indeed become a smaller place; however, the unfortunate truth is that this is not always a good thing. Nowadays, a child without the knowledge to operate a computer is a rare finding and most youngsters today are more tech-savvy than the generations before them. This poses a unique problem for the concerned parent as many a parent today do not have the time or resources to watch over their children every second of the day, and if they did, it would mean taking away the privacy of the child.

Parents have enough worries on their minds without adding the dangers of the internet their children face every day. Predators and pornography are very common online; however, the answer to this dilemma is quite simple. Parents can employ a Parental Control Software to keep an eye over their children, blocking materials and recording activities that are unsuitable for a younger audience while enabling them to take full benefit of the wonderful resources of the internet.

Parental control applications give you the ability to be in charge of what your child sees. You will be who determines which keywords, websites and games they have permission to access, while blocking activities that lead into dangerous scenarios using options such as file transfer blocking and instant message monitoring. The application logs all keystrokes and sends you an email if access to something dangerous or inappropriate is tried, offering peace of mind to parents for a fairly low investment.

All parental monitoring software offers additional layers of safety, but the best applications have a complex set of tools in a user-friendly package and among all others, one stands out of the crowd. iSafe Parental Monitor is an award-winning parental control solution. It is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Internet safety and parental control software. It gives parents the ability to filter website content, monitor social networking sites, block inappropriate games, set time controls and much more. The software also records every keystroke from popular chat

Don't Let Email Drop Your Box

These days, you have to carefully watch your email as well as just read it. Email can easily be used to stealthily install what is known as spyware on your computer or smart phone. The term ‘spyware’ is a portmanteau of spying and software, and is also commonly known as keylogging software, named after the first spyware that only logged what a computer user typed. Today’s keyloggers can monitor anything a user does on a computer, and via the computer’s webcam and microphone, even what they do when not on the computer. When your email is not carefully monitored, there are several ways it can be used to install spyware on your computer when you think you are only reading an email. Luckily, these days, most of the software or web sites we use for email do a lot of security checking on emails for us.

Probably the most common way people get their computers infected via email is by downloading and opening a file attachment in a mail from someone they don’t know, or one that looks like it’s from someone they do know. It is too often that people checking their email just quickly look at the subject, or display name, and think it’s a mail from a friend or colleague instead of being careful before opening it. Once you download and open a file you know nothing about, computer security goes out the window. Even opening non-executable files, i.e. those that are not programs, for example image files you think are photos a friend has sent you, can result in hidden software running and infecting your PC with spyware or a keylogger.

The popular online file storage and sharing service DropBox is also a very popular channel for the clandestine installation of keyloggers on remote computers, where remote in this context means your computer, which is remote from the person spying on you. The first two pages of Google hits for the search term “keylogger dropbox” revealed five detailed sets of instructions on how to use DropBox to spy on someone, e.g. the first hit on the first page was for an article on a hacking site titled Hack Like a Pro: How to Remotely Install a Keylogger onto Your Girlfriend’s Computer. Spying on one’s girlfriend or boyfriend is most likely one of the most popular reasons for people using spyware.

A computer can be easily set up to automatically synchronise files stored on it with the user’s DropBox account, so that whenever a file changes, appears, or disappears on the computer, the same happens on DropBox, and vice versa. Many people use DropBox to keep files synchronised between one or more of their computers, such as home and office machines, and a compromise in security on one machine can quickly spell disaster for all the synchronised machines. The negligence and ignorance of so many users regarding computer security makes these types of attacks very common and easy to perform for people with even minimal technical know-how.