Internet dangers and how to keep your kids for staying safe

We will give you five rules regarding to how to protect your kids safe online.
The internet is really a place where are full of dangerous for children, but armed with parental conotol and monitor

how to keep kid on inetert safe
how to keep kid on inetert safe
tools, you can really protect your kids from these internet dangers.There are great tools available to help parents control and monitor the kids’ computer including chat rooms,instant messaging,software application using and keystroke. Internet safety and safe surfing are important aspects of protecting your children. In this article will we show you how to keep your kids safe from porn,spam,popups and more.
Top 5 Rules For Staying Safe
  1. Always follow your parents’ rules regarding computer use.
  2. Always tell your parents if someone upsets you or makes you uncomfortable. Continue reading “Internet dangers and how to keep your kids for staying safe”

Spy on child's Computer to keep kids safe on internet

With more and more inappropriate content that can be found on the Internet, taking control of their kids’s computer and monitoring their internet activities is becoming more and more important for most of parents. From blocking obscene materials and Websites with inappropriate language, we give several easy but feasible options for parents wishing to monitor their child’s Internet and computer use.

keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger
keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger
  • Use a spyware program. Spyware programs provide such features as screen capturing, keystroke recording, software monitoring, and Website tracking. These and other features allow parents to monitor Website traffic, and they allow parents to block inappropriate content. Parents can also receive email notifications for search engine activity and download content.
  • Monitor Internet activity. Hold down “CTRL” and “H” to obtain the history of all Internet activity. You can search for recent, 2-week, and up to 3 month histories for easy viewing. Click on unknown Websites to verify that the content is appropriate for your child.
  • Check the desktop and other folders for materials that may be inappropriate. To view files in the desktop, log on. View the file names for strange content and unfamiliar downloads. Be sure to check private folders and other drives. Materials may be saved in less obvious locations. Continue reading “Spy on child's Computer to keep kids safe on internet”

How to protect your kids safe on the internet

Here I will share several efficient and feasible ways to protect your kids safe on the internet and net surfing.

To ensure that your child’s experience on the Internet is a safe one, parents need to check their child’s website activity and email. Even for teens, who might think of this as an invasion of privacy, parents need to talk openly to them about their Internet use. Older teens are actually more likely to get into trouble than younger children, because they are more apt to explore the out-of-the-way nooks and crannies of cyberspace and reach out to people outside of their immediate peer group.

If you decide to use software that will block or restrict your child’s access to certain websites, discuss this decision with your child so that he or she will understand why it is necessary. Here are other safety tips to consider:

  1. Spend time with your child on the computer. Put the computer in a place that can be easily accessed by the entire family. Use the Internet Continue reading “How to protect your kids safe on the internet”

How to Monitor a Child's Computer Usage


Internet usage has become a common practice in most homes. Children can quickly access information to help them with their homework as well as spend time chatting with their friends. Unfortunately, the Internet comes with its dangers. There are sexual predators lurking on the forums your children use. It also isn’t that difficult for your child to stumble across inappropriate materials. As a parent, you will need to do your part to monitor your child’s computer usage to keep them safe. Continue reading “How to Monitor a Child's Computer Usage”

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