How to find and choose a high quality Keylogger?

How to identify a high quality Keylogger and where to find it?
And what caused it to be so popular that even you may find it useful in the near future?

What actually is the Keylogger?

A classic Keylogger is a tool that invisibility listens to the keyboard, records the typed keystrokes
(e.g., passwords, composed emails, chat conversations, instant messages, etc.)
and saves them for later view. Continue reading “How to find and choose a high quality Keylogger?”

The Best Free Keylogger For Parents – Protect Your Kids Online

Curiosity killed the cat. And it is always the fact that curiosity can do more things than killed a cat.

Have you noticed that when your kids are surfing the internet and browsing the webpages, it is more often than not that one or even several pop-up windows blocked a corner of website? You would close those unwanted advertisements or some vicious and foul websites immediately. However, little kids are always bursting with curiosity. Most children would choose to click to open these windows if there are no parents’ guidance. Continue reading “The Best Free Keylogger For Parents – Protect Your Kids Online”

Catching Your Cheating Husband/Boyfriend Red-handed by Using Keylogger Software

Nowadays, there is a lot more cheating ‘online’ than ever before. There are many software packages out there that can assist you in your search of a cheating spouse. The basic purpose of keylogger software is to ‘log’ certain aspects of your spouse’s online activities. This includes capturing passwords, emails they send, documents and messages they delete, and even screenshots of places they have been.boyfriend cheating keylogger

What good is the information you collect? Well, for starters, you might discover that they HAVE been chatting online with another person, and the conversations have not just been about the weather, news or how their favorite team is doing. It is hard for someone to deny they are cheating when you have the cold hard facts right there on the computer.

Word of warning: if your spouse has been accessing the computer and cheating on you partially through the computer, you might get a lot more information than you want to read OR see. Just be prepared for anything. You will have to deal with explicit conversations that will make your stomach twist and images of potential lovers with or without clothes and in less than discreet poses and positions. It will be at this point where the reality of your situation will sink in. You need to Continue reading “Catching Your Cheating Husband/Boyfriend Red-handed by Using Keylogger Software”

Keylogger Catches My Wife Cheating Using Facebook

I thought this was a fitting time to share a story about how I got this website started and why. Also lots of you asked how I caught my wife cheating so here’s the story…image

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I had never suspected her of infidelity. But, about 1 year ago I found myself having reason to suspect. When I sat down at our computer I noticed she had left her Facebook page open. To my bewilderment, I saw a message from an individual referring to her as “babe”.

Who would be calling my wife babe?

I felt the need to find out, but I knew I couldn’t just ask her. I realized I needed to be gentle to find out what was going on. Hiring a stranger to uncover her secrets would be embarrassing for me. I needed to do this myself and be very careful. Spying on people isn’t something you learn in a college classroom. I did some research on the internet and figured out my strategy.

You can download the iSafe All-in-one keylogger for free Continue reading “Keylogger Catches My Wife Cheating Using Facebook”

Do you want to protect your kids? Try a Keylogger

It must be agonizing to have kids who use the Web. A friend called and asked what I’d recommend to keep an eye on the Internet access of her five kids. Four of the kids are girls; the oldest is about 16 and spending lots of time in chat

You’ve probably guessed I abhor programs that spy on users–but Mom and Dad really need to know what’s cooking online.

Philosophically, though, I’m okay with watching what people do on their PC provided they’re fully aware that it’s happening. I discussed this with Mom and Dad (remember, I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and they agreed: Trust with verification.

Hello iSafe All-in-one Keylogger

iSafeSoft’s iSafe AllInOne Keylogger costs $59.95 and I was stunned by how efficient it is at tracking everything–and I mean everything–a user does. It works in the background and unless you’re really PC savvy, you won’t even see it. Continue reading “Do you want to protect your kids? Try a Keylogger”