How to Write a Review and Win Free iSafesoft License

iSafesoft  is honored to announce a new software sponsorship program that allows you to get great software, free! This exclusive offer is designed for webmasters, editors, bloggers or popular writers. How does the program work? It’s easy! Choose a product, write a review, submit your review and win a free license. We also appreciate it if you share your review on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter/Google plus etc, and we will thank you by doing the same on our social networks!

Please take a look at the rules before you start:

  • You are welcome to participate if you are a Webmaster/Blogger/Forum moderator and your: Alexa 100000 or less; PR 3 or above. Your articles should also be Technology/Software/Computer/ Monitoring Software   or Security Software or Surveillance  related.
  • For freelance writers, you must be a Facebook/Twitter/ or Google Plus active member: Fans or followers needs to be more than 1000. For YouTube active members: subscribers are more than 500 .
  • The better your website traffic is, or the more fans or subscribers you have, the easier you can win! It’s just that easy!

Please take a good look at the following rules:

1. Pick a Product You Like

We offer the license for iSafe Keylogger PRO whose normal price is 79.95$.

2. Share your experience with iSafesoft Products

After you’ve tried the software, please write a review and share on your websites, blogs or forums, as well as Facebook, Google+ or YouTube Channel which meets with our rules.

Here is a review sample for a multimedia software : Sample

3.  Submit the review links to get free registration code

When you are done, please send an email  to to submit the screenshots of your review and link.  And the license will be sent to your email .

Once your review is confirmed, the free registration code will be send to you via e-mail, just check your inbox and get free software to use.

Look here before you get started:

For Webmasters/Bloggers/Forum moderators:
1. Your website: Alexa 100000 or less; PR 3 or above.
2. Your article: Technology/Software/Computer/Monitoring  software or Keylogger related.
For freelance writers:
Fans or followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus need to be more than 1000; or subscribers on YouTube are more than 500.