Windows 10 keylogger and employee monitoring software

Microsoft has just released its latest windows operating system, namely Windows 10. iSafe Windows 10 keylogger and employee monitoring software has been synchronously updated according to this newest operating system.

iSafe Keylogger is the only keylogger that can currently running monitoring on the Windows 10 system
It is an advanced keylogger that can be used as Keystroke Recording and Visual Surveillance.
Advanced keylogger software monitors all activities you are not running on your PC. The computer system monitoring program can not only track the entire key activity also regularly capture screen shots. This computer monitoring tool that can record voice chat conversation, clipboard activities, access to your computer system applications and other activities.
As a parent network monitoring program for monitoring Internet activity monitoring your child by computer useful. Now you can easily find out how it is, your computer behind your back with this PC monitoring tool. Download keylogger understand the characteristics of the software, you can get a satisfactory purchase the full version of keyloggers download.

Record keystrokes
Capture screenshots (visual surveillance)
Monitor all user accounts
Activity recording applications
Capture Skype video screenshots
Employee Monitoring
Monitoring activities of family members
Generate reports
Runs in stealth mode
Invisible in the boot menu
The installation process is simple
Clipboard monitoring
Emailed log
Password records
Unicode Keyboard
System Administrator
Office Manager
Features hotkey to run the command
Provide backup records
The installation files and folders
Invisible to the Add / Remove Programs list
View the captured data
Windows Vista compatible
Record voice chat conversation
FTP settings
Record conversations
Insert the USB removable media records
Parental custody
Monitoring purposes
Automatically start
Password-protected application
In Task Manager, invisible
Skip to bypass the security of a large anti-keyloggers
Custom specific target