Anti-Virus Free Keylogger Undetectable

Are you afraid that your Anti-virus program will detect your newly installed keylogger? So, you want to hide your keylogger from antivirus; then, it’s time to use the iSafe keylogger, which is a 100% stealth keylogger and can skip the detection of any leading Antivirus programs found on the web.

In an age where antivirus companies are trying to add more protection to their systems by upgrading their systems, iSafe keylogger can hide the keylogger from Antivirus and allows you to use it according to your will. More importantly, all the leading Antivirus only classify potential keyloggers as malicious ones but do not recognize their unique signatures and that’s what helps iSafe keylogger hide from antivirus online.

If you want to install the keylogger into your employees’ system to check what he has been doing, or you want to secure someone’s password and catch their private works against you, then you need not worry about any Antivirus software on their system. iSage keylogger can help you resolve this problem.

It has been much feared that if you install any keylogger, then the Antivirus program can catch them effectively, but with iSafe keylogger there comes a stealth mode setting that you can choose to hide your program from all the Registry Editors, Tweakers , Cleaners, as well as any Optimizers on the system being installed.  Even hot keys are available for those who like to work fast and efficiently.

Now, you might be thinking: Why cann’t leading and branded Antivirus detect the keylogger? Well, the answer to this question lies in the signature of the iSafe keylogger. It is a really unique combination of signatures that has been developed to help you safeguard your privacy and detect any unusual happenings around your loved ones or employees.  Thus, you can easily hide keylogger from antivirus and then retrieve the key strokes soon after you get access to the system.

One of the most important features of keylogger that hides from antivirus are that they cannot even be found by windows registry logs or through any similar registry edits because of its stealth mode, which includes disallowing registry key edits once you choose the option in the stealth mode. It’s also very well known that back up restore software can help detect keyloggers entry, but iSafe keylogger is built to overcome any such back up software.

With iSafe keylogger, you can fool any antivirus and get all the strokes recorded to delivery exact contents that you were looking for. The Antivirus programs are configured to look and scan the registries to a deep scanning level, but with iSafe keylogger, you can be sure that the Antivirus won’t be able to reach the registry edits. It’s the only keylogger that works on all the versions of Windows ranging from Windows 7 to the latest Windows 10.

So get all the information you want and leave all your worries with the all new iSafe keylogger hidden from Antivirus on the system which you are targeting.