Best Keylogger for Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest upcoming operating system from Microsoft, first revealed on the 30th of September, this year. It is not planned to be released until late 2015 but nonetheless, you may be one of those people who like to remain updated with the latest technology has to offer. Thus, you may already be wondering if there is a keylogger for Windows 10. It can be hard to find software for something that has not even been released yet, but this article bares it all by describing one of the best Windows 10 keyloggers currently available.

Out of the few Windows 10 keyloggers available, Micro Keylogger stands out from the rest. It has been developed by Awosoft Technology Co. and is carefully designed to be effective for both – monitoring employees’ computers and to help parents control their children’s internet activity. Although Micro Keylogger has many powerful features, it is easy to use so that people with limited technical expertise can also benefit from the software.

Installing Micro Keylogger to your computer is a simple process. After downloading and installing the software, you need to run the program and enter the registration code, which is easy to find. After your code is accepted, you can begin enjoying the benefits of Micro Keylogger.

Micro Keylogger has a clean interface, where you can choose from various options and functionalities. You can adjust the settings, choose what you want the keylogger to track, view all the activity that you select, and access or delete logs.

Micro Keylogger is undetectable by the person using the target computer. They will not even realize while you find out what programs they have opened, what files they have downloaded, and what websites they visited on major browsers including FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. You can also check out instant message conversations, find out every key that was pressed, and view emails that were sent or received.

Some distinctive features of Micro Keylogger are that you can set a specific interval for screenshots to be taken and sent to you, choose how big the screenshots are, and block web sites by specific URL or based on specific key words. The web site block feature is ideal for preventing people using the computer from visiting unwanted websites, particularly children visiting potentially harmful or inappropriate sites or employees visiting social networking web sites such as FaceBook when they should be working.

You can turn Micro Keylogger on or off at any time from your own computer, meaning that you can save space and time by only turning it on when someone uses the target computer. The recorded logs can be sent to you via email or file transfer protocol.

Currently, you may only be able to find Micro Keylogger for previous operating systems such as Windows 7. Nonetheless, an updated version for Windows 10 has been created and will be widely available when Windows 10 is released. So, when you finally get your Windows 10 computer, you know for sure which keylogger to download for all your monitoring needs.

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