Get the Best Parental Control with iSafe

In today’s world, safety measures need to be taken in many ways that in the past were unheard of or nonexistent. With the dawn of the Age of Information and the birth of the internet, the world has indeed become a smaller place; however, the unfortunate truth is that this is not always a good thing. Nowadays, a child without the knowledge to operate a computer is a rare finding and most youngsters today are more tech-savvy than the generations before them. This poses a unique problem for the concerned parent as many a parent today do not have the time or resources to watch over their children every second of the day, and if they did, it would mean taking away the privacy of the child.

Parents have enough worries on their minds without adding the dangers of the internet their children face every day. Predators and pornography are very common online; however, the answer to this dilemma is quite simple. Parents can employ a Parental Control Software to keep an eye over their children, blocking materials and recording activities that are unsuitable for a younger audience while enabling them to take full benefit of the wonderful resources of the internet.

Parental control applications give you the ability to be in charge of what your child sees. You will be who determines which keywords, websites and games they have permission to access, while blocking activities that lead into dangerous scenarios using options such as file transfer blocking and instant message monitoring. The application logs all keystrokes and sends you an email if access to something dangerous or inappropriate is tried, offering peace of mind to parents for a fairly low investment.

All parental monitoring software offers additional layers of safety, but the best applications have a complex set of tools in a user-friendly package and among all others, one stands out of the crowd. iSafe Parental Monitor is an award-winning parental control solution. It is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Internet safety and parental control software. It gives parents the ability to filter website content, monitor social networking sites, block inappropriate games, set time controls and much more. The software also records every keystroke from popular chat

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