How to Monitor Your Kids Online and Computer Usage

Every parent worries about their kids and the safety of them. Allowing your kids to have unlimited access to the computer may be very dangerous as you never know what they are getting into. Monitor your kids and know where they are all the time!

So how to monitor your kids internet activity and computer usage?

  1. Put a password on the computer. Password protect your computer so your kids can only log on when you give them permission to.
  2. Check the history often. When you give your kids permission to go online be sure you check the history to see what sites they have been at.
  3. Block certain websites. If there are certain websites you do not want your kids to access be sure to block them by going into the tool settings. There are many websites out there that may be extremely dangerous for your kids to view.
  4. Limit the usage and set rules. Whether you decide on 30 minutes a week or 2 hours a week there should be a limit of how much time your kids can spend online. It is also important to check up on them often to see what sites they are at and who they are chatting with.

Ok, so our children are getting older and they’re spending a lot of time on the computer and internet. There are so many stories about online predators,online bullying and many other internet safety issues. As a parent you want/need to know what your kids are doing online in order to help keep them safe (and out of trouble).

Finally we recommend you using iSafe All In One keylogger to help you keep an eye on your kids computer.
iSafe Keylogger has been selected as Editor’s Choice at PC Magazine for being the best computer monitoring software for keeping an eye on your kids while they are online.

free download isafe Keylogger
free download isafe Keylogger

iSafe Keylogger is the world’s best selling internet monitoring software for monitoring kids. Every detail of PC and Internet activity – ideal to monitor kids im, chat, and internet use.

With iSafe keylogger you can do:

  • All-in-one-Record all computer activities, including:keystrokes,screenshots,websites surfed,Facebook,Myspace,clipboard,application used,USB Drive(Disk),CDRom,Printer,Documents used,2-Direction IM chatting(MSN,ICQ,AIM,Yahoo Messenger,Skype Incoming-and-Outgoing messages)…
  • Stealth-Work in completely Stealth(invisible,secretly) mode
  • Secret-Completely self-hide. Not listed in Task Manager,Taskbar,Uninstall list and Start menu.Can not be detected by Registry clean or optimization tools or Windows’ msconfig.exe
  • Live-Send logs timely to your E-mail address in background

free download isafe Keylogger

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