Keylogger Catches My Wife Cheating Using Facebook

I thought this was a fitting time to share a story about how I got this website started and why. Also lots of you asked how I caught my wife cheating so here’s the story…image

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I had never suspected her of infidelity. But, about 1 year ago I found myself having reason to suspect. When I sat down at our computer I noticed she had left her Facebook page open. To my bewilderment, I saw a message from an individual referring to her as “babe”.

Who would be calling my wife babe?

I felt the need to find out, but I knew I couldn’t just ask her. I realized I needed to be gentle to find out what was going on. Hiring a stranger to uncover her secrets would be embarrassing for me. I needed to do this myself and be very careful. Spying on people isn’t something you learn in a college classroom. I did some research on the internet and figured out my strategy.

You can download the iSafe All-in-one keylogger for free

Firstly and I’m thinking like an investigator here, I needed to find the vulnerabilities in my wife’s security. Being that she isn’t a diplomat or foreign spy, this wasn’t very difficult. I didn’t know her Facebook password, but I have access to the home computer we share. Needing to know the truth, I was willing to spend some money in the pursuit.

Using a iSafe All-in-one keylogger enabled me to gather all sorts of information from our computer. Seen here.

I installed the keylogger in just a few seconds. With this keylogger tool, I was able to recover several types of information, perhaps the most important being keystrokes. All letters being typed are recorded; meaning I am able to know everything that is being typed, whether a password or a message on Facebook. I can also view the history of websites
visited and take screenshots. My wife could do nothing on the computer that I couldn’t know about. This may seem extreme, but it helped me establish that she was indeed having an affair with her Facebook chats.

Before confronting my wife, I wanted to know more. From her messages on Facebook, I knew she was talking to this person on the phone and receiving text messages.

Perhaps emboldened by the passage of months without already getting caught, my wife and her lover decided to rendezvous at our house for the first time. Knowing this from text messages I had intercepted, I decided to catch them before it happened. I bought a new alarm clock which just happened to have a high resolution video camera inside. The great feature about this clock is that you can view the video feed from your computer. When my wife’s date arrived and they ended up making their way to the bedroom, the
motion-activated camera turned on. I could then see what was happening from behind my computer at work. I did not let it happen as a phone call to her ruined her mood. I made sure to record it so that my wife could see it for herself and I’ll be using it in court during the divorce.

I now had what I believed was enough evidence to present to my wife: dozens of messages on Facebook, email and texting. Phone logs of their near daily calls. GPS records of her visits to his house. Video of the two of them in bed. When first confronted, she couldn’t believe how I would dare accuse her of such deceit. Instead of arguing about it, I just played the video for her. She was quiet. And then angry. And then sad. Knowing she couldn’t win, she confessed. Within a few minutes she just walked out of the room. and I moved out that night. I am devastated by her actions but don’t let something like this go too far.

Get the proof you need or prove it’s not happening and get out. I am grateful that technology could help me in such a huge way; even if the results were not happy ones.

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