Keylogger Catches My Wife Cheating Using Facebook

I thought this was a fitting time to share a story about how I got this website started and why. Also lots of you asked how I caught my wife cheating so here’s the story…image

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I had never suspected her of infidelity. But, about 1 year ago I found myself having reason to suspect. When I sat down at our computer I noticed she had left her Facebook page open. To my bewilderment, I saw a message from an individual referring to her as “babe”.

Who would be calling my wife babe?

I felt the need to find out, but I knew I couldn’t just ask her. I realized I needed to be gentle to find out what was going on. Hiring a stranger to uncover her secrets would be embarrassing for me. I needed to do this myself and be very careful. Spying on people isn’t something you learn in a college classroom. I did some research on the internet and figured out my strategy.

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Are you in doubts that your spouse or lover is cheating on you or never even things about it? STOP to torment yourself. Throw all questions out. It hurts you and your marital relations the most. Discover the truth. Refute or confirm your suspicion.

We can show you the statistics.

85% of WOMEN who feel they have a cheating spouse are right.
• 50% of MEN who feel they have a cheating spouse are right.
• 70 % of married women did not know of their spouses’ extramarital activity.
• 54 % of married men did not know of their spouses’ extramarital activity.

Spouse monitoring with iSafe keylogger
Spouse monitoring with iSafe keylogger

Have you read this statistics? Now forget it. It is just the statistics. Every family and every relationship are unique and any statistics make no hand of it.
If you suspect your spouse is cheating that the most horror is your doubts. Exactly they are torturing you most of all. The doubts can undermine your married life more than a spouse cheating. Don’t be their victim. Find out the truth. Even if it will not be that you expected you become free from doubts, suspicion, mistrusts and so on.


We propose you our spouse monitoring software.iSafe all in one Keylogger is the easy, reliable, realizable and absolutely harmless tool. You probably ask. How does the spouse monitoring software can catch a cheater?
The answer is very easy. We are leaving in the Internet age. The Internet plays an important role in every affair. The Internet can be used in different ways by a cheating spouse. For example: communications between physical lovers, planning dates or even cyber affairs. In cyber affairs the Internet is usually used for sexual conversations orprovocative webcam sessions.

Our cheating  spouse software allows you to watch that your spouse is doing on a computer completely (web sites visited, online conversations, emails, photos, documents, chats, screenshots, etc.). It is the most easy that you can do to get your suspicions out. Most people who have online affairs are not aware that what they do on their PC can be secretly recorded.The simple computer spy software such as iSafe all in one keylogger is 100% invisible.
All that you need it just install Hidetools Spy Monitor on your spouse PC. And it’s all! You even don’t need to use your spouse computer any more. Now all your spouse computer activities will be captured by our spouse monitoring software and sent to your email. This allows you to monitor your spouse PC from any place where you can check your email.
Very important to know that the cheating spouse software is absolutely invisible so you can relax and don’t worry that your spouse will know about it.

What can be easier to take away your internal anxieties which destroy you and your relationships?


Together with iSafe all in one keylogger your will know the truth!