How to Write a Review and Win Free iSafesoft License

iSafesoft  is honored to announce a new software sponsorship program that allows you to get great software, free! This exclusive offer is designed for webmasters, editors, bloggers or popular writers. How does the program work? It’s easy! Choose a product, write a review, submit your review and win a free license. We also appreciate it if you share your review on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter/Google plus etc, and we will thank you by doing the same on our social networks!

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Please take a good look at the following rules:

1. Pick a Product You Like

We offer the license for iSafe Keylogger PRO whose normal price is 79.95$.

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Here is a review sample for a multimedia software : Sample

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For Webmasters/Bloggers/Forum moderators:
1. Your website: Alexa 100000 or less; PR 3 or above.
2. Your article: Technology/Software/Computer/Monitoring  software or Keylogger related.
For freelance writers:
Fans or followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus need to be more than 1000; or subscribers on YouTube are more than 500.

How to Get iSafe All in One Keylogger Free Licenses

Latest News: Share iSafe All in One Keylogger and Get Free Licenses!

From today (July 25, 2012), you can get free iSafe All in One Keylogger license for 1 PC by sharing iSafe All in One Keylogger to the social networks or get 3 PCs license for sharing and adding backlinks for us. For the detailed guidelines, please see below.

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a.How to get a free license of iSafe All in One Keylogger for 1 PC?

Please take following steps:

Share to 15 Social Networks-

Point your cursor to the share button aboveshare button and share to following social networks: Facebook,Twitter, Google+,Digg,Delicious, LinkedIn,Blogger,Myspace,StumbleUpon, WordPress and any other five. If you can not find them,click More buttonmore. Just click to share and then copy the 15 shared web address and email to,for example: best_keylogger_best_keylogger_download When you are sharing, you may be required to fill title,keywords or description.Please use the following: Title: Best Keylogger | Free Keylogger| Best Free Key Logger Download| Parental Control Software Keywords: best keylogger,free key logger,key logger download,best free key logger,keystroke recorder,all in one keylogger,keyboard logging Description: iSafe All in One Keylogger is a simple but powerful keylogger and you can download it free to start parental control or employee monitoring. Also you can write some ones you think better than these.

Make a Video and Upload-

Download iSafe All in One Keylogger here. During seven days, the trial version is totally the same with registered version.Please make a YouTube video  more than 3 minutes time long about iSafe All in One Keylogger and upload to your YouTube account. As long as you have a Google account, you can easily log  into YouTube and upload the video. For how to make a video, TechSmith Camtasiais a good software to make video. When you are uploading, it is necessary to fill the forms of  title, description and tags( same as keywords here). After uploading the video, please copy the video URL( web address) and send it to together with the 10 social network address above.

Mail to 10 Friends-

Email this content ” Hello friends, I found iSafe All in One Keylogger is a really nice monitoring software to protect kids online and monitor employees to improve productivity.You can go to to download the software and have a try. For how to get free license,please visit” Or other content that you think is better than this. Please CC or BCCour email address Note to use the email account you will contact us to send mails to your friends.

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 b.So how to get 3 PCs license of iSafe All in One Keylogger  free?

Add backlinks for our website

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Does Key Logger Software Really Work?

In the event you want to keep an eye on all the activities on your PC try making use of Windows Key Logger software. The task of monitoring a computer will become a basic, unassuming one wherein the software can document screen-captures, all files and folders which were opened, internet sites visited, images viewed, email messages received and sent, passwords of email and social networking accounts and even all keystrokes registered into the key board.

With a Windows Key Logger, all of the information that you choose to record may be stored to a secret location and with many Key Loggers you can even have all recorded logs emailed to you. This is useful if you wish to view the captured data remotely at your own leisure, or indeed if you do not have regular access to the computer that you’ve chosen to monitor. The Windows Key Logger software will remain undetected by the computer user since it will not be seen as a desktop icon or even within the running task processes.

It is difficult to be physically present at all times, hence there will be occasions when you have no idea what activity is taking place on your PC. The Windows Key Logger performs as your eyes and ears. It may not yet seem obvious to you why a lot more people are opting to utilize such keylogging software on their computer, but people make use of this type of software for a lot of reasons:

– Parents more often than not make the most of its features as they can be used as a parental control tool in checking computer activities of their child.

– Partners who are concerned about their lovers internet activity will utilize the keylogging software to put their mind at ease since they can certainly keep track of the computer as well as all browsing activity within.

– Employers know that some employees are surfing the internet too much instead of working, hence the employer will resort to using the Key Logger to detect computer misuse within the office.

For just those three reasons stated here, the Windows Key Logger already comes with a great deal of benefit. Even the most novice PC users can use keylogging software and obtain effective results. You should be aware that there are different types of monitoring solutions, namely those that work with the MAC operating system, and others that work only with Windows. Whatever software version you are running on your PC, there are monitoring solutions available that will enable you to enforce security within your PC environment.

Go here immediately and claim your Key Logger software because you will discover the truth guaranteed.

isafe keylogger v3.5.8 press release

On 2010-5-9, iSafe all in one keylogger version 3.5.8 is released.Here is the release notes:

1.Now support Gmail,Hotmail,AOLmail to receive logs.
2.More efficient and less diskspace consuming
3.Other improvments and enhancement to log