Look For a Stealth Keylogger-Windows 8

Key Loggers are becoming more and more commonplace these days. It used to be that a Key Logger was something that a hacker installed on your computer to try and gain access to your most personal information. These days, many people install these programs, just to keep track of what people are doing on their computer. Installing a stealth Key Logger vista compatible program can be just the thing you need to keep informed of everything that happens whether or not you are there to see it.

A stealth Key Logger vista compatible program acts as your eyes and ears as far as the use of your computer goes. Anyone who even touches your computer will have their activity recorded in a specially encrypted log, which only you can review, at any time you like. With certain types of stealth Key Logger vista compatible programs, you can view these logs remotely.

Here is an overview of what types of things will be logged by a Key Logger:

Every single keystroke that is typed on your keyboard, including ALT, DEL, SHIFT, CTRL.
Passwords for absolutely everything
List of websites visited, complete with screen shots which are compressed and saved in the log to save space; If the user clears their history, it does not matter, once the site has been visited, it is logged.
Full chat conversations – so you can read the entire thing
Emails sent and received, including web based email account emails;
As you can see, a program such as this can come in very handy. Whether you are a small business owner, keeping track of what your employees are doing, or if you believe your spouse is cheating online, you can find out everything with a Key Logger. The beauty of a Key Logger is that no one knows it is installed, because it runs invisibly in the background while recording everything for your eyes only.

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