How to Monitor a Child's Computer Usage


Internet usage has become a common practice in most homes. Children can quickly access information to help them with their homework as well as spend time chatting with their friends. Unfortunately, the Internet comes with its dangers. There are sexual predators lurking on the forums your children use. It also isn’t that difficult for your child to stumble across inappropriate materials. As a parent, you will need to do your part to monitor your child’s computer usage to keep them safe. Continue reading “How to Monitor a Child's Computer Usage”

isafe keylogger v3.5.8 press release

On 2010-5-9, iSafe all in one keylogger version 3.5.8 is released.Here is the release notes:

1.Now support Gmail,Hotmail,AOLmail to receive logs.
2.More efficient and less diskspace consuming
3.Other improvments and enhancement to log