Protect Kids Online with iSafe Keylogger PRO

If you are concerned about your child’s experiences online, then you can be assured of their safety and protection with iSafe Keylogger PRO. There are plenty of fun and educational websites for kids online, but you must be cautious of potential risks such as cyber bullies, scams, viruses, and harmful websites. One of the priorities of any parent is their child’s well-being while surfing the web, and this software allows children to enjoy the wonders of the internet with careful control and guidance from parents.

keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger
keylogger to monitor kids computer isafe keylogger

iSafe Keylogger PRO offers innovative features which makes it exceed almost any other keylogger software. Among the features incorporated in this useful software are the ability for parents to monitor a child’s activity, control which sites can be visited and which cannot, and gain the child’s login information to ensure that there are not any unwanted private messages on their website account. Even though the software is packed with excellent features, it is still simple enough so that even those who are new to computers can understand how to use it.

A functionality which cannot be found on any other keylogger software is the audio surveillance tool. If your child is voice chatting with someone online, the software will record your child’s voice so that you will be able to hear it as well. Not only is this useful for checking that your child is having a safe and friendly conversation with a friend, but additionally, you can adjust the settings so that it only records actual talking instead of useless sounds that take up computer disk space.

iSafe Keylogger PRO is completely anonymous to your child. The icon does not appear in the taskbar or any other place that a child will typically look at, but it is still easy for adults to access. The program can be found in the control panel, task manager, and other places that adults know how to access but most children do not. If a child knew about the keylogger, they may make an effort to avoid doing things that they shouldn’t do, but have done before.

iSafe Keylogger PRO records any key that is pressed on the child’s keyboard, including content that they erased. This is useful for monitoring text conversations that may be lost afterwards, such as chat room conversations that were cleared once the child left the chat room. You can also utilize this feature to find out a child’s login information on websites such as Facebook, Skype, and more. This is necessary for viewing content on the account that cannot be accessed otherwise.

Other features include the ability to check anything that was added to a child’s clipboard, the files, programs, and windows that they opened, the websites they visited, the emails sent or received, and who they are friends with on social media networks. You can even choose specific words you do not want your child to type, and you will receive email alerts if they do use the given words. This is helpful for checking if a child types something that suggests they may be at risk.

With a maximum supply of features to ensure the utmost safety of your child and monitoring of their activity, iSafe Keylogger PRO is a must-have program for any parent. You can buy the full version for $79.95 or test a free trial for two months. Get your hands on this software and you will no longer have to worry about your child unknowingly taking part in unwanted activity online.

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