Remote Install Keylogger remotely changes setting specification

Good News!

The new version of iSafesoft Remote Install Keylogger version added a remote control function, by which you can remotely disable or enable it monitoring, change password, change receiving logs email and etc.

To remotely change its set, you just need to send an email to the email account  receving logs with the following COMMAND specification.
Email Title has to be:RMKCMD

Email Body should include any one of the following instructions used to change setting.

Change sending log interval {[CMD=INTERVAL|VALUE=6]} The value is minute.
Enable monitoring {[CMD=ENABLE]}
Disable monitoring {[CMD=DISABLE]}
Uninstall itself {[CMD=UNINSTALL]} This will uninstall keylogger permanently and no way to restore unless you reinstall it
Change log email {[CMD=EMAIL|EMAIL=YOURMAIL|SMTP=yoursmtp|PASSWORD=123abc|PORT=465|SSL=TRUE|IMAP=yourimap]}
Change log email password {[CMD=PASSWORD|VALUE=NEWPASSWORD]}

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