Why Parents Need A Key Logger?

The emergence of the internet, and associated technologies like email and instant messaging, present problems for today’s parents that were unimaginable just twenty years ago. Children use computers for homework, surf the web at their leisure and socialize through instant messaging – all activities that are often outside direct parental control and by themselves leave little or no record of their occurrence.

Some parents attempt to solve the problem by banning computer use entirely or allowing it only when a parent directly supervises, but most find this is not a realistic solution and places their child at an academic and social disadvantage compared to other children. On the other hand, unfettered access to a computer with access to the internet poses real dangers to children. Consider the following:

– Computer-sex offenders almost always meet potential victims in instant message chat rooms. Chat rooms grant these predators anonymity and a belief their instant messages are not monitored or recorded.

– The average age of first exposure to pornography is over the internet is 11 years old.

– The FBI recommends you monitor your child’s access to all types of live electronic communications, including instant message and email.

– One out of five children were aggressively pushed to have face-to-face meetings with strangers in the last year, often via instant messaging.

– Because young people often find instant messaging easier than talking face to face, they often say things they wouldn’t say in person. Cyber-bullying has become a new form of harassment.

– While online predators usually gradually seduce their targets through attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts, some predators work faster than others, engaging in sexually explicit conversations immediately.

Many parents are finding an acceptable middle-ground between no supervision at all and direct personal control of their children’s computer use is to use inexpensive and readily available Key Logger software. Key Logger software monitors a child’s actions on the computer and stores this information for later review by a parent. Quality varies, but Key Logger software is usually easy to install and setup, requires no advanced knowledge by the user, and often can be purchased for less than $30 (one vendor of keylogging software is PCSentinel Software). Outside of physically being present and watching while a child uses the computer, Key Logger software is the only way for a parent to know exactly how their child is using their computer.

Unfortunately, some parents are reluctant to use Key Logger software because they feel they are they are spying on their children, or that their children are good kids and don’t require this level of supervision. However, the fact remains that even “good” or “smart” children are still just children and often make, or can be induced to make, very bad choices with awful consequences. Even savvy children who feel they are protecting their private information from strangers in chat rooms often don’t realize how much personal information they may reveal over many conversations – and predators are known to keep detailed files on their victims, often piecing together small bits of information gathered over many conversations to construct an outline of a child’s daily routine and whereabouts.

Ultimately, it is hard to argue that key logging software is not a necessary tool for every parent with children who have access to the internet. Simply put, it is the parent’s responsibility to know with certainty what is going on in their children’s lives – and given the dangers of unmonitored internet access the only way parents really know how their children are using their computer is through key logging software.

Have Kids? Try a Keylogger(child safety keylogger)

It must be agonizing to have kids who use the Web. A friend called and asked what I’d recommend to keep an eye on the Internet access of her five kids. Four of the kids are girls; the oldest is about 16 and spending lots of time in chat rooms.

You’ve probably guessed I abhor programs that spy on users–but Mom and Dad really need to know what’s cooking online.

Philosophically, though, I’m okay with watching what people do on their PC provided they’re fully aware that it’s happening. I discussed this with Mom and Dad (remember, I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and they agreed: Trust with verification.

Hello iSafe all-in-one keylogger

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The Best Free Keylogger For Parents – Protect Your Kids Online

Curiosity killed the cat. And it is always the fact that curiosity can do more things than killed a cat.

Have you noticed that when your kids are surfing the internet and browsing the webpages, it is more often than not that one or even several pop-up windows blocked a corner of website? You would close those unwanted advertisements or some vicious and foul websites immediately. However, little kids are always bursting with curiosity. Most children would choose to click to open these windows if there are no parents’ guidance. Continue reading “The Best Free Keylogger For Parents – Protect Your Kids Online”

How to protect your family online by iSafe keylogger

Needless to say, the internet provides kids with various kinds of information. However, kids don’t have enough living experience to handle all things provided by the internet and therefore unlimited access to all kinds of websites may cause serious consequences. That is why spying on their activities on the Internet is essential.kids-online-porn-keylogger

In many cases, the usage of the Internet is not restricted by parents. Even if some parents come up with some limitation, their kids are able to find a way to bypass this kind of control. The parental control filters of the Mac are not enough so far. Besides, there are many potential dangers that the parental control filters fail to block.

Parents usually find out serious consequences after providing their children with unlimited access to the Internet. Every year a number of kids are lured out of home by vicious people. Don’t worry!  A good keylogger for you can avoid the happening of this kind of thing. Besides, you can also use this software to spy on your computer in many other cases. For example, you can use it to check whether your kid or teenagers download illegal software or music. Continue reading “How to protect your family online by iSafe keylogger”

Monitor kids review

Thousands of parents in the united states alone monitor kids’ Personal computer action an internet-based behavior. No surprise – children’s online safety factors are a tremendous headache to moms and dads today.

kids online safe iSafe all in one keylogger

Today plenty of high-tech products and solutions intended for surveillance — mini cams, nanny cams Gps navigation monitoring devices, pc monitoring spy computer software for home and school PCs — are on the market; almost everybody is able to afford to pay for them. A number of decades ago almost all these gadgets appeared to be from James Bond’s arsenal. Monitoring computer software was simply unusual. Now on the market to everyone but not very expensive.

There are many threats that kids can face on the web. Potential predators appeal children away from home to rape and kill. Suspicious “friends” my kid meets online –who knows who they may be as well as what they might instruct my son or daughter? What exactly is she or he talking about–and along with whom? All of this never leaves minds of overworked, ever-busy parents. They make use of computer monitoring spy software program to make sure their kids use home PC for appropriate reasons only while parents are at work.

There are essentially anything over the internet, along with a certain share of its content isn’t really suited to kids as well as teens. Filtering Web content material that is available in such programs as iSafe All In One Keylogger,Spytech SpyAgent, eBlaster 2009, Spy Buddy, CyberSpy, WinSession Logger and iMonitor PC becomes common in American families, and nobody argues that it is reasonable.

As for software for parental control, it’s a extremely invaluable software – if used correct. Using keylogger computer software that will record all keystrokes typed may be handy though it isn’t a panacea from dangers kids might face online. Parents shouldn’t rely on it too much: no software could supplant parents caring for their kid – both online and offline.

How to monitor your kids internet activity with keylogger

Every parents want to protect their children from dangerous and they always think dangerous are all over the world which could hurt their children. They also want to monitor their children when they are surfing on the internet because parents think web is a hazardous location.

Younger children don’t use the web because they are too young. When they grow up, they will learn to use computer and it become one of the important part of their lives. They are chatting with their friends or other dangerous people, you cannot know exactly what they have chatted and who they are chatting. The predators on the web can get their personal information and ids. If you have pay attention to this phenomenon and begin to monitor your children, you can control this danger partly. Some setting to your instant messaging programs can control the people who chat with your children. Their friends are allowed to talk to them and the dangerous people you don’t know will forbid contacting with them. Predators think the web is a good place for hunting. They can pretend anyone to contact with your children and get the information they need. Next, they will try to make a face to face meeting with your kids. You need to realize that the dangerous are near to us, we have to do something to protect our kids.

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How to protect your kids safe on the internet

Here I will share several efficient and feasible ways to protect your kids safe on the internet and net surfing.

To ensure that your child’s experience on the Internet is a safe one, parents need to check their child’s website activity and email. Even for teens, who might think of this as an invasion of privacy, parents need to talk openly to them about their Internet use. Older teens are actually more likely to get into trouble than younger children, because they are more apt to explore the out-of-the-way nooks and crannies of cyberspace and reach out to people outside of their immediate peer group.

If you decide to use software that will block or restrict your child’s access to certain websites, discuss this decision with your child so that he or she will understand why it is necessary. Here are other safety tips to consider:

  1. Spend time with your child on the computer. Put the computer in a place that can be easily accessed by the entire family. Use the Internet Continue reading “How to protect your kids safe on the internet”