An Alternative to USB Key logger

The Internet is a very useful tool. We use it to learn about history geography, math and more. It is also a place to have fun like checking out movies and planning trips. However there is a big danger that exists on the Internet. That danger is the unknown.

If we were to try and list all the dangers that exist online there would not be enough time in the day to speak of them all.

For concerned parents, mates and employers who are concerned about their workers productivity and safety the Internet access needs to be monitored.

Some have turned to cool spy gadgets like USB keyloggers. These to an extent monitor activity on computers. However there are some drawbacks to this USB device. For one it can be easily found physically on the computer and removed. This solution is also expensive when you have a number of computers to monitor. Technologically USB keyloggers are less advanced.

So the question is what is the alternative to these devices? The answer is a software solution. You can easily download and install keyloggers that secretly run in the background without a computer user ever knowing it. This solution is undetectable and only you know of its use.

It is also a cheaper solution. For just a fraction of the cost of a USB device you can purchase a software keylogger that can be used on as many computers as you require.

With a focus on the software you are also getting a much more advanced solution. There are many options that can be configured with a software keylogger that cannot be configured with a USB keylogger.

Therefore the software version of keyloggers is an excellent and more advanced alternative to the USB counterpart.

What is Software Keyloggers

Software Keyloggers, as perfect alternative to the hardware keyloggers, are software-based computer monitoring programs designed to work on the windows operating system computer. Unlike hardware keyloggers which are plugged into somewhere between the keyboard and the computer and showing on the target machine and hence they are easy be found by computer users, software keyloggers are totally invisible and embed themself into the target computer system.

Nowadays, there is emerging a great demand for the type of software keyloggers which are specifically used for parental monitoring of children on the internet, tracing a cheating spouse and spying on employees in the office. For concerned parents, mates and employers, cool spy gadgets are indeed needed, in which software keyloggers are highly recommended. Why? Followings are the benefits to apply a software keylogger:

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