The Best is Free KeyLogger

Once upon a time, parents knew most of their children’s friends, and had control of what TV and video programmes the kids watched, and what they read. Now, with the internet, finding information on any topic you want, or downloading videos of anything you want to see, is a no-brainer. The more recent explosion of social networking has caused millions of all sorts of people to be connected all the time, and these factors are indeed cause for concern for most parents.


There are always some employees goofing off or abusing the facilities at their disposal in most workplaces. In connected offices, avoiding work by spending time on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is probably the most common example of this, with using company bandwidth to download movies and music a close second. This is both unfair to fellow employees and costly to employers.

Concerned parents and employers often choose to use keylogger software to monitor what their children or employees do on their computers. If you think doing this might be expensive, think again. It is easy to find free monitoring software, and not hard to consider the best to be Free Keylogger, from iSafesoft. Free Keylogger can monitor usage on local as well as remote computers.

Free Keylogger lets the term “monitoring” include the capturing of keystrokes, logging of web sites visited, documents printed, and voice recording. It also captures screenshots of user activity, tracks the title bar of the active application, and records user email activity. Your monitoring data is also safe with Free Keylogger offering the option to encrypt its usage logs.

Free Keylogger is unique in that it is keyboard layout and language independent when logging keystrokes, where it always succeeds regardless of where in the world and on whatever keyboard type it is used. It is also able to bypass the private and incognito features built into most browsers to avoid their users being monitored, and its screenshot feature works with up to sixteen displays!

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