Webcam and Microphone Keylogger

Keylogger is a technique which is used basically to capture and monitor interactions between a human a computer system. It studies the pattern and way a human mind interacts with the computer. Keylogging can be done in various ways such as studying the software usage, studying the hardware usage and the study of acoustics. The key logging technique is also used at work places to monitor the employees’ work pattern and mind reading.

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Some of the common hardware key logging techniques are keyboard keylogger, acoustic keylogger, webcam keylogger, smart phone sensors and many more. The webcam keylogger is the recent addition to the list and monitors the webcam along with capturing the video from the same. This helps to know the location and environs of the person upon whom the study is being carried on. On the other hand, a microphone keylogger records the audio of the user, this audio recording helps in the studies and investigations when required.

The audio recordings obtained by the microphone keylogger helps to understand the state of the mind of the user. The recording also helps researchers to characterize the person of the study. The webcam remote monitoring captured will help to locate and identify the user for the purpose of investigations.

The audio recordings captured and the webcam remote monitoring will also help the user to track the continuous usage of the system. One can also get to know about the misusage of the system if any at any point in time.

iSafeSoft Webcam and Microphone keylogger will capture the user activity and saves the same on an encrypted logged file. The same file can be later viewed with the help of log viewer software.

Using this tool helps user to discover the happenings on the computer system while the user is out for some work. This software also maintains a backup file of the typed data on its own and can also be used to monitor the kids. This tool comes with an application ‘Voice-Activation Microphone Surveillance’. This application monitors the systems and records the sounds within the room either with the computer speakers or computer microphones. This enables the user to monitor the chats and other conversations which are made using the microphones and hear to the various activities going in the room.

These logs are password protected and are sent to the user’s email id. The captured audio recording and webcam remote monitoring are password protected and are not operable by any unauthorized sources.

A keylogger was first handwritten and printed by Mr. Perry Kivolowitz. He posted the same to an online news portal ‘Usenet News’ during early 1980s. The postings made by Mr. Perry were operable on simple rule of positioning and discarding the character lists as present in the UNIX operating systems. A keylogger is used by Cops to obtain some vital information in some crucial cases for investigation purposes.

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