What is Software Keyloggers

Software Keyloggers, as perfect alternative to the hardware keyloggers, are software-based computer monitoring programs designed to work on the windows operating system computer. Unlike hardware keyloggers which are plugged into somewhere between the keyboard and the computer and showing on the target machine and hence they are easy be found by computer users, software keyloggers are totally invisible and embed themself into the target computer system.

Nowadays, there is emerging a great demand for the type of software keyloggers which are specifically used for parental monitoring of children on the internet, tracing a cheating spouse and spying on employees in the office. For concerned parents, mates and employers, cool spy gadgets are indeed needed, in which software keyloggers are highly recommended. Why? Followings are the benefits to apply a software keylogger:

The stealth is vital to a computer monitoring tool as the stealth working characteristic ensures the target computer to act with naturalness. The most important point is that no one can detect the exsistence of the software keylogger except the person who install it.

Advanced features
After installed onto the target computer, a software keylogger will record keystrokes typed, websites browsed, application used, and even capture desktop screenshots. All of these activities will be stored in the log reports and remotely send the logs via various means:

  • Software keylogger periodically emails the logs to a pre-defined email address.
  • Software keylogger uploads logs to a website or an FTP account.
  • Software keylogger wirelessly transmits by the means of an attached hardware system.

What’s more, programmers are focusing on developing the software so you will be getting a much more advancedsoftware keylogger.

Software keyloggers users can customize the software according to their own requirements while you cannot configure a hardware keylogger according to your needs.

Easy to Get
You can easily download and install keyloggers that secretly run in the background without a computer user ever knowing it. The whole process will be completed in several minutes.

Much cheaper
One USB device can only be used for one computer. Further more, the fraction of a USB device will cost you lot. A software keylogger is different from thatit can be used on as many computers as you require. You can also download a new version once you lost the software keylogger on your computer.

If you are finding a solution to safeguard your kids online, trace a cheating spouse or monitor emploees computers, a software keylogger can be a best choice for you.

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