Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software 2017 Reviews

The iSafe free employee monitoring software is famous for its steady performances, powerful monitoring abilities and comprehensive recall of the activities of PC. There are basically four vital features, which makes iSafe free employee monitoring software unique.

It is the best way to supervise your employees’ computers activities.

Only you trying and evaluating other monitoring software will you see why iSafe free employee monioring software is the ideal tool for monitoring computer activity.

As a monitored software, it can track usage statistics for website easily

iSafe free employee monitoring software will keep you informed of how your employees’ computers are actually being used. Applications usages in Windows workstation and websites browsed, i.e.document titles and URL’s will be recorded by software.

More detail information concerning applications will be represented by iSafe program.

Maybe this is the most useful sector for users that iSafe free employee monitoring software can track the active application titlebar, for instance, the name of the document, the website, the subject of the email, so that iSafe free employee monitoring software will present installer a real picture of the user activity.

It is a secure and secret program.

iSafe free employee monitoring software is a powerful program, which has enough strategy and tactics to make it simple to install through an agent. It is also definitely invisible. Only network administrators or managers of the software can view free employee monitoring software data by a viewer application locally or remotely.

iSafe Keylogger Windows 10 64bit is free to download

iSafe Keylogger Windows 10 RS2 is Ready

Following with the news that the next version of windows known as windows 8 would be issued the coming year, the upgraded parental control keylogger windows 8 is ready to guard our family in all side.

Though the fact that technology, especially our computers, makes our life and work more easier and convenient is undeniable, the technology revolution sometimes will bring harm for our kids and spouses if it is used in an inadequate way. As parents, we do want to try our best to safeguard our loved ones, but it is impossible for us to keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. However, keylogger windows 8 enables us to do this readily. And the following features of family keylogger windows 10 will reassure some parents if they still hesitate to use keylogger windows 8.

Main features of keylogger windows 10

Keylogger windows 8 allows us to keep tabs on what is happening on the computers of our family once a safe keylogger windows 8 is installed and runs hidden and stably in the background. This implies that our families will be monitored by this invisible keylogger without any notice. Keylogger windows 8 contains other main features as well.

  • Keystroke Recording: Keylogger windows 8 assists us to follow the tracks of all keystrokes, data and messages pressed by family members.
  • Password Logging: Keylogger windows 8 that we deploy for taking control of our loved ones is competent in logging passwords, containing game passwords, Google mail passwords, Facebook passwords, Yahoo passwords and so on.
  • Websites Browsing: Keylogger windows 8 tracks sites our families visited while they are using the PCs. Whether they delete the browser history or not, we can view the web history in the logs of the keylogger windows 8.
  • Parental Control: Except for recording keystrokes,passwords and websites, keylogger windows 8 has a powerful parental control function of blocking unwanted sites and applications.

Guard kids against Internet dangers

Children are prone to get themselves into potential risks if they have no restricted access to family computers without appropriate parental control or monitoring. For instance, some kids are cheated or lured away by people who has a bad intention they chatted with on the MSN or Facebook. If parents set up a keylogger windows 8 on kid’s computer, the above danger will not be likely to happen. Because family keylogger windows 8 logs all keystrokes, chat messages, visited sites, we can be aware of what happened to our kids and who our kids communicated with after the installation of keylogger windows 8, and then we can prevent the potential dangers rightly. More importantly, the keylogger windows 8aids us to block unwanted dating websites and porn game applications. In short, parents can offer a safe Internet environment to kids with family keylogger windows 8.

Keep close watch on cheating spouse

Since the divorce rate is almost about 50% in the United States, and marital infidelity takes a great part in the cause of divorce. There is a tendency that more people want to keep a lookout over their spouses. Keylogger windows 8 is a better choice than detective to watch cheating spouse. Keylogger windows 8 assists us to know what our life partners have done on the computer or who they have flirted with by viewing their emails and chat messages that sent to our mail box. Then we can make sure that if our spouses are telling the truth or not, and then we can take measures to save our relationships. Even if we end up with divorce, the stored logs can be acted as hard evidence to protect us.

Protecting our family is always the top priority for us. After spending lots of time online searching for a safe parental control keylogger, we can see that keylogger windows 8 is the perfect solution to supervise and protect our family. Family keylogger windows 8 which works safely and effectively helps us to expose spouse’s lie as well as keep the bad people out of our kids’ online world. Family keylogger windows 8 is ready to defend your family, are you ready?

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones

Whether you’re giving or simply lending your child a smartphone, these miniature personal computers need child-proofing, too. Nowadays most kids can easily find porn, gambling sites, Internet scams, and other offensive material on a smartphone browser. The good news is that there are lots of free, or low-cost parental control apps that can block offensive Web content and let you monitor your child’s activities on their mobile device.

Parental control apps simply replace your default mobile browser with a “safe browser.” These browsers block offensive links from appearing in your child’s search results. Parental monitoring apps typically let you see your child’s browsing history from a remote Web portal. Some of the apps listed below combine both.

Mobile parental control tools aren’t nearly as full-featured as parental control suites for desktop browsers, but that’s mostly due to restrictions of each operating system. On iOS in particular, apps are limited to blocking URLs in Safari and there’s no monitoring feature either. On Android, mobile malware is more prevalent, but apps offer similar configuration levels you’d find on a desktop browser.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite mobile parental control and monitoring apps, a good addition to any child’s smartphone. More parental control apps are coming to market all the time, so keep checking this list as we review and add more to the mix:


eBlaster Mobile
eBlaster Mobile stealthily monitors everything your child does on his device. From a remote Web administrative console you can see who your child texts or calls, and you can see his browsing history, too. Parents can also define a “virtual fence” and if your child steps out of these boundaries, you’ll receive an alert.

K9 Web Protection Browser
K9 is a free, user-friendly Web-filtering app with preset filters based on age group. However it lacks key features in paid rival apps, like the ability to whitelist or blacklist URLs, or customize your filter to match your child’s age and behavior.

McAfee Family Protection
$19.99 per year
McAfee’s parental control app performs only one function, but it’s well-executed. Choose from four age profiles that each block websites in up to 35 categories. The app shares the same Web console as McAfee Family Protection for PCs, but you have to pay extra to use the app.

Net Nanny 2.0
$19.99 per year
Net Nanny 2.0 (for Android) is a deceptively simple parental control app for your child’s Android device, letting you be as conservative or liberal with your content blocking as you like. Parents will appreciate Net Nanny’s clean and user-friendly Web interface.

AVG Family Safety (for iPhone)
$19.99 per year
AVG Family Safety (for iPhone) blocks an impressive list of inappropriate content and malware, and lets you monitor your child’s mobile browsing behavior. AVG also offers plenty of configuration settings for your filter, so there aren’t any surprises.

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Abilities of Keylogger Spy Software

Why would you consider installing key logger spy software? Key logger spy software can be a very useful tool. What it does, in summary, is keep track of every keystroke and action performed on your computer, at every moment of every day. It keeps all of this information in a log format, which you can then access and review when you want to.

These logs can usually be accessed remotely, from another computer, which makes it much more convenient if you only have access to the computer which has the key logger spy software installed on it one time only.

The types of information you can use this program for are:

to see what is contained in chat logs
what programs or applications are being used
if anything has been deleted from your computer
boot up and shut down times of the computer
emails sent and received (which can be copied to you directly)
web sites visited, even if the history has been cleared;
screen shots of web sites visited
The main feature of this type of program is its’ ability to run, undetected, in the background of your computer. It cannot be found, with a search of programs installed and it should not show up with an icon on the desktop or even in the start menu.

This program can keep track of your spouse, if you think they may be cheating on you, and will provide you with proof positive in full detail. Just make sure you are prepared to find out the information, because nothing will be left to the imagination.

It is also a useful application as a parental control. You can prevent your kids from visiting certain types of websites and chat rooms. You can also view their activity and determine if they are being safe online or not.