How to catch a cheating spouse by keystroke logger

How to catch a cheating spouse by keystroke recorder ?

Most of you, me included, will be a bit ashamed of sharing details and evidence about your cheating spouse. Even a professional private investigator is helpful sometimes, you may be prefer to catch the cheater by yourself. Then do you know how to catch a cheating spouse?

There are various programs which will be helpful.

In this method we will use keyloggers, and other various programs. This will be a work in progress, so if you have any programs that you would like to share and think it will help out someone that is doubtful of their spouse’s loyalty, please contact me at my email. If you haven’t already read the “How to catch a cheating husband – private investigator” page, I recommend you do, if you don’t want to take part on gathering evidence yourself and would prefer a different method to catch your cheating spouse.


First gadget we have to help catch a cheating spouse, which requires absolutely no computer know-how, is a keylogger. For those of you who are as technically illiterate as I am, this is THE perfect tool to help you spy on and catch your spouse cheating on the computer.
Basically it is a small piece of hardware that you attach to your computer, and it records all the keystrokes on its memory. It is undetectable. You just have to make sure that you attach the keylogger when no one is around the house.


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