iSafe Work Inspector is the best employee monitoring software


As a boss,do you want all your staff to work devotedly in working hours?

As a boss, have you known which employee performs best and deserve a raise?

As a boss,do you know who is a wolf in sheep clothing?

As a boss, are you eager to improve your management level?

As a boss, have you ever been fired?

As a boss,…


Every manager dreams of perfect employees. But there are none. That’s why managers exist. They have to monitor employees to make sure they do their job and are not chatting with friends over the phone. They have to analyze employee performance to see who works effectively and deserves a raise, and whose work is not satisfactory. The manager’s job is not easy, because no manager, no matter how smart, can stand behind every employee and watch what he or she is doing from 9 am to 5 pm.
Smart managers know that they don’t have to do it, because there is software that does it for them. Work Inspector is one of many employee performance tracking applications available on the market, and one of the few applications in that class that actually works exactly like managers want it to work.

Basically, all a manager has to do is to install the program. Since Work Inspector comes with a network deployment tool, the process is as simple as one could wish for. After that, a manager can see what any employee is doing at any given time. The employees do not know that they are being watched and the manager can be anywhere, even on vacation in Hawaii, since the program works remotely. Of course you can also clearly tell employees monitoring software is installed,which is a type of warning inspection and control.

But constant monitoring is not likely to satisfy a demanding manager, who has other plans for his or her time. That’s why manager can use report jobs feature to create any report by schedule.

Moreover, the program constantly tracks employee actions.
Here is the important part of Work Inspector. What the product is now nothing close to what it was in the beginning. We listened, changed and listened again. As a result, Work Inspector is the most easily installed and configured application in its class. Effectively, all a manager has to do is to set good and bad applications, processes or web sites. The fact is the program is so straightforward, you won’t need to read User’s Manual, to operate the program – everything is obvious and intuitive.

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