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What if you can watch, observe, or get secret information from a computer. That is basically the job of computer monitoring software or spy software. A low-profile term for this is a keylogger software; an expression which only appeals on the tech savvy individuals. These kinds of programs can beneficial to parents and employers. Programs can be installed on your phones, computers, and other devices.

The Internet is a great source of information and allows you to connect to all different kinds of websites and people. However, your child may be using the Internet for the wrong reasons. If you’re an employer, your employees maybe busy playing games rather than working on the job you have given them. There are many things that can happen behind your back. And the only solution for this amazing spy software or computer monitoring software.

With the computer monitoring software installed, it will make a documentation of all the computer activities without the user’s knowledge. The software operates in the background unnoticed. You can capture Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk chats and other conversations; have visual surveillance with screenshots; get all the usernames and passwords; record visited sites; block selected sites and more.

If you do a bit of research, you will be flooded with huge number of options when it comes to monitoring software. There are some pretty good ones out but some are filled with viruses, spyware, and malware. So make sure you do a little research and read the reviews associated with the various spy software and computer monitoring products available.

iSafe Keylogger is your perfect choice. It has been downloaded and installed millions of times,which is a world wide popular keylogger software.

Discover What Your Staff’s Boss keys

isafe keylogegr

Maybe you are very familiar with the following circumstance: when you plan to talk with one of your employees about his ragged performance on work recently and approach to his seat, he will swiftly press one key or a mouse shortcut of his computer. You will only see an opened working file on his computer screen when you reach, and also you will find no matter how many times you get to his seat, his work file will never be changed. What happened? As we all know, he is goofing around over the working time by using boss key.

Just as the situation above implies, the boss key is actually a keyboard shortcut for people to quickly hide some interfaces and switch the screen to a pre-defined “boss” workplace by restoring and minimizing or switching applications into background. The purpose of boss key is to make it appear to superiors and coworkers that an employee is doing his or her job, when they are actually playing games or using the Internet for non-work-related tasks.

At present, the utilizing of boss key almost covers all the offices even some under-monitoring ones. Why are they so disrespect for their work and salary, or further speaking, their lives? We all know one of the reasons is the low efficiency of employees’ self-discipline. However, can we deny that the poor supervision and control of the superiors leads it into a larger extent?

Of course, the “supervision and control” here is neither occasional inspection nor allover watchdogs. They spend and cost too much and will probably avail nothing. What we need is an effective, intensive and inexpensive monitoring software in your office computers.
Everyone is eager to success, you are not an exception as I think. So, if you lead a team and want to find out what lays behind your staff’s boss keys, if you desire to be an efficient leader and manage your neglectful subordinates, or if you do not wish your underling develop to sit-around office workers, you can choose iSafe All in One Keylogger or iSafe Work Inspector as an employee monitoring software to realize all your want.


Widestep Elite Keylogger Review



Elite Keylogger is never a nice keylogger software and iSafe all in one keylogger had already surpassed it many years ago.

I saw many reviews about elite keylogger from my opinion, none of these reivews is right and fair. Elite keylogger is not a useful nor helpful keylogger,which is simply a common keystroke recorder.

“Elite Keylogger is a powerful keylogger from Widestep. Besides keystroke recording, it also include integrated features of screen shot capturing, email intercepting and website logging. Elite Keylogger has flexible advanced settings, both for computer savvy and novices”

Yes it is right above.But these are all common features that keyloggers have. Likewise, iSafe all in one keylogger has more than this.

” Elite keylogger is a powerful parental control software,which can be used to protect kids online, filter their internet content or start websites blocking.”

This is totally wrong, Elite keylogger is just a keystroke recorder,which can only record computer and internet activities,without any control features such as websites blocking,internet filtering, anti-porn and so on.

” Elite keylogger can capture instant messengers chat conversation and send it to your email”

To some degree,this review is right. But worth of mention is that it just captures one side chat,not both side,this is unaccetable to all users. Only one side chat will be awfully discouraging, the recording function being spoilt.

” Elite keylogger is perfectly compatible for windows xp,visita and windows 7.”

 Right saying,but, Elite Keylogger fails to support 64 bit system.You know 64 bit system is more and more popular,software on which is running a lot more secure and nicely.

As well, Elite Keylogger has no file activity logging service.

Last, Elite Keylogger is much more expensive than iSafe All in Onekeylogger while in usability and services lag far behind.


But for iSafe All in One Keylogger, absolutely no above problem!  Its powerful features listed as follow,too numerous to mention one by one:

Keystroke recorder
Password tracker
Clipboard monitor

Secretly take screenshots
Record applications launched
Track printed documents

Record websites visited by all users
Instant messenger & chat sniffer(complete converssation)
Monitor emails sent & received

Invisible to anti-virus software
Invisible to other users
Rest assured with custom and special recompiled builds
60-day money back guarantee,instead of 30 day

Get logs delivered to your email
Collect remote logs via FTP or network
Secretly grab recorded logs using a USB drive
remotely installed on any PC without any physical access to it
No Pop-ups
Inactivity Detection
Configurable Nag Screen
Automatic Uninstallation
Keyword Access

Parental control
websites blocking and internet filtering
kids online time control

LAN monitoring in one PC for ALL PCs