iSafe All in One Keylogger-Basic Features


iSafe All in One Keylogger will help you to monitor and record all activities on your computer. Selected as the Editors’ Choice by the experts at most downloads archives, iSafe All in One Keylogger records all e-mail’s sent and received, all AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN both side chat conversations, all web sites visited, every application executed, all text and images sent to the clipboard, every keystroke pressed, every password typed, and more! It’s can can run in Total Stealth mode and send activity logs to your email and/or upload to ftp server.

Perfect for monitoring others who use your computer – children, spouses, employees, or guests! Not only monitoring but also controlling such as websites filtering,blocking or applications disabling and USB port disabling even printer disabling.

Surveillance and Logging Features:

Chat Conversation

Log and record both sides of all chat conversations. Includes AIM, YAHOO, ICQ and MSN Chats.

Email Activity

Every email sent or received with ANY email program, iSafe All in One Keylogger automatically save a copy for you to review.

Web Sites Visited

Record all Web Sites that user visited and important details including: Time of last visit, Total Number of visits to the Web Site and more!

Keystrokes Typed

iSafe All in One Keylogger track all keystrokes pressed in any application, by date and time. Keystrokes can be formatted for easy viewing.

Passwords Typed

All passwords typed in passwords dialogs, iSafe All in One Keylogger automatically save a copy for you to review. Including date, time and window title.

Screen Snapshots

Automatically capture screen shots of the desktop at set intervals – allows you to see visually what your children and employees do on the PC and Internet!

Applications Executed

Record every program (or application) run on the computer you are monitoring. For each program, iSafe All in One Keylogger will capture the name of the person who used the program and when the program was started.

Activity Logging

iSafe All in One Keylogger will keep track of all user interaction, invalid password attempts, and more for later review.

Internet Filtering and websites blocking

iSafe All in One Keylogger is able to filter internet content such as blocking unwanted websites,disable unwanted applications or ports.


Legal or illegal to use keylogger software?

What’s keylogger software?

It’s known as  a kind of monitoring software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, websites visited, chat conversations, applications used, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Not only a few keylogger software does have  monitoring feature but also control such as websites blocking, instant messengers disabled, internet content filtering or USB or printer disable to outside management team(iSafe keylogger software has this skills).

Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are any laws regarding when they use Keystroke logger software, and is keylogger software legal or illegal?

I have consulted lawyers in many countries and reached the conclusion-Absolute legal,no any problem.

Keylogger software itself  is always legal.Just as money, the love for money is root of all evils  and people committed crimes because of money,right ? No, it is because their own mind and thought. Money is faultless.You can not say to use money is illegal, and it depends on how you use it. Same as keylogger software, it is legal to use, on the premise that:


  1. You are given administrator password to the device or you own the property of that device.
  2. Install keylogger software on the computers you own. Hint others of the keylogger software installed if they use your computer.
  3. It is completely legal manner that parents using keylogger software to monitor children’s online activity to make sure they don’t visit pornographic web sites or don’t make any dubious acquaintances.parental-control-necessary
  4. Employers keeping tracking employees’computer activities may be controversial. Notify them of the fact that they are being monitored, and what is being monitored, it will be perfectly legal.employee monitoring
  5. Police guard force can use keylogger software in assistance of their case cracking.
  6. To catch a suspected cheating spouse, for this issue, it is controversial. Remember, just get proof, do not use to commit crime.
 keylogger software use
The main purpose, or rather usefulness,for the install of keylogger software is to learn and improve.


Why do you have to own this keylogger software?

keylogger softwareJust answer four questions and if one of them is yes, you should consider isafe keylogger software; if two yes, I suggest you visit isafe keylogger software website right now;  If three, you are recommended to download this keylogger software immediately and if all is yes, please buy isafe keylogger software NOW!

  1. Do you have kids who use computer?
  2. Are you a boss or do you have employees?
  3. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband?
  4. do you forget passwords,user names,back account info?


With iSafe keylogger software, you can protect them from dangerous contacts. You can read their online chatting and emails. Also, you can monitor visited websites. And don’t hesitate! You have the right to know, because YOU ARE A PARENT. More over, you can block unwanted websites or filter adult contents.

Does your girl cheat on you? Do you know that 40 million people visit dating sites each month? It’s fact. The flirt is a part of our life, but a VIRTUAL flirt breaks moral scopes and gives a “fast sex” in result. Total Spy will help you find out whether or not your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband is cheating on you when you are away.

Do all your employees use their computer resources and Internet connection solely for your business? Do they work as hard when you are away as they do when you are watching over their shoulders? Do you suspect your employee’s productivity is lacking? Total Spy can help. Just install it on their computers and you can view spy reports anytime via LAN. Just open the following folders on their PCs. Of course, you must have administrative privilegies on this network.

How many times did you lost important data typed in text editor, when your computer suddenly freezed and application aborted for no good reason? With isafe keylogger software running, you will be able to regain the text you have typed during the day! Or you can recover your lost user names or passwords and any information lost. But don’t worry, all this can only be obtained by YOU.


Now Download iSafe Keylogger software below!

Actual Keylogger and iSafe Keylogger Comparison Review


We have to admit that Actual Keylogegr is  a so simple keylogger,features of which include:

  • record all keystrokes
  • view reports as html or txt
  • invisible,hidden in background

That is all! That is what Actual Keylogger  has. As a matter of fact, you can own all these features in a free keylogger. However actualkeylogger has good search engine rankings,so many people pay for free features every day. Actualkeylogger is just a single person website,which means it is being run and operated just by the webmaster himself.You can visit and download actual keylogger. You can find its website so inanimate design and tenuous content and as well, his product is also simple and crude even ugly.


Please take a look at isafe keylogger below.


What a beautiful user interface. Imagine what it can do for you, yes,there are:

  1. keyboard logging, keystroke recording, clipboard monitoring
  2. automatically take screenshot of your computer and internet activities,so swift and without occupation of CPU.
  3. visited websites recording, block websites, filter internet content,get back websites passwords and usernames.
  4. Email sent and received monitoring
  5. application use activities,the app name, user and time
  6. instant messenger both side chats history,such as MSN, AOL, AIM,Yahoo messenger,skype…all IMs.
  7. Docs and files used,copied,created,deleted,all monitored
  8. USB monitoring
  9. printer monitoring
  10. facebook, myspace monitoring
  11. outside anti-keyloggers,anti-viruses and process manager
  12. installed and uninstall fast
  13. powerful log console
  14. can be installed on any PC without need of physical access, think about, this is cool!
  15. Monitor everything they do on the computer & interne
  16. Completely undetectable keylogger! (invisible/secretly mode)
  17. Password protected and easy of use keylogger
  18. Send logs remotely and stealthily in background
  19. Monitor Facebook,Chat/IM, password,websites,email,keystrokes
  20. World’s Best-Selling Monitoring Software(keylogger)
  21. Fully compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP 32&64 keylogger
  22.  install on a LAN and start monitoring all your employees
  23. More and more features…


iSafe All in One keylogger is a multi-purposes software, as following:

  • For system administrators. iSafe keylogger will help you to find out, what exactly took place in the system.
  • For CEOs. You can perform the full control of the computers of your company or enterprise. You will always know about all actions performed by the employees or other people on the computers of your company.
  • For parents. You will be able to find out what your children search in the net, and to check them as well as block unwanted websites or filter unwanted content.
  • For any user. Using our free keyloggerr, you will be able to establish the full control over your computer. Using the program constantly, you will able to restore the previously typed text in case you have lost it. The iSafe Keylogger will also help you to restore the forgotten password or the lost email.
  • For computer classes and Internet Cafes. iSafe Keylogger will let you find out, what the users have been doing on the computers.

What is exactly the best keylogger

six rankings of google

According to our research,each month over 100,000 people search” best keylogger, what is the best keylogger, download best keylogger or best keylogger software”.If we include long tail keyword,the searches are countless.

So what exactly is the best keylogger? Where we download the best keylogger? We have been in keylogger software industry from 1990s of last century,seeing many keyloggers appearing and disappearing. Through large number of researches and uses of keyloggers on market,we have reached the conclusion of what keylogger is the best. Now let’s take a search from google.

search best keylogger From this snapshot,we have known that all of this is useless information.We have not found any keylogger is good,let alone “best”.

On the top area and right side,that is advertisement. The vendors pay google money to show their ads.When you click you will be directed to their landing page where you were induced to buy. This part of display is not true rankings but depending on how much money the vendor pays google and the relevance between your search and their ads. Once you buy from the landing page, both the vendor and google make money.

Next, you can see the first four ranking.I will explain to you all about them and together let’s see which the best keylogger is.

1.CNET, this is the largest software downloading website. In fact, what you may not know is,CNET download has become a waste place of software. Lots of rogue software, dangerous one and even viruses program are filled within this website. As soon as a software developer adds his product to download,he will receive email advertisement persuading you to buy their PPD service, namely, pay per download. Apparently,this is not the best keylogger., actually this is only a keyword domain, the vaunting product is just a empty shell. It is useless and helpless and can not solve any problem.Google will rank sites according to domain. Then we either don’t know what keylogger is best., this is an old website and the author is from Ukraine. To be frank, his website is fine and his words are persuasive. Nevertheless, the so-called elite keylogger is not elite,just a simple computer monitoring tool.It does not have powerful functions as he bragged about.And this keylogger sometimes is regarded viruses by Norton and McAfee., it is a page of promotion for three free keyloggers.No doubt that, the man who created this is a software affiliate.He is marketing to you.Once you pay he will be accredited     lot of commission from the vendor.

Read on, take your time…You will see the conclusion of best keylogger below.

six rankings of google

5.This is yahoo answer site of india. One person asked which is the best keylogger and six answers.All of them are different.There is much to be said on both sides.Whom should we believe? Does any body have time to test and verify one by one? Impossible,but our lab members have tested all.None of them is best keylogger.

6 and 7 is the same.They are marketing with video.You know youtube is the largest and most popular video sharing website.Many keylogger marketers are uploading their marketing video.The video content is inciting enough to make you pay., this is a product review website.We found that the webmaster always pay writers to review and write some unrealistic reviews.You must have often seen reviews.But nowdays, reviews are not true.None of them telling the truth.On the contrary,it is scam.,this is a personal website.You can see various kinds of keyloggers.As a matter of fact,all is the same.The reason is that much content is easier to attract traffic.

10.Last one,last but not, all-in-one keylogger. Through many times tests and verifications by our engineers,after a long time period use,isafe keylogger can be the best keylogger in the world.It can be installed whether on your computer or any remote on without physical access need. It can log everything you need,such as websites,instant messengers,emails,passwords,documents and files…all,more than you think.It works amazingly fast on the background.This isafe keylogger is simply the best,silently,hiddenly and undectably monitoring everything happening and that have happened.No matter what your purpose is, online protection of kids,employee monitoring of corporate or catching a cheating spouse.iSafe keylogger is competent for all!  Fact is fact, isafe keylogger is not No.1 ranking but rank No.1 in quality. Just forget the rankings, easy to use,help to solve problems is just searchers’ purpose.

I just share my own experience.I firmly hope what I recommended is just the best keylogger.I know for sure,that action speaks louder than words.Only time and your practice of isafe keylogger will test I am right.To try is to believe.