Protect Your kids with iSafe Keylogger and Parental Control Software

Busy parents can’t possible monitor their children’s activities all the time, including their kids’ use of the computer and the Internet. But iSafe keylogger can help concerned parents protect their children. iSafesoft’s software serves as a “parental control program”, keeping track of what happens on the family computer and recording the websites your children or other users visit. iSafe keylogger can keep log files of chat sessions as well as the applications and programs users run, and it can take screenshots of websites users visit noting the date and time they were taken.


Most parents trust their children to use the computer and surf the Internet safely, but online predators abound. These criminals lull children into a false sense of security. Internet predators log in to chat rooms, pose as children, and chat with vulnerable kids. As time passes, trusting children can become the victims of fraud and even sexual exploitation by these dangerous adults.


By recording the websites and social networks your children and loved ones visit, iSafe keylogger gives you valuable information you need to protect them from online threats. Those logs help you block their access to unsuitable sites. All this is possible because  iSafe keylogger software runs hidden from the users on your computer, who are unaware it is installed and running.


In addition to iSafe keylogger, you may find other kinds of parental control programs useful too. That software helps you supervise your children’s Internet activity by allowing you to block unwanted content while your kids are using the computer.


Parental control programs can help protect adults too. The programs help adults avoid pornographic and other objectionable content. They also help protect against malware, such as viruses and spyware programs, that can automatically download and install on unprotected computers.


Use any monitoring software intelligently. In particular, iSafe keylogger recommends you disable any keylogger when doing banking or shopping online, since keyloggers record and store passwords, account numbers, and other confidential information. Hackers or others using your computer could potentially access that data later. Guard against that security risk, and always use any monitoring software with care.


Protecting your children and family should be your top priority. You can defend them effectively by installing a keylogger application like  iSafe keylogger in addition to other parental control software.
Be sure to learn all you can about iSafe keylogger spy software and research the features and benefits of other parental control applications.
Remember that being actively involved and interested in your child’s online life is the most important tool you have.

iSafe All in One Keylogger User Review

iSafe All in One Keylogger is a program developed by iSafe Software Ltd to log and monitor all activities in a PC,both online and offline.The program is ideal for parental control and company employee monitoring.It is capable of recording keystrokes,websites visited,email sent and received and tracking applications launched and used.

Basically,many keyloggers have similar features such as invisible mode,keystroke recording,email activities logging and so on. However, iSafe All in One Keylogger has very different features.Here allow me to describe its special features that usually other keyloggers don’t have.

First,the program size is small,only 5MB.Thus it works very fast,simple as it is,yet powerful.

Second,the main interface of the program is user-friendly.Users can easily check the logs of websites,emails,applications and others. Access to any function is clear and easy.

Third,enhanced social networks monitoring,this feature is very well received.It is designed to monitor activities of twitter,facebook, myspace and so forth.

Fourth,microphone logging,few keyloggers have this function.It is capable of recording what the computer user said through the microphone and save as wav format files to local disk in an encrypted way. So a person can check this later.

Five,smart sense capture,this feature is unique. No doubt that many keyloggers can capture screenshots of the computer with a specified time interval. But this may miss important capture of the screen.With isafe All in One Keylogger, one can set “sensitive keywords” such as sex or bank account.Whenever these keywords are triggered,a screenshot will be taken regardless of the time interval. Afterwards,people can check the captured images with ease.This is especially useful for parental protection to the kids in respect of online safety.

Apart from above,iSafe All in One Keylogger can run outside the anti-virus software in a real sense.Even the Spector Pro fails to do it now.

What are the disadvantage of iSafe All in One Keylogger? The answer is it can not monitor instant messengers chat conversation. A person has to get this from keystrokes together with screenshots captured. Actually, this is not convenient enough. At the same time, iSafe All in One Keylogger is only a monitoring tool without any control features such as websites blocking.

When you want to buy iSafe All in One Keylogger, please be advised to read this article.

Advice for buying a keylogger

Many people are looking for a keylogger on the internet but few of them have the knowledge about how to buy a keylogger. This article will give all that you need before you decide to buy a keylogger. Please make sure you read it with care.

A keylogger,as what its name conveys,originally is used to log the keys.It is able to log all keystrokes, and it is also called a keystroke recorder. With the development of computer technology,a keylogger does not only log keystrokes but also all computer activities.To some degree,key logging basically means monitoring for a PC.A keylogger can be a hardware device and also,most of the time, it is software installed on your system.This program is to keep track of all key presses and sometimes is capable of capturing screenshots,recording email sent and received and other functions.
Generally, keyloggers are installed on the computer without the end user’s knowledge.
Along with the good uses, there are malicious ways of using keyloggers. Some individuals use it for the purpose of stealing passwords or credit card information.

When used in proper way, keylogger can do lot of monitoring invisibly. Before purchasing any keylogger, one should check the following things. Firstly,it should work in the background without being noticed. The computer user is unable to find the program on desktop,task bar and the process of task manager.Secondly,the keylogger program should not be detected by any anti-virus application installed on the PC. This is very crucial,because if it is detected by anti-virus application,it may be deleted or made unable to work normally. To sum up,please make sure the keylogger you want to buy is totally invisible to both PC users and anti-virus software.

When purchasing a keylogger, one must ensure that the administrative activity of the
keylogger is protected by a password and it can be accessed with specified hot keys and password.This is important because,to view the activity logs or make some settings of the logging is to be done by a single person not by the normal user of the PC. Otherwise,it is almost useless to use a keylogger. On the other hand,a keylogger is preferably able to send the logs to email. In this way, the person who wishes to view logs can monitor the PC remotely,without physical access needed.

Besides key-strokes recording, if the keylogger also keeps track of screenshots of the user activity then this could be an added advantage.The program will take screenshots and save the images to disk in an encrypted way.This is just like a invisible camera working in the background.

There are various keylogger programs on the web available for free download. The free versions are good for trial purpose,often with some features limited and when buying the pro version, the limits will be removed. Fortunately,there are some keylogger programs with free download as well as all features same as pro version.However, people can only use it in a limited period of time.After that,purchase is requested for continual use. In fact, that has given enough time for trial and then the decision can be made wisely.

Keylogger program is ideal for parental control and company employee monitoring. To buy a satisfied one is not very easy.Kindly read this article prior to your decision of purchase.

Abilities of Keylogger Spy Software

Why would you consider installing key logger spy software? Key logger spy software can be a very useful tool. What it does, in summary, is keep track of every keystroke and action performed on your computer, at every moment of every day. It keeps all of this information in a log format, which you can then access and review when you want to.

These logs can usually be accessed remotely, from another computer, which makes it much more convenient if you only have access to the computer which has the key logger spy software installed on it one time only.

The types of information you can use this program for are:

to see what is contained in chat logs
what programs or applications are being used
if anything has been deleted from your computer
boot up and shut down times of the computer
emails sent and received (which can be copied to you directly)
web sites visited, even if the history has been cleared;
screen shots of web sites visited
The main feature of this type of program is its’ ability to run, undetected, in the background of your computer. It cannot be found, with a search of programs installed and it should not show up with an icon on the desktop or even in the start menu.

This program can keep track of your spouse, if you think they may be cheating on you, and will provide you with proof positive in full detail. Just make sure you are prepared to find out the information, because nothing will be left to the imagination.

It is also a useful application as a parental control. You can prevent your kids from visiting certain types of websites and chat rooms. You can also view their activity and determine if they are being safe online or not.

KeyStroke Logger Download Free KeyLogger

New features of iSafe keystroke recorder 2012:

  • Keyboard Monitoring

Keystroke recorder

iSafe Keystroke Recorder will record all keystrokes typed, staying completely undetectable to users! iSafe Keylogger lets you know what was typed (passwords, logins, addresses, names), in which applications, and who typed it.

Password tracker

iSafe Keystroke Recorder offers low-core keyboard monitoring with its kernel driver. This helps you capture Windows logon password and all other typed passwords as well!

Clipboard monitor

Most users copy and paste logins and passwords instead of typing them manually. iSafe Keystroke Recorder will record text copied to the Clipboard as well! iSafe Keylogger also grabs clipboard graphics.

  • Applications Activity

Secretly take screenshots

iSafe Keystroke Recorder regularly takes screenshots of the Desktop and applications running, like an automatic surveillance camera hidden from all users!

Record applications launched

iSafe Keystroke Recorder records all applications launched and the text anyone typed there. You will know the exact time, date, path, window caption and other parameters of the programs launched on your PC.

Track printed documents

iSafe Keystroke Logger records all documents being printed from the monitored computer. Don’t let your employees spend your corporate resources on unnecessary personal prints.

  • Internet Monitoring
  • Record websites visited by all users
  • iSafe Keylogger, the best keylogger on the Internet, records all visited website URLs and adds timestamps to every entry in the log. No matter which Internet browser is used, iSafe Keylogger monitors every website accessed from your computer.
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Invisible to anti-virus software