Online safety guide for children from Google

We are developing programs to monitor user activity of home (Employee monitoring software) and office (Employee Monitor) computers, as well as to control usage of your children’s computer (iSafe Keylogger).


According to a research conducted by the Internet Development Fund, children in Europe and the NIS states usually know more about the Internet than their parents do.

From the one hand, this is a positive and logical thing. From the other hand – we don’t really know how children understand the basics of online security. Regular incidents involving Internet fraud and harassment prove that the problem is very real and the level of online threat awareness among teenagers is very low.

You can try to shield your kids from such threats in many ways, but you must be ready to face the fact that an Internet-savvy teenager won’t have any problems finding a workaround. And that is why you, as a parent, will have to explain the basics of online security to them.

Google has published a guide for parents and teachers that explains how online dangers can be avoided and how the rules of online conduct can be efficiently communicated to minors. All of these materials have been published as “Family Safety Center”.

The guide contains articles written by Google and other companies working on the problems of online security for children.

However, we should not forget than no technology, even the most advanced one, will ever be able to replace parental control and proper upbringing.

Stealthy Computer Monitoring Software Free Download

iSafe Free Keylogger offers complete computer monitoring / parental monitoring  solution of your computer for employers  and parents . You can monitor all the activities related to your computer effectively with the stealthy this best computer monitoring software from . No matter who uses the computer, Micro Keylogger will report back all the activities. Even when you are not present, it enables you to completely watch over the use of your computer. This computer monitoring software functions well to sever you best, when you want to make sure that your computer is used in the right way, or when you suspect that someone else is using your computer in an unauthorized manner. With installation of the Micro Keylogger, you can easily get hold of evidence and find out the mischievous person. Then how does it realize?

The computer monitoring software will monitor every activity that is taking place on the computer. This includes web pages visited, the programs used and chat messages sent at your end, the chats logs from Facebook and various IMs like MSN, Skype, AIM, Yahoo Mssengers and so on. It basically records every keystroke and password, and it will also take periodic screenshots if required. All of these logs will then be sent to an email address that you specify. You can receive and view the emails on PC, laptop, smart phone, or other devices. iSafe Keylogger makes it possible for you to get a full visual history of everything that your computer has been used for. That’s to say, you don’t have to be in front of the computer, you can still monitor it effectively.

There is no doubt that using iSafe Keylogger for computer monitoring can be as effective as standing over user’s shoulder to monitor them. It runs in a stealth mode so that nobody but you knows it. Besides, it is executed automatically when the operating system boots.When using this computer monitoring software, you do not have to be computer savvy because the program automatically collect everything for you. Therefore, you have a completely undetectable, safe and easy way of computer monitoring solution to supervise those who use your computer, giving yourself a peace of mind.

The compatibility of Windows Keylogger

Generally,when we install a lot of software, there is a problem of operation system compatibility. Windows keylogger  is no exception. People who use Windows XP/Vista/7 and even the latest windows 8 all ask for quality windows keylogger to satisfy their demands. Perhaps you download windows keylogger for free to make certain it works well in their special environment. But a windows keylogger from isafe keylogger can perform successfully without compatibility issues.

Calculable Keylogger for Windows XP/Vista

How gloomy if we download a windows keylogger that is not compatible with the OS installed. It is difficult to find a suitable XP/Vista keylogger because of the numerous reasons, except the isafe Keylogger. Generally speaking, many functions of windows keylogger  can’t perform well on this OS, and their monitorability reduced and bug. But isafe Keylogger is proved to be an effective monitor tool in brief and a XP/Vista keylogger too.

Best Keylogger for Windows 7/Windows 8

At present,Windows 7 is popular OS. Many of keyloggers are very functional,but some of keyloggers have issues for Windows 7 in accident, only a small number of keylogger provide the right combination of features which you may decide to buy such software. If you want to buy a keylogger for Windows 7 system, isafe Keylogger can be a right choice.

Now the isafesoft upgrades the latest Windows 8 version,it can be compatible with windows 8 computer. If you want to ensure your computer security bya monitoring program, keylogger for windows 8 is suitable enough and will come in handy.

In conclision, isafe keylogger is very useful computer monitoring software. It is no exaggeration to say that the reports which it records can be sometimes very important. No matter you are a user of a keylogger for windows xp/vista/ windows 7 keylogger/windows 8, the data it protects or captures is usually important, you have to be sure that your windows keylogger will not make you vexed. So we strive to improve compatibility qualities of windows keylogger. To take care of our users, we advise to download the free trial version of windows keylogger in order to see that it really gives you the most important advantages.

Keep Your Children Safe from Internet Predators with Computer Monitoring Software

Most people know Ross in “Friends”. By this sitcom,David Schwimmer may be best-known for his role as Ross Geller. But he directed the movie “Trust,” which debuted on April 1, 2011, the cautionary tale is about a 14-year-old girl, who meets a man in an Internet chat room. The man pretends to be her age, as he befriends her, gains her trust, and eventually lures her to a seedy motel room and rapes her.

Though the film’s story is fictional, it is a very real scenario that unfolds across America all too often. It happens every week; there is always at least one story, often times many, from Anytown USA about a young teen that fell in love with an older man they met online, and disaster resulted.

iSafe Corp.  follows media stories of real-life Internet predators and offers a weekly compilation on iSafe’s Blog. The weekly column is to serve as a warning to parents that these threats do exist. It notes that over the past year, there has been an increase of stories that involve real teens willingly meeting in real life with the men they meet on the Internet. Unfortunately, many times there is sexual activity, whether consented to or, in the case of “Trust,” rape/assault.

As is portrayed in the film, Internet predators use a tactic called ‘grooming,’ where they patiently spend time becoming friends with a young teen, slowly gaining their trust. The relationship reaches a point where the young teen’s mind has been so warped, that even when lies are exposed, the internet predators succeed in their mission.

Internet predators are a real threat and it is important for parents to be vigilant and monitor Internet activity. Not only should parents be concerned with whom their children are talking to online, but they need to be cognizant of strangers who are trying to initiate conversation.

iSafe Corp. is the maker of PC iSafe computer monitoring software, a program that allows parents to see everything their kids are doing on the internet. Screen shots of all activity are captured through the program’s first-rate monitoring capabilities. In addition, all emails, instant messenger conversations, social networking activity, websites visited, programs run, peer-to-peer activity, search queries and more are recorded and presented in easy-to-read charts and tables. If a child is talking to or forming a relationship with a stranger, or taking other risks, the parents will be able to see it first-hand.

Our PC iSafe gives parents an exact record of everything their child does, so they can be sure of their safety, and intervene if necessary. A lot of parents need a wake-up call to the realities of the Internet.


Keyboard Recorder for Mac OS Lion

A keyboard recorder is a tiny scale computer monitoring software that records each keystroke, website, email, IM conversations, and screenshot, which is called keylogger as well. A keyboard recorder tracks every activity that has been executed on a computer system.

Here is the connection between a keyboard recorder and our Internet life:

Keyboard Recorder for Family Computer

The Internet provides kids with various kinds of information and children will unlimited access to it, so it is unavoidable that parents find out serious consequences after that. Investigation says that numbers of kids are lured out of home by vicious people every year. So it is not superfluous to keep an eye on their activities on the Internet with a keyboard recorder. A high performance keyboard recorder will help family avoid the happening of this kind of thing efficiently. You can also rely on to spy on your family computer for any unauthorized access, such as downloading illegal software or music.

Since it can spy on kids’ activity efficiently, it can also spy on your spouse with the same mechanism. Keyboard recorder is a powerful control tool especially when you hang the doubt that you spouse is cheating. The software will get you enough evidences assembled from their activities. Chats conversations, emails, websites browsed, for instance.

Keyboard Recorder for Company Computer

It is extreme necessary for you to install a kind of keyboard recorder software if you are in charge a big scale company which may has many employees and all of them use computers. Of course the software is used for track the activities of the employees so you can check up what they are paying attention to and doing during working hours. So install keyboard recorder and let them know they are monitored then there will no employee slack at the office by playing games and applying the Internet for their own purposes. Thus high productivity can be ensured.

Keyboard recorder can run in secret so you can spy on the computer silently. It is easy-to-use as it has user-friendly windows. Easy configuration, quick installation, and master password protection, make it hard for anyone to detect it. All of this guarantees that nobody can circumvent this program with your permission.

Keyboard recorder records the user’s keystrokes so that you can view all visited websites, chats and emails. You can also spy on those who use your computer without their notices.