iSafe Keylogger Windows 10 64bit is free to download

iSafe Keylogger Windows 10 RS2 is Ready

Following with the news that the next version of windows known as windows 8 would be issued the coming year, the upgraded parental control keylogger windows 8 is ready to guard our family in all side.

Though the fact that technology, especially our computers, makes our life and work more easier and convenient is undeniable, the technology revolution sometimes will bring harm for our kids and spouses if it is used in an inadequate way. As parents, we do want to try our best to safeguard our loved ones, but it is impossible for us to keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. However, keylogger windows 8 enables us to do this readily. And the following features of family keylogger windows 10 will reassure some parents if they still hesitate to use keylogger windows 8.

Main features of keylogger windows 10

Keylogger windows 8 allows us to keep tabs on what is happening on the computers of our family once a safe keylogger windows 8 is installed and runs hidden and stably in the background. This implies that our families will be monitored by this invisible keylogger without any notice. Keylogger windows 8 contains other main features as well.

  • Keystroke Recording: Keylogger windows 8 assists us to follow the tracks of all keystrokes, data and messages pressed by family members.
  • Password Logging: Keylogger windows 8 that we deploy for taking control of our loved ones is competent in logging passwords, containing game passwords, Google mail passwords, Facebook passwords, Yahoo passwords and so on.
  • Websites Browsing: Keylogger windows 8 tracks sites our families visited while they are using the PCs. Whether they delete the browser history or not, we can view the web history in the logs of the keylogger windows 8.
  • Parental Control: Except for recording keystrokes,passwords and websites, keylogger windows 8 has a powerful parental control function of blocking unwanted sites and applications.

Guard kids against Internet dangers

Children are prone to get themselves into potential risks if they have no restricted access to family computers without appropriate parental control or monitoring. For instance, some kids are cheated or lured away by people who has a bad intention they chatted with on the MSN or Facebook. If parents set up a keylogger windows 8 on kid’s computer, the above danger will not be likely to happen. Because family keylogger windows 8 logs all keystrokes, chat messages, visited sites, we can be aware of what happened to our kids and who our kids communicated with after the installation of keylogger windows 8, and then we can prevent the potential dangers rightly. More importantly, the keylogger windows 8aids us to block unwanted dating websites and porn game applications. In short, parents can offer a safe Internet environment to kids with family keylogger windows 8.

Keep close watch on cheating spouse

Since the divorce rate is almost about 50% in the United States, and marital infidelity takes a great part in the cause of divorce. There is a tendency that more people want to keep a lookout over their spouses. Keylogger windows 8 is a better choice than detective to watch cheating spouse. Keylogger windows 8 assists us to know what our life partners have done on the computer or who they have flirted with by viewing their emails and chat messages that sent to our mail box. Then we can make sure that if our spouses are telling the truth or not, and then we can take measures to save our relationships. Even if we end up with divorce, the stored logs can be acted as hard evidence to protect us.

Protecting our family is always the top priority for us. After spending lots of time online searching for a safe parental control keylogger, we can see that keylogger windows 8 is the perfect solution to supervise and protect our family. Family keylogger windows 8 which works safely and effectively helps us to expose spouse’s lie as well as keep the bad people out of our kids’ online world. Family keylogger windows 8 is ready to defend your family, are you ready?

iSafe All in One Keylogger User Review

iSafe All in One Keylogger is a program developed by iSafe Software Ltd to log and monitor all activities in a PC,both online and offline.The program is ideal for parental control and company employee monitoring.It is capable of recording keystrokes,websites visited,email sent and received and tracking applications launched and used.

Basically,many keyloggers have similar features such as invisible mode,keystroke recording,email activities logging and so on. However, iSafe All in One Keylogger has very different features.Here allow me to describe its special features that usually other keyloggers don’t have.

First,the program size is small,only 5MB.Thus it works very fast,simple as it is,yet powerful.

Second,the main interface of the program is user-friendly.Users can easily check the logs of websites,emails,applications and others. Access to any function is clear and easy.

Third,enhanced social networks monitoring,this feature is very well received.It is designed to monitor activities of twitter,facebook, myspace and so forth.

Fourth,microphone logging,few keyloggers have this function.It is capable of recording what the computer user said through the microphone and save as wav format files to local disk in an encrypted way. So a person can check this later.

Five,smart sense capture,this feature is unique. No doubt that many keyloggers can capture screenshots of the computer with a specified time interval. But this may miss important capture of the screen.With isafe All in One Keylogger, one can set “sensitive keywords” such as sex or bank account.Whenever these keywords are triggered,a screenshot will be taken regardless of the time interval. Afterwards,people can check the captured images with ease.This is especially useful for parental protection to the kids in respect of online safety.

Apart from above,iSafe All in One Keylogger can run outside the anti-virus software in a real sense.Even the Spector Pro fails to do it now.

What are the disadvantage of iSafe All in One Keylogger? The answer is it can not monitor instant messengers chat conversation. A person has to get this from keystrokes together with screenshots captured. Actually, this is not convenient enough. At the same time, iSafe All in One Keylogger is only a monitoring tool without any control features such as websites blocking.

When you want to buy iSafe All in One Keylogger, please be advised to read this article.

keylogger free download for hack facebook

Why do you need a freeware keylogger? Because Freeware keylogger is a available tool that help you to take full control of your computer. If you are absent some day, don’t worry whatever, freeware keylogger can record everything in your computer, all of the log files are gathered in a concise and easy to read way and sent  by mail. It run in the hidden mode, if the others don’t know your freeware keylogger password, they can’t see the files gathered.

Usually, Freeware keylogger is a perfect appliance for home computer monitoring and spying on kids online. Likewise, freeware keylogger tool is cool to bust a cheating spouse. It helps many parents a lot of spouses to catch their cheating partners who might have an affair. If you are not beside computer, you can also see your kids or partner’s activity on your computer by freeware keylogger . It can invisibly logs every keystroke typed in emails, chats, websites and password.

Freeware keylogger download saves your time and hassle recovered from accidental data loss or damaged. You can even recover the keystrokes you typed days or weeks ago. So you can ease your mind in case you have forgotten the passwords as freeware keylogger will remember them in a log.

If you want to download a freeware keylogger, you may have to give up some of critical functions. Most of them are easily caught by antivirus program. Fortunately, there are some of good freeware keylogger, for example isafe Keylogger, that can protect your password, encrypt log files, record keystrokes, capture desktop, offer reports and run invisibly in the background. If you want to have the fine software, isafe keylogger freeware is your very wise choice. It can procides you a free solution. Download freeware keylogger and try it now!


Keylogger Free Download

As tiny computer spy tools, keylogger are applied more and more common for people in their daily Internet life. Keylogger free download is a piece of monitoring program which has the ability to record keystrokes and passwords, log chat conversations and visited websites, and it can also capture screenshots. So it is a vital parental control tool, a powerful employee monitoring as well as personal computer monitoring application. If you would like to keep an eye on the work status of your employees during office hours, then a keylogger free download is your primary idle selection. The software will help your company to follow the activities of your employees, so that you can take important step against any illegitimate activity before it becomes a threat to the company. It can also assist you to track your kids’ activities on your home computer and prevent your kids from the online predators. If you ever hang a doubt about your spouse’s loyalty, the keylogger free download will also be helpful.

Invisible Keylogger Stealth Keylogger Software

It is such a powerful tool which can make it so easy to keep track of the activities being performed in one’s computer. Years ago, it is something that a hacker puts in your computer to steal information, and it is increasingly becoming a common tool being installed into most computers for certain purpose. And what is it? It’s invisible keylogger.

Why to use invisible keylogger

An invisible keylogger, called stealth keylogger as well, is a powerful and useful control tool that will provide you with great assistance. It can tell if someone uses you computer whilst you are absent, and if your kids visit unsuitable websites and even mingling with stranger or Internet child predators, and it can also tell if your spouse is disloyal.

How invisible keylogger be stealth

When an invisible keylogger is installed on a computer, you can be kept informed about anything happened on your computer no matter where your location is. Just like its name reads the major function of it is it can keep track of every keystroke performed on the keyboard in a absolutely stealth mode. And that means none of the users will be aware of its existence, and it will not show up on the start menu, in a program list or on any toolbar in order to avoiding being detected while runs in secret. You will be the only person who can access the logs of the invisible keylogger by setting administrative privileges of this program while install it.

What data will invisible keylogger obtain

An invisible keylogger program will send you detailed reports including any encrypted passwords, IM conversations, typed text, visited websites, launched applications and even email. Any person who uses your computer will be monitored instantly and the logs is encrypted so that only you can check them up at any time.

If you want to monitor your own computer, secure the online safety of your kids, track cheating partners, then an invisible keylogger that has stealth eyes will make it easily.