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From today (Sep 22,2017), you can get free iSafe All in One Keylogger license for 3 PCs by sharing iSafe All in One Keylogger to the social networks or get 1 or more  licenses by adding backlinks for us. For the detailed guidelines, please see below.

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keylogger free download for hack facebook

If you’re looking for a freeware keylogger, you may have to give up some of those extra features. Most of the time, freeware keylogger means it’s easily caught by antivirus. However, there are a lot of good freeware keylogger, such as Micro Keylogger, out there that do a perfect job of recording keystrokes, desktop capturing, reports delivering and remaining hidden in the background. The freeware keylogger also offers password protection and encrypted log files. If you can enjoy a free trial instead of paying bucks for it, there’s no reason that you couldn’t get by download freeware keylogger.

Easy Parental Control Software Solutions

iSafe Keylogger is the best parental control software on the market, it use very simple. According to your need, you can browse our website and download a free copy for your own evaluation.

Visited URLs logs – know your kids accessed the dangerous  network station or the individual web site, the programs they used.
Blocking certain keywords – Block searches on adult words or phrases. Let your kids away from downloading illegal music, video files or installing inappropriate software.
Chat monitoring reports – see the complete dialog of your child’s chat conversations on facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.
Real Time Alerts – receive e-mail alerts when suspect words or phrases are sent or received in a chat conversation, i.e. sex, guns, drugs, suicide, drinking and more.

Predator alerts – be alerted to and see predator around you, i.e. Spyware, malicious and infected sites, phishing attacks (identity theft) are identified and blocked before the content is downloaded to your PC.

To prevent children addicted to the Internet, you also can set-up one-time use passwords to override time, limits for heavy homework sessions.