Online safety guide for children from Google

We are developing programs to monitor user activity of home (Employee monitoring software) and office (Employee Monitor) computers, as well as to control usage of your children’s computer (iSafe Keylogger).


According to a research conducted by the Internet Development Fund, children in Europe and the NIS states usually know more about the Internet than their parents do.

From the one hand, this is a positive and logical thing. From the other hand – we don’t really know how children understand the basics of online security. Regular incidents involving Internet fraud and harassment prove that the problem is very real and the level of online threat awareness among teenagers is very low.

You can try to shield your kids from such threats in many ways, but you must be ready to face the fact that an Internet-savvy teenager won’t have any problems finding a workaround. And that is why you, as a parent, will have to explain the basics of online security to them.

Google has published a guide for parents and teachers that explains how online dangers can be avoided and how the rules of online conduct can be efficiently communicated to minors. All of these materials have been published as “Family Safety Center”.

The guide contains articles written by Google and other companies working on the problems of online security for children.

However, we should not forget than no technology, even the most advanced one, will ever be able to replace parental control and proper upbringing.

Windows 8 facebook keystroke logger

iSafeSoft develops and supports Internet monitoring software for home users, business, education, and government. SpectorSoft Internet monitoring software will record web sites, keystrokes, emails, chats, instant messages, Facebook activity, MySpace activity, snapshots and much more.

Have you ever heard about keyloggers? It is programs that capture a computer user’s keystrokes, most often surreptitiously. A iSafe Keylogger can track and record keystrokes, clipboard activity, and Net surfing on individual PCs or networks( with administrative access ), and users will not be able to see it or kill it. When you use it to monitor someone else’s computer use please mind the ethical and potential legal issues. Of course, if you use it to learn about what your kids are doing on your family PCs, then it is a powerful control tool.

iSafe Keylogger’s user interface is simple but smart as it packed with controls and features like a built-in calendar for quick reports, Startup and Invisibility settings, and Used Tools, which contains check boxes for selecting keystroke logging, clipboard scans, and Web navigation monitoring. With the user interface, you can set the program to start in hidden mode, and hide it in the Start Menu and Uninstall list, set Hidden Mode hot keys, and uninstall the program. The log report contains the logging time, window, browser, user name and keystrokes. You can also generate a report of any day’s activities simply by selecting the date in the scrolling calendar and clicking either Keystrokes & Clipboard or Visited Websites. And it is important feature since iSafe Keylogger is used covertly.

How to catch a cheating spouse by keystroke logger

How to catch a cheating spouse by keystroke recorder ?

Most of you, me included, will be a bit ashamed of sharing details and evidence about your cheating spouse. Even a professional private investigator is helpful sometimes, you may be prefer to catch the cheater by yourself. Then do you know how to catch a cheating spouse?

There are various programs which will be helpful.

In this method we will use keyloggers, and other various programs. This will be a work in progress, so if you have any programs that you would like to share and think it will help out someone that is doubtful of their spouse’s loyalty, please contact me at my email. If you haven’t already read the “How to catch a cheating husband – private investigator” page, I recommend you do, if you don’t want to take part on gathering evidence yourself and would prefer a different method to catch your cheating spouse.


First gadget we have to help catch a cheating spouse, which requires absolutely no computer know-how, is a keylogger. For those of you who are as technically illiterate as I am, this is THE perfect tool to help you spy on and catch your spouse cheating on the computer.
Basically it is a small piece of hardware that you attach to your computer, and it records all the keystrokes on its memory. It is undetectable. You just have to make sure that you attach the keylogger when no one is around the house.


Remote installation deployment keylogger free download

    The Best Remote Installation Keylogger for Windows – easy to use stealth solution for PC and Internet surveillance. Discover the Truth now!

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If you want to know what your buddy or co-workers are doing online? Or if you want to check up on your children or spouse and know what they are doing on the computer? Then the iSafe Key-logger will deal with it in few minutes! The program runs on the installed computer in secret, and logs everything that is typed in a protected file.

iSafe Keylogger is a new generation keylogger which is virtually undetectable. It was an ideal alternative to extraordinary expensive commercial products like Spector Keylogger or E-Blaster. The function is similar and it is significantly easier to use. The complex internal mechanisms are hidden from the user, and the interface is friendly. After you install the software you will use it immediately and none of its settings will be changed.

iSafe Keylogger is a popular among the users, translated into 20+ languages. It can record all keystrokes, the time they were made and the application where they were launched. It works in the absolutely stealth mode which means that no button or icon is present in the Task Bar, and no process title is visible in the Task Manager list.

Also, iSafe Keylogger can monitor visual surveillance. It periodically makes screenshots in invisible mode and stores the compressed images on the disk so you can review them later.

And more exciting news is that iSafe Keylogger has unique remote installation feature. With this unique feature you will create a preconfigured package for instant and stealth installation on the target computer. You can also rename all keylogger’s executable files and registry entries using one keyword with the Smart Rename feature.

Advanced Keyword Detection and Notification is one of the most powerful features. The keylogger will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs and web pages for the words or phrases which you want to check up. The words or phrases – for example, “sex”, “porno”, “where do you live”, “are your parents home”, “is your wife sleeping”,“I hate my boss” – may be the most wanted. When a keyword is detected, iSafe Keylogger makes screenshot and logs the file in secret waiting for you to review.

iSafe Keylogger will be the first keylogging software solution which can be absolutely invisible in Window 8/Windows 7/Vist/XP Task Manager! Now the full Windows 64 bit version is available for using – most of the competition products does not have the feature.

The stored log file is easy to view, displaying the title of the window(for instant, title:”John (Online) – Message Session” in ICQ), the date and time of the action and the contents of the typed matter itself.

iSafe Keylogger does not send any information to your company. Only the log files will be received. Absolute privacy, high quality product and technical support account for the popularity of our software.

Once purchase, all updates are free. For instance, users who pay for the first version in 2002, now can get the advanced latest version for free! That means you will always have the most modern spy software!

You will have to aware that such kind of software is complex, and only 2-3 products on the market, including this, have a good quality to use them effectively. Do not use a cheap or a free spy software which will get important data leaks or the system crashes! We have the responsibility to keep your system safety with our product.

iSafe Key-logger offers customers three versions: full version, full version remote edition and basic edition. You will find perfect solution from our products.

FREE keystroke logger & activity monitor for Win Mac

Do you know what your Kids are doing online?

iSafe key-logger collects user activity journal on the computer or mobile phone and creates detailed analysis of the user activity available online.

  • Shows you how much your Kid is working on the PC or Mac
  • Creates the list of most used web sites
  • Records the text typed on the keyboard in any Windows or Mac application
  • Monitors your Kid’s activity on the phone
  • Displays the most used contacts on the phone
  • Online employee monitoring solution

Web history

Works for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on and monitors Web Browser and log in secret all visited web sites.

Working hours/ Idle hours

Allows you to know the actual time that your Kids spent working spent working on the PC or Mobile phone, and only activity periods will be included.

Multiple user monitoring

You can define just a single user account which will monitor all users in Windows or Mac.

Plugged/unplugged hardware

Log all USB flash drives, external HDD’s and other devices names connected to PC. Detect used devices, removable CD/DVD.

Record keystrokes

iSafe keylogger will record not only all keystrokes, texts and passwords typed on the keyboard but also record the text copied into the clipboard.

Make screenshots

Periodically captures computer screen and uploads screenshots to asserted email or your account. When user types a keystroke that includes a keyword for Windows and Mac OS the current screenshot will be made.

Record voices

Allows to record voices and sounds around the computer. All audio data will be written in MP3 format easy to listen with most media player. When a voice is detected the software will start to record immediately.


Tracks launched applications on the target computer. You can also prevent use of unsuitable software with it. Protect your computer from malware by user monitoring.

Log used files and folders

Records the names of folders which user opens or creates.

Chat monitoring

Records any types of video conversations. IM now you can see upcoming and outgoing messages: Skype, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, IMS Messenger etc.

E-mail reports

You may schedule email reports from each computer.

Windows and Mac

You may use iSafe keylogger for Mac and other platforms.