iSafe All in One Keylogger User Review

iSafe All in One Keylogger is a program developed by iSafe Software Ltd to log and monitor all activities in a PC,both online and offline.The program is ideal for parental control and company employee monitoring.It is capable of recording keystrokes,websites visited,email sent and received and tracking applications launched and used.

Basically,many keyloggers have similar features such as invisible mode,keystroke recording,email activities logging and so on. However, iSafe All in One Keylogger has very different features.Here allow me to describe its special features that usually other keyloggers don’t have.

First,the program size is small,only 5MB.Thus it works very fast,simple as it is,yet powerful.

Second,the main interface of the program is user-friendly.Users can easily check the logs of websites,emails,applications and others. Access to any function is clear and easy.

Third,enhanced social networks monitoring,this feature is very well received.It is designed to monitor activities of twitter,facebook, myspace and so forth.

Fourth,microphone logging,few keyloggers have this function.It is capable of recording what the computer user said through the microphone and save as wav format files to local disk in an encrypted way. So a person can check this later.

Five,smart sense capture,this feature is unique. No doubt that many keyloggers can capture screenshots of the computer with a specified time interval. But this may miss important capture of the screen.With isafe All in One Keylogger, one can set “sensitive keywords” such as sex or bank account.Whenever these keywords are triggered,a screenshot will be taken regardless of the time interval. Afterwards,people can check the captured images with ease.This is especially useful for parental protection to the kids in respect of online safety.

Apart from above,iSafe All in One Keylogger can run outside the anti-virus software in a real sense.Even the Spector Pro fails to do it now.

What are the disadvantage of iSafe All in One Keylogger? The answer is it can not monitor instant messengers chat conversation. A person has to get this from keystrokes together with screenshots captured. Actually, this is not convenient enough. At the same time, iSafe All in One Keylogger is only a monitoring tool without any control features such as websites blocking.

When you want to buy iSafe All in One Keylogger, please be advised to read this article.

Password Keylogger

iSafe All in one keylogger can recover your lost password!

The Internet is a very useful resource for every family, as there is so much available and the cost is so little, that a child really would be disadvantaged by not having access. However, we all know it can also be a dangerous place if your children are naive enough to give out personal information like where they live. It can also expose them to material of a graphic nature too. These are the risks for using an otherwise extremely essential tool for schooling and socializing with their family and friends. The answer truly is not to remove all computers from the house, but parents need to take a more hands on approach.

One such approach is using a keylogger. Such keyloggers can even avail you the parent with encrypted passwords to investigate any website account the child belongs to. These keyloggers can be run in stealth mode, so the kids never even know it is running silently in the background. This type of software is an essential parental control tool.

By having the ability to see all conversations the child is having and who they are talking to, you can get a handle on your kids activity and intervene if necessary. Many keyloggers simply print the keystrokes on the keyboard of the computer being used, which is ok, but seeing the conversation of the other side, from a possible stranger or predator, it is vital to get that side of the conversation too. This is why not all password keyloggers are ideal for the protection of the family. But there are some that make this possible too.

Best Windows7 Keylogger For Windows 7 Platform Free Download

As the windows 7 is a new operating system and it is more secure than the older windows system which makes the keyloggers hard to run on it. So you may experience fail whilst you attend to look for keylogger for Windows 7. It is too hard to develop them which can perform well on the new OS, so the choices for Windows 7 keylogger is little to choose. But there are still some that can make this possible too.

With the Windows 7 becomes more and more popular, the customers of it intend to find a signified keylogger that can run on it to help parents secure safety of family online, monitor computer and employees.

So it is the biggest thing for the new system users who urgently need a ingenious keylogger compatible for Microsoft Window 7 that iSafe Keylogger have developed the distinct Windows 7 Keylogger – iSafe Keylogger.

You may find out that there are lots of so called Windows 7 keyloggers but majority of them are not even work under the Windows 7 platform. But if you tried our iSafe Windows 7 Keylogger, you will have to admit that it is the best Windows 7 Keylogger you have used.

iSafe Keylogger for Windows 7 can run itself automatically when hidden in the background even without users’ awareness. You will check logs up via email or FTP which track activities of all computer users. It can log encrypted passwords typed in any browsers and applications, each keystroke typed on any applications, websites browsed from IE/Firefox/Google Chrome, launched applications, download files, IM chat conversations, and can capture desktop screenshots periodically.

As a complex keylogger for Windows 7 for Activity Recording, Content filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control, iSafe Keylogger is recognized by tons of users that our software is the best undectable Windows 7 keylogger which allows you to keep tracking of what is happening on your computer.


Simple keylogger

Simple keylogger is developed for people who have little computer tech, which will record key hits only by users while using the computer. Keylogger is a solution of capturing and recording users’ keystrokes which keeps track of every key that is entered into your computer. The reasons why you might want to install a Simple Keylogger onto your devices you own are might to keep tab on your children or employees, to see if anyone is using your computer that shouldn’t be.

Simple but Effective Keylogger

With the purpose of monitoring computer easier, Simple Keylogger focusses it’s attention on catching things that should not be going on while people using the computers by recording keystrokes typed, passwords typed, websites browsed, chat conversations and desktop screenshots with less time of installation and configuration easier.

Simple Keylogger is Easy-to-use

The concise, intuitional and user-friendly interface makes the installation more easily, and no computer expert knowledge being needed. Installation will be finished in just two minutes by following the tips. All common configurations are set automatically and what you should to do is to enter your email to offering the address the logs be send to by Simple keylogger. Then hide the software and wait to check your emails.

Simple keylogger runs invisibly

The Simple Keylogger working in the background takes up very little in the way of system resources. Simple keylogger is working in secret mode protected by a hot key and a password you set. Other users on your computer are not authorized to detect or open keylogger window or change any settings unless he or she have the password. A best Simple keylogger have the features of installing easily and discovered hard by computer savvy users.

Simple keylogger automatically sends log reports

Simple Keylogger provides simple but flexible ways to view the log reports for parents and employers. Users have variable ways to check the reports ,such as checking logs by opening the keylogger to read the log reports, view logs remotely be emails that you entered while installation, in this way users will realize the help of a simple keylogger easily.

Most of the people will monitor users on the computer hard. Simple Keylogger will enable you to consistently remain in awareness of the computer usage of your children and employees easily either in your home or working places.