keystroke recorder to protect kids online safe

If you worry about your kids’ safety while they are searching on the Internet then you should monitor their activities. Those evil “hackers” that everyone talks about are really just kids in most cases. In our real life, they do not need to have any special knowledge to start illegal activities. You are offered lots of hacker groups to join in. when you are equipped a few tools and read a few docs, you will be able to steal passwords and credit card info from imprudent Internet users. So it is your responsibility to protect your kids from doing the preceding things on the Internet since the Internet is a virtual world for most people, and also you should protect yourself.

We will recommend you a efficient way to keep your kids from such illegal things by installing iSafe keylogger (keystroke logger/keystroke recorder)on your kids’ PC. It runs in a secret mode so it is invisible for kids, and only the specified secret key is hit by you then it showed on the desk, and it cannot be seen with the Windows Task manager or other protect software.

The program logs all keystrokes (Keystroke Logging) along with the name of the application in which the keystrokes were entered. it also records the window captions and all URLs visited with a web browser. With the logs you will be able to review all the activities whilst your kids using the PC, such as you maybe interest in the text editor, e-mail client or an on-line text control on a web page. The pages they had visited in a web browser and their passwords for all their on-line accounts are logged too. And what amazing feature is that you can turn on automatic screenshot to capture screen periodically for easier monitoring.

You will be informed the logs by anyways you like, such as you can review the logs locally or you can visit them via the FTP or email.

iSafe keylogger can also useful for you as it can log all your login info, texts that you’ve typed, and the content of your Windows Clipboard which allows you to easily restore any of these if needed once it is installed on your own PC .So it is powerful.

facebook keylogger record facebook password with keylogger facebook chats facebook profile keylogger

Do you want to find the approach to get into your children’s Facebook without their knowing? Do you want to get their Facebook passwords and find out what they are doing?

Signing on Facebook, MySpace and other social networks is the most popular pastime for teens and 20 somethings. Due to the existence of some criminals, network of potentially dangerous everywhere, but your college kid or young adult may never have thought about. For example: loss of privacy, sex assault, reactionary information, facebook addiction and so on. To protect our teens from troubles, Facebook parental control is urgently required. In this case, a Facebook keylogger will satisfy parents and help them.

Facebook keylogger will:

  • Track all keystroke activity in Facebook, log passwords and capture screenshots.
  • Record Facebook chat conversations by timeline.
  • Record Facebook profile visits with website recording.
  • Delivery facebook keystroke logs, screenshots and website logs to a preset email address.
  • Work invisibly in the background, which will not be detected.

Due to so many facebook keyloggers available online, it’s hard to choose a proper keylogger for Facebook. iSafe Facebook keylogger records Facobook passwords and is aimed at offering parents the best service of Facebook keylogger. iSafe Facebook keylogger is highly recommended as the Facebook keylogger to monitor and protect your teens on Facebook.

facebook keylogger record facebook password with keylogger facebook chats facebook profile keylogger

Do you want to find the approach to get into your children’s Facebook without their knowing? Do you want to get their Facebook passwords and find out what they are doing?

Signing on Facebook, MySpace and other social networks is the most popular pastime for teens and 20 somethings. Due to the existence of some criminals, network of potentially dangerous everywhere, but your college kid or young adult may never have thought about. For example: loss of privacy, sex assault, reactionary information, Facebook addiction and so on. To let our teens away from the dangerous, the software that the parents can control is urgently required. Because of it, a Facebook keylogger will satisfy parents and help them.

Facebook keylogger will:

  • The software work invisibly in the background, others can not find it.
  • Record all keystroke activity in Facebook.
  • Log passwords and capture screenshots.
  • Log your teen’s Facebook chat conversations in time.
  • Log Facebook webpage access records.
  • Sent Facebook keystroke logs, screenshots and website logs to you a predetermined set of email address.

There is a lots of  Facebook keyloggers online sales, you don’t know how to chose. iSafe Facebook keylogger logs Facobook passwords, records all keystroke activity, record chat conversation, record profile visits with website recording and so on. According to the need of parents, it offers the best service for them. iSafe Facebook keylogger is highly recommended as the Facebook keylogger to  protect your children away from the dangerous on Facebook.

Keyboard Recorder for Mac OS Lion

A keyboard recorder is a tiny scale computer monitoring software that records each keystroke, website, email, IM conversations, and screenshot, which is called keylogger as well. A keyboard recorder tracks every activity that has been executed on a computer system.

Here is the connection between a keyboard recorder and our Internet life:

Keyboard Recorder for Family Computer

The Internet provides kids with various kinds of information and children will unlimited access to it, so it is unavoidable that parents find out serious consequences after that. Investigation says that numbers of kids are lured out of home by vicious people every year. So it is not superfluous to keep an eye on their activities on the Internet with a keyboard recorder. A high performance keyboard recorder will help family avoid the happening of this kind of thing efficiently. You can also rely on to spy on your family computer for any unauthorized access, such as downloading illegal software or music.

Since it can spy on kids’ activity efficiently, it can also spy on your spouse with the same mechanism. Keyboard recorder is a powerful control tool especially when you hang the doubt that you spouse is cheating. The software will get you enough evidences assembled from their activities. Chats conversations, emails, websites browsed, for instance.

Keyboard Recorder for Company Computer

It is extreme necessary for you to install a kind of keyboard recorder software if you are in charge a big scale company which may has many employees and all of them use computers. Of course the software is used for track the activities of the employees so you can check up what they are paying attention to and doing during working hours. So install keyboard recorder and let them know they are monitored then there will no employee slack at the office by playing games and applying the Internet for their own purposes. Thus high productivity can be ensured.

Keyboard recorder can run in secret so you can spy on the computer silently. It is easy-to-use as it has user-friendly windows. Easy configuration, quick installation, and master password protection, make it hard for anyone to detect it. All of this guarantees that nobody can circumvent this program with your permission.

Keyboard recorder records the user’s keystrokes so that you can view all visited websites, chats and emails. You can also spy on those who use your computer without their notices.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Protect your company’s assets with employee monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software records and monitors your employee’s activities and provides you on-site and remote access to employee’s logs and computer screens in real time. About computer monitoring software. 

Thanks to your products, our employees spend less time chatting and more time working. Employee Monitor helps us keep confidential information inside the company.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    D. Ward

Can Employee Monitoring Benefit Your Company? 

Have you ever suspected your employee’s productivity is lacking? You may find out some of your employees using their computer resources and internet connection solely for your business. And you may also find that they work less hard than they do when you are watching over their shoulders. If you are encountering these conditions then you should consider installing a surveillance system to address the problem.

Look no further! iSafe Employee Monitoring Software records and monitors your employee’s activities and provides you no-site and remote access to employee’s logs and computer screens in real time. The software solution will be installed in just few minutes, and does not require other extra hardware but a normal computer. And it will configure itself automatically.

Improve Employee Productivity

Statistics show that surveillance disciplines employees and improves their productivity. Employees will perform better when they are being monitored or even when they think they may be monitored. iSafe Employee Monitoring Software will help you accomplish the aim easily through constantly monitoring your employee’s computers.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Under constant control with real-time feedback from their supervisor, employees will perform better. iSafe software will record all keystrokes and save screenshots for future analysis. And what is important feature is a certain level of interaction and feedback, which may be good for tightening discipline and improving performance.

iSafe Employee Monitoring Software allows managers and supervisors to monitor multiple employees remotely in real time.

Capture the action and see what your staffs are doing while they are still doing it, and provide immediate feedback on their activities which makes it no need to leave a comfortable executive chair so as to check each employee’s PC for unauthorized activities.

Save Screens and Keystrokes

Hard evidences, for instance, lists of web sites browsed, chat logs and other things typed by employees are vital in decreasing the possibilities of security leakage and notifying disloyal employees.

iSafe Employee Monitoring Software is completely invisible to your employees

It runs in secret and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee’s computers. The product captures each keystroke, makes periodic screenshot, logs programs that are launched or killed, and records all web sites browsed. You will check up the logs on-site or remotely.

iSafe Employee Computer Monitoring Software is easy to configure to alert you about certain events via e-mail or by uploading to an FTP server. It also allows preset trigger phrases or words with smart templates which will be helpful for maximum security or minimal intrusion.


ISafe Employee Monitoring Software is a powerful tool to prevent your company from security breaches and improve employee productivity. Download the free evaluation version for trail and make your employees aware of it, and the bottom line will be improved quickly!