Online safety guide for children from Google

We are developing programs to monitor user activity of home (Employee monitoring software) and office (Employee Monitor) computers, as well as to control usage of your children’s computer (iSafe Keylogger).


According to a research conducted by the Internet Development Fund, children in Europe and the NIS states usually know more about the Internet than their parents do.

From the one hand, this is a positive and logical thing. From the other hand – we don’t really know how children understand the basics of online security. Regular incidents involving Internet fraud and harassment prove that the problem is very real and the level of online threat awareness among teenagers is very low.

You can try to shield your kids from such threats in many ways, but you must be ready to face the fact that an Internet-savvy teenager won’t have any problems finding a workaround. And that is why you, as a parent, will have to explain the basics of online security to them.

Google has published a guide for parents and teachers that explains how online dangers can be avoided and how the rules of online conduct can be efficiently communicated to minors. All of these materials have been published as “Family Safety Center”.

The guide contains articles written by Google and other companies working on the problems of online security for children.

However, we should not forget than no technology, even the most advanced one, will ever be able to replace parental control and proper upbringing.

Free Keylogger | Spy Key Logger Download

Free Keylogger is invisible spy keystroke logger. It is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage.

It intercepts everything that is typed on keyboard (including passwords, emails, chats, documents etc), monitors clipboard changes and all internet navigation. Then collects all information to secret reports on a hard drive, so you can view it later. This program is invisible for everyone except you. Just press special hot key to unhide it.

Do you have children? With Free Keylogger, you can protect them from dangerous contacts. You can read their online chatting and emails. Also, you can monitor visited websites. And don’t hesitate! You have the right to know, because YOU ARE A PARENT.

Does your girl cheat on you? Do you know that 40 million people visit dating sites each month? It’s fact. The flirt is a part of our life, but a VIRTUAL flirt breaks moral scopes and gives a “fast sex” in result. Free Keylogger will help you find out whether or not your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband is cheating on you when you are away.

Are you a boss? Do all your employees use their computer resources and Internet connection solely for your business? Do they work as hard when you are away as they do when you are watching over their shoulders? Do you suspect your employee’s productivity is lacking? Free Keylogger can help. Just install it on their computers and you can view spy reports anytime via LAN. Just open the  on their PCs. Of course, you must have administrative privilegies on this network.

Lost typing? How many times did you lost important data typed in text editor, when your computer suddenly freezed and application aborted for no good reason? With Free Keylogger running, you will be able to regain the text you have typed during the day!

Free Keylogger is most powerful free spy software in the world. Grab passwords, record emails, chats, keystrokes. Monitor web navigation. Download spy key logger right now. It is free!

Freeware keylogger download

Freeware keylogger download

Have you got the idea that some of the freeware keylogger is easily caught by antivirus since they gave up some of extra features. But there still are a lot of good ones for you, i.e. iSafe Keylogger. This kind of keylogger is famous for it’s good performance in recording keystrokes, desktop capturing, reports delivering and remaining hidden in the background. It is also powerful in offering password protection and encrypted log files. So it is a powerful tool. Instead of paying bucks for it, you can download freeware keylogger now from our sites.

Why do you need a freeware keylogger?

With freeware keylogger you can get a fresh view about your computer that you have never saw before. And it is a helpful tool for you to take full control of your PC. When you are busy, the software will record what happened in your computer. When it runs in secret mode, it will be invisible on the operating system and nobody can view the files gathered except you type the passwords to reset it. Freeware keylogger is also a perfect appliance for home computer monitoring and spying on kids when they are online.

Actually, freeware keylogger helps a lot of spouses to catch their cheating partners who might have an affair. Freeware keylogger can also allow you to find out partner’s activity while using your computer if you are not around. Freeware Keylogger can invisibly logs every keystrokes typed in emails, chats, websites and password. So it is a cool tool in busting a cheating spouse.

Freeware Keylogger will gather the information in a concise and easy to read way. Besides, it saves your time and hassle recovered from accidental data loss or damaged. You will recover the keystrokes you typed days or weeks ago. So you can ease your mind in case you have forgotten the passwords as freeware keylogger will log them faithfully.


free keystroke recorder

Do you want to prevent your family from Internet predator? Or do you want to know what exactly is done on your PC whilst you are absence?

Have you worried about that your kids take secret chat conversations with adult strangers, and surf to adult sites, or you are curious about what your children are doing on their computer since there are more and more scary news being read on today’s newspaper.

Every day, 60,000 pedophiles look for children in the Internet in order to establish trust based friendships that will eventually lead to face to face encounters.

Have you doubted about what your employees are doing while you are not watching them?

Do you want to exactly know that who are the guys that spend corporate bandwidth and time on surfing, chatting and playing online games instead of work they are paid for?

With ISafe free keystroke recorder you can read their char conversations, look at their e-mails and even watch the sites that they had browsed.

With the help of ISafe free keystroke recorder, you can monitoring everything ( even you can kill certain programs ).

ISafe free keystroke recorder allows you to register all keystrokes typed including language-specific characters, talk and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clipboard information, microphone sounds, screenshots capturing, desktop and Internet activity.

The program can be launched automatically while the system starts and when it runs in secret it is completely invisible. And it will not be shown in the Task Manager, Task Bar, System Tray, MSConfig, Uninstall list and start menu. And all the logs that it records will be encrypted.

ISafe free keystroke recorder unprecedented performance while the price is affordable.

Our tools is powerful and with many advanced features, you can take advantage of new Keystroke logging (recorder) technology without wasting large sums of money.

KeyStroke Logger Download Free KeyLogger

New features of iSafe keystroke recorder 2012:

  • Keyboard Monitoring

Keystroke recorder

iSafe Keystroke Recorder will record all keystrokes typed, staying completely undetectable to users! iSafe Keylogger lets you know what was typed (passwords, logins, addresses, names), in which applications, and who typed it.

Password tracker

iSafe Keystroke Recorder offers low-core keyboard monitoring with its kernel driver. This helps you capture Windows logon password and all other typed passwords as well!

Clipboard monitor

Most users copy and paste logins and passwords instead of typing them manually. iSafe Keystroke Recorder will record text copied to the Clipboard as well! iSafe Keylogger also grabs clipboard graphics.

  • Applications Activity

Secretly take screenshots

iSafe Keystroke Recorder regularly takes screenshots of the Desktop and applications running, like an automatic surveillance camera hidden from all users!

Record applications launched

iSafe Keystroke Recorder records all applications launched and the text anyone typed there. You will know the exact time, date, path, window caption and other parameters of the programs launched on your PC.

Track printed documents

iSafe Keystroke Logger records all documents being printed from the monitored computer. Don’t let your employees spend your corporate resources on unnecessary personal prints.

  • Internet Monitoring
  • Record websites visited by all users
  • iSafe Keylogger, the best keylogger on the Internet, records all visited website URLs and adds timestamps to every entry in the log. No matter which Internet browser is used, iSafe Keylogger monitors every website accessed from your computer.
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Invisible to anti-virus software