Legal or illegal to use keylogger software?

What’s keylogger software?

It’s known as  a kind of monitoring software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, websites visited, chat conversations, applications used, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Not only a few keylogger software does have  monitoring feature but also control such as websites blocking, instant messengers disabled, internet content filtering or USB or printer disable to outside management team(iSafe keylogger software has this skills).

Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are any laws regarding when they use Keystroke logger software, and is keylogger software legal or illegal?

I have consulted lawyers in many countries and reached the conclusion-Absolute legal,no any problem.

Keylogger software itself  is always legal.Just as money, the love for money is root of all evils  and people committed crimes because of money,right ? No, it is because their own mind and thought. Money is faultless.You can not say to use money is illegal, and it depends on how you use it. Same as keylogger software, it is legal to use, on the premise that:


  1. You are given administrator password to the device or you own the property of that device.
  2. Install keylogger software on the computers you own. Hint others of the keylogger software installed if they use your computer.
  3. It is completely legal manner that parents using keylogger software to monitor children’s online activity to make sure they don’t visit pornographic web sites or don’t make any dubious acquaintances.parental-control-necessary
  4. Employers keeping tracking employees’computer activities may be controversial. Notify them of the fact that they are being monitored, and what is being monitored, it will be perfectly legal.employee monitoring
  5. Police guard force can use keylogger software in assistance of their case cracking.
  6. To catch a suspected cheating spouse, for this issue, it is controversial. Remember, just get proof, do not use to commit crime.
 keylogger software use
The main purpose, or rather usefulness,for the install of keylogger software is to learn and improve.


Refog Keylogger and iSafe Keylogger Comparison Review


Refog Keylogger is never a nice keylogger software and iSafe all in one keylogger had already surpassed it many years ago.

I saw many reviews about Refog keylogger from my opinion, none of these reivews is right and fair. Refog keylogger is not a useful nor helpful keylogger,which is simply a common keystroke recorder.

“Refog Keylogger is a powerful keylogger from Refog Software. Besides keystroke recording, it also include integrated features of screen shot capturing, email intercepting and website logging. Refog Keylogger has flexible advanced settings, both for computer savvy and novices”

Yes it is right above.But these are all common features that keyloggers have. Likewise, iSafe all in one keylogger has more than this.

” Refog keylogger is a powerful parental control software,which can be used to protect kids online, filter their internet content or start websites blocking.”

This is totally wrong, Refog keylogger is just a keystroke recorder,which can only record computer and internet activities,without any control features such as websites blocking,internet filtering, anti-porn and so on.

” Refog keylogger can capture instant messengers chat conversation and send it to your email”

To some degree,this review is right. But worth of mention is that it just captures one side chat,not both side,this is unaccetable to all users. Only one side chat will be awfully discouraging, the recording function being spoilt.

” Refog keylogger is perfectly compatible for windows xp,visita and windows 7.”

Right saying,but, Refog Keylogger fails to support 64 bit system.You know 64 bit system is more and more popular,software on which is running a lot more secure and nicely.

As well, Refog Keylogger has no file activity logging service.

Last, Refog Keylogger is much more expensive than iSafe All in Onekeylogger while in usability and services lag far behind.


But for iSafe All in One Keylogger, absolutely no above problem!  Its powerful features listed as follow,too numerous to mention one by one:

Keystroke recorder
Password tracker
Clipboard monitor

Secretly take screenshots
Record applications launched
Track printed documents

Record websites visited by all users
Instant messenger & chat sniffer(complete converssation)
Monitor emails sent & received

Invisible to anti-virus software
Invisible to other users
Rest assured with custom and special recompiled builds
60-day money back guarantee,instead of 30 day

Get logs delivered to your email
Collect remote logs via FTP or network
Secretly grab recorded logs using a USB drive
remotely installed on any PC without any physical access to it
No Pop-ups
Inactivity Detection
Configurable Nag Screen
Automatic Uninstallation
Keyword Access

Parental control
websites blocking and internet filtering
kids online time control

LAN monitoring in one PC for ALL PCs


Online safety guide for children from Google

We are developing programs to monitor user activity of home (Employee monitoring software) and office (Employee Monitor) computers, as well as to control usage of your children’s computer (iSafe Keylogger).


According to a research conducted by the Internet Development Fund, children in Europe and the NIS states usually know more about the Internet than their parents do.

From the one hand, this is a positive and logical thing. From the other hand – we don’t really know how children understand the basics of online security. Regular incidents involving Internet fraud and harassment prove that the problem is very real and the level of online threat awareness among teenagers is very low.

You can try to shield your kids from such threats in many ways, but you must be ready to face the fact that an Internet-savvy teenager won’t have any problems finding a workaround. And that is why you, as a parent, will have to explain the basics of online security to them.

Google has published a guide for parents and teachers that explains how online dangers can be avoided and how the rules of online conduct can be efficiently communicated to minors. All of these materials have been published as “Family Safety Center”.

The guide contains articles written by Google and other companies working on the problems of online security for children.

However, we should not forget than no technology, even the most advanced one, will ever be able to replace parental control and proper upbringing.

Windows 8 facebook keystroke logger

iSafeSoft develops and supports Internet monitoring software for home users, business, education, and government. SpectorSoft Internet monitoring software will record web sites, keystrokes, emails, chats, instant messages, Facebook activity, MySpace activity, snapshots and much more.

Have you ever heard about keyloggers? It is programs that capture a computer user’s keystrokes, most often surreptitiously. A iSafe Keylogger can track and record keystrokes, clipboard activity, and Net surfing on individual PCs or networks( with administrative access ), and users will not be able to see it or kill it. When you use it to monitor someone else’s computer use please mind the ethical and potential legal issues. Of course, if you use it to learn about what your kids are doing on your family PCs, then it is a powerful control tool.

iSafe Keylogger’s user interface is simple but smart as it packed with controls and features like a built-in calendar for quick reports, Startup and Invisibility settings, and Used Tools, which contains check boxes for selecting keystroke logging, clipboard scans, and Web navigation monitoring. With the user interface, you can set the program to start in hidden mode, and hide it in the Start Menu and Uninstall list, set Hidden Mode hot keys, and uninstall the program. The log report contains the logging time, window, browser, user name and keystrokes. You can also generate a report of any day’s activities simply by selecting the date in the scrolling calendar and clicking either Keystrokes & Clipboard or Visited Websites. And it is important feature since iSafe Keylogger is used covertly.

Freeware keylogger download

Freeware keylogger download

Have you got the idea that some of the freeware keylogger is easily caught by antivirus since they gave up some of extra features. But there still are a lot of good ones for you, i.e. iSafe Keylogger. This kind of keylogger is famous for it’s good performance in recording keystrokes, desktop capturing, reports delivering and remaining hidden in the background. It is also powerful in offering password protection and encrypted log files. So it is a powerful tool. Instead of paying bucks for it, you can download freeware keylogger now from our sites.

Why do you need a freeware keylogger?

With freeware keylogger you can get a fresh view about your computer that you have never saw before. And it is a helpful tool for you to take full control of your PC. When you are busy, the software will record what happened in your computer. When it runs in secret mode, it will be invisible on the operating system and nobody can view the files gathered except you type the passwords to reset it. Freeware keylogger is also a perfect appliance for home computer monitoring and spying on kids when they are online.

Actually, freeware keylogger helps a lot of spouses to catch their cheating partners who might have an affair. Freeware keylogger can also allow you to find out partner’s activity while using your computer if you are not around. Freeware Keylogger can invisibly logs every keystrokes typed in emails, chats, websites and password. So it is a cool tool in busting a cheating spouse.

Freeware Keylogger will gather the information in a concise and easy to read way. Besides, it saves your time and hassle recovered from accidental data loss or damaged. You will recover the keystrokes you typed days or weeks ago. So you can ease your mind in case you have forgotten the passwords as freeware keylogger will log them faithfully.