Protect Your kids with iSafe Keylogger and Parental Control Software

Busy parents can’t possible monitor their children’s activities all the time, including their kids’ use of the computer and the Internet. But iSafe keylogger can help concerned parents protect their children. iSafesoft’s software serves as a “parental control program”, keeping track of what happens on the family computer and recording the websites your children or other users visit. iSafe keylogger can keep log files of chat sessions as well as the applications and programs users run, and it can take screenshots of websites users visit noting the date and time they were taken.


Most parents trust their children to use the computer and surf the Internet safely, but online predators abound. These criminals lull children into a false sense of security. Internet predators log in to chat rooms, pose as children, and chat with vulnerable kids. As time passes, trusting children can become the victims of fraud and even sexual exploitation by these dangerous adults.


By recording the websites and social networks your children and loved ones visit, iSafe keylogger gives you valuable information you need to protect them from online threats. Those logs help you block their access to unsuitable sites. All this is possible because  iSafe keylogger software runs hidden from the users on your computer, who are unaware it is installed and running.


In addition to iSafe keylogger, you may find other kinds of parental control programs useful too. That software helps you supervise your children’s Internet activity by allowing you to block unwanted content while your kids are using the computer.


Parental control programs can help protect adults too. The programs help adults avoid pornographic and other objectionable content. They also help protect against malware, such as viruses and spyware programs, that can automatically download and install on unprotected computers.


Use any monitoring software intelligently. In particular, iSafe keylogger recommends you disable any keylogger when doing banking or shopping online, since keyloggers record and store passwords, account numbers, and other confidential information. Hackers or others using your computer could potentially access that data later. Guard against that security risk, and always use any monitoring software with care.


Protecting your children and family should be your top priority. You can defend them effectively by installing a keylogger application like  iSafe keylogger in addition to other parental control software.
Be sure to learn all you can about iSafe keylogger spy software and research the features and benefits of other parental control applications.
Remember that being actively involved and interested in your child’s online life is the most important tool you have.

Start Parental Control Without Cost

It is well known that internet has become indispensable part of people’s life.It gives people great convenience to learn knowledge and skill. However, just as a coin has two sides,internet inevitably has its disadvantages,especially to kids.

Almost everyday we hear stories about kids who indulge themselves in internet games.Put aside their school work affected seriously,it is believed that some violent games or other addictive ones have brought kids and teens psychological problems. At the same time,online predator or pedophilia may be looking for next victim in chat rooms or social websites such as Myspace and Facebook,with the frequent use of instant messengers,swindlers have more chances to cheat money and even there are innocent girls deceived to meet strangers.Even without these external risks,kids may encounter accidental dangers such as adult content when surfing internet or search on search engines.Apart from those,a problem existing widely among kids is overly use of the internet.Too many issues to describe,then what we are more concerned is how to deal with this,right?

It is natural responsibility for parents to protect kids online.No doubt that online protection towards kids is definitely necessary.Parental control software does help addressing this problem,but some families can not afford expensive parental protection software.This article therefore tells how to start parental control without cost.

For Windows 7 users,there is a parental control icon in control panel.This can help parents set time limits for kids using the computer,control games by rating,content or title and allow or block programs on the computer. To use this function,it’s best to refer to the guide here (easier to understand than Microsoft guide)

After that,parents can start protection to their kids partially.What if want more detailed control? A good recommendation is Google Family Safety Center which you can use to manage online experience.It enables parents to have SafeSearch,YouTube Safety Mode, and content filtering on Android.Meanwhile,parents can report inappropriate content,learn tips from parents at Google and get advice on family safety issues. More information is at

There is yet another way to implement parental protection,that is,setting up within your router. For most of families,router is the only way which must be passed to access internet.Parents can block unhealthy websites,improper games and control the time of service. It depends on the brand of your router. It is suggested parents read the router instruction or consult the router seller.

As long as parents make full use of these free parental control services,which is a set of whole care to kids in respect of online activities,there is no need to buy parental control software.

Before you decide to buy parental control software,please be advised to read this article.

Dongming Kang would like to answer questions about parental control.If still want to have professional parental control software,please visit

Free parental monitoring software download now

iSafe’s easy-to-use yet powerful computer monitoring features have made it the choice among businesses, government agencies and parents.

Parental Control Software

To protect our children from harmful online content, iSafe offers us a powerful tool for us. With iSafe high-performance parental control software users can: filter websites based on content, keywords or website address; block instant messages when various content or keywords are encountered; set usage-limits on web browser and instant message use; receive email alerts when various events occur; have logs, snapshots sent offsite via email for remote viewing, and much more!

Business Computer Monitoring Software

iSafe is a advanced control software for business and large organizations as well as for parents. iSafe assembles a rich set of computer monitoring tools, and employers can utilize this feature to ensure their employees are using company computer resources wisely. iSafe can guarantee employers high productiveness of their employees, since it can log each keystroke and filter websites which are specified limited whilst work time. In addition, users can monitor several computers from one location and all data is organized according to machine, user and data for easy viewing. And there are also a variety of optional user warning features and selective startup options to satisfy your compliance requirements.

There is no doubt that it is the powerful features that keystroke logging, website activity monitoring, and program & instant message monitoring that makes iSafe is the most widely used computer monitoring software on the modern market!

Easy Parental Control Software Solutions

iSafe Keylogger is the best parental control software on the market, it use very simple. According to your need, you can browse our website and download a free copy for your own evaluation.

Visited URLs logs – know your kids accessed the dangerous  network station or the individual web site, the programs they used.
Blocking certain keywords – Block searches on adult words or phrases. Let your kids away from downloading illegal music, video files or installing inappropriate software.
Chat monitoring reports – see the complete dialog of your child’s chat conversations on facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.
Real Time Alerts – receive e-mail alerts when suspect words or phrases are sent or received in a chat conversation, i.e. sex, guns, drugs, suicide, drinking and more.

Predator alerts – be alerted to and see predator around you, i.e. Spyware, malicious and infected sites, phishing attacks (identity theft) are identified and blocked before the content is downloaded to your PC.

To prevent children addicted to the Internet, you also can set-up one-time use passwords to override time, limits for heavy homework sessions.

Key Capture Key Stroke Logger

Key capture is a kind of keystroke logging software, which is known as keylogger. Key capture software – Keystroke logger records every keystroke typed, even the hidden characters like passwords, chats, website visited, program activities and much more.

With a computer key capture, the task of monitoring and revealing the activity of a specified computer user will be so easy. The computer’s actions will be unveiled breezily which occurs whilst you are not present with the simple installation of a key capture. And it may even capture social networking conversations. All of these can be handled easily in secret while you are having a rest and you will be the only person who knows the undetectable, discreet key capture software – Keystroke logger is present and running on the PC.

Why Key Capture – iSafe Keylogger?

Do you think that you will actually need a key capture software? In fact, the plenty of important reasons below account for how it is necessary to install one.

Key Capture Exposures Cheating Spouse

Have you ever hang a doubt that your spouse is acting a suspicious manner while who is using the computer? Then a key capture will help you to get rid of this situation by revealing why exactly they appear to be so secretive. The reason perhaps related to why they persistently delete their browsing history, or whom they are speaking online. You may get the evidence of spouse’s infidelity which gathered in these circumstances, or alternatively, you are at ease with their online secrets.

Key Capture Ensures Child Safety Online

You may be worried about the safety of your child while they are browsing online as you are a parent. There are so many predators lurking in many areas of the Internet world. And it is easy for your children to make contact with these guys, thus you are in great danger to lose your boys. While a key capture can act to avert any dangers immediately, so it can be a vital piece of parental control software. It will ensure the utmost safety for you and your child.

Key Capture Facilitates Monitoring Employee

If you are an employer then a key capture is a extremely useful tool to promote the productivity and to help you pick up the employees who take advantage of their facilities to partake in Internet activity which they should not be doing in work time, or that they are sharing confidential, work-related information with others online from the honest and hard-working employees. And you know it is impossible that a person can be present at all the day to monitor the detailed activities that occur on the computer. But a key capture can do it easily!