iSafe All in One Keylogger User Review

iSafe All in One Keylogger is a program developed by iSafe Software Ltd to log and monitor all activities in a PC,both online and offline.The program is ideal for parental control and company employee monitoring.It is capable of recording keystrokes,websites visited,email sent and received and tracking applications launched and used.

Basically,many keyloggers have similar features such as invisible mode,keystroke recording,email activities logging and so on. However, iSafe All in One Keylogger has very different features.Here allow me to describe its special features that usually other keyloggers don’t have.

First,the program size is small,only 5MB.Thus it works very fast,simple as it is,yet powerful.

Second,the main interface of the program is user-friendly.Users can easily check the logs of websites,emails,applications and others. Access to any function is clear and easy.

Third,enhanced social networks monitoring,this feature is very well received.It is designed to monitor activities of twitter,facebook, myspace and so forth.

Fourth,microphone logging,few keyloggers have this function.It is capable of recording what the computer user said through the microphone and save as wav format files to local disk in an encrypted way. So a person can check this later.

Five,smart sense capture,this feature is unique. No doubt that many keyloggers can capture screenshots of the computer with a specified time interval. But this may miss important capture of the screen.With isafe All in One Keylogger, one can set “sensitive keywords” such as sex or bank account.Whenever these keywords are triggered,a screenshot will be taken regardless of the time interval. Afterwards,people can check the captured images with ease.This is especially useful for parental protection to the kids in respect of online safety.

Apart from above,iSafe All in One Keylogger can run outside the anti-virus software in a real sense.Even the Spector Pro fails to do it now.

What are the disadvantage of iSafe All in One Keylogger? The answer is it can not monitor instant messengers chat conversation. A person has to get this from keystrokes together with screenshots captured. Actually, this is not convenient enough. At the same time, iSafe All in One Keylogger is only a monitoring tool without any control features such as websites blocking.

When you want to buy iSafe All in One Keylogger, please be advised to read this article.

Significance of Keylogger Monitoring Software

Keylogger is the software developed by Mac that can not only monitor the different applications in use but also the minute keystrokes. This way you can have the effective access to the knowledge about the workings of each employee in different time of day quite easily. Here are some interesting ideas about Keylogger.

Here is the ideal keylogger candidate profile, the person is often

• With computer expertise
• Close seating and shared resources
• User identification and restrictions
• Children’s mismanaging time on Internet

The vast world of internet is like a candy shop for any person having the free access for the first time, or even a mature person in many ways. Similarly the children can be found of the internet and can be chatting rather than working on their home work or projects for what you know. Almost everyone wishes to know how to avoid these sticky situations?

Often the innocent conversations that are ignored or bypassed by the normal procedures tend to carry the deadly information leaks. If your organization is wishing to protect the security of the organization the Keylogger is excellent way to crib the lazy employees with proof and quickly.

The keylogger is a great tool to help in such situations. In simple words this is software which applies different access restrictions for the different users. Unlike the internal restrictions which often get bypasses quite easily this software can work wonders and is simply a dream come true for the worried managers or parents.

The reports generated by the keylogger are matchless, unlike some of the local reports these can be seen in respect of many variables and indicators. The use of chat rooms email, messaging, and even some automatic updates can easily be monitored by the keylogger too.

Invisible Keylogger Stealth Keylogger Software

It is such a powerful tool which can make it so easy to keep track of the activities being performed in one’s computer. Years ago, it is something that a hacker puts in your computer to steal information, and it is increasingly becoming a common tool being installed into most computers for certain purpose. And what is it? It’s invisible keylogger.

Why to use invisible keylogger

An invisible keylogger, called stealth keylogger as well, is a powerful and useful control tool that will provide you with great assistance. It can tell if someone uses you computer whilst you are absent, and if your kids visit unsuitable websites and even mingling with stranger or Internet child predators, and it can also tell if your spouse is disloyal.

How invisible keylogger be stealth

When an invisible keylogger is installed on a computer, you can be kept informed about anything happened on your computer no matter where your location is. Just like its name reads the major function of it is it can keep track of every keystroke performed on the keyboard in a absolutely stealth mode. And that means none of the users will be aware of its existence, and it will not show up on the start menu, in a program list or on any toolbar in order to avoiding being detected while runs in secret. You will be the only person who can access the logs of the invisible keylogger by setting administrative privileges of this program while install it.

What data will invisible keylogger obtain

An invisible keylogger program will send you detailed reports including any encrypted passwords, IM conversations, typed text, visited websites, launched applications and even email. Any person who uses your computer will be monitored instantly and the logs is encrypted so that only you can check them up at any time.

If you want to monitor your own computer, secure the online safety of your kids, track cheating partners, then an invisible keylogger that has stealth eyes will make it easily.

Key Capture Key Stroke Logger

Key capture is a kind of keystroke logging software, which is known as keylogger. Key capture software – Keystroke logger records every keystroke typed, even the hidden characters like passwords, chats, website visited, program activities and much more.

With a computer key capture, the task of monitoring and revealing the activity of a specified computer user will be so easy. The computer’s actions will be unveiled breezily which occurs whilst you are not present with the simple installation of a key capture. And it may even capture social networking conversations. All of these can be handled easily in secret while you are having a rest and you will be the only person who knows the undetectable, discreet key capture software – Keystroke logger is present and running on the PC.

Why Key Capture – iSafe Keylogger?

Do you think that you will actually need a key capture software? In fact, the plenty of important reasons below account for how it is necessary to install one.

Key Capture Exposures Cheating Spouse

Have you ever hang a doubt that your spouse is acting a suspicious manner while who is using the computer? Then a key capture will help you to get rid of this situation by revealing why exactly they appear to be so secretive. The reason perhaps related to why they persistently delete their browsing history, or whom they are speaking online. You may get the evidence of spouse’s infidelity which gathered in these circumstances, or alternatively, you are at ease with their online secrets.

Key Capture Ensures Child Safety Online

You may be worried about the safety of your child while they are browsing online as you are a parent. There are so many predators lurking in many areas of the Internet world. And it is easy for your children to make contact with these guys, thus you are in great danger to lose your boys. While a key capture can act to avert any dangers immediately, so it can be a vital piece of parental control software. It will ensure the utmost safety for you and your child.

Key Capture Facilitates Monitoring Employee

If you are an employer then a key capture is a extremely useful tool to promote the productivity and to help you pick up the employees who take advantage of their facilities to partake in Internet activity which they should not be doing in work time, or that they are sharing confidential, work-related information with others online from the honest and hard-working employees. And you know it is impossible that a person can be present at all the day to monitor the detailed activities that occur on the computer. But a key capture can do it easily!