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As tiny computer spy tools, keylogger are applied more and more common for people in their daily Internet life. Keylogger free download is a piece of monitoring program which has the ability to record keystrokes and passwords, log chat conversations and visited websites, and it can also capture screenshots. So it is a vital parental control tool, a powerful employee monitoring as well as personal computer monitoring application. If you would like to keep an eye on the work status of your employees during office hours, then a keylogger free download is your primary idle selection. The software will help your company to follow the activities of your employees, so that you can take important step against any illegitimate activity before it becomes a threat to the company. It can also assist you to track your kids’ activities on your home computer and prevent your kids from the online predators. If you ever hang a doubt about your spouse’s loyalty, the keylogger free download will also be helpful.

iSafe Personal Monitor

Record PC users’s actions, grab screenshot and keystrokes

I have two teenagers spending most of their time before their computers. I had no clue what they were doing there! Thanks to your child monitor, I feel I am back in control now without them even knowing.

J. Johnson

Concerned About Your Children Safety?

If your kids spend lots of time on the internet, then they will be approached or threatened easily by the strangers. Internet has anonymity which means impunity in the means of molesters. So you should monitor your kids’ actions to violate their anonymity.

iSafe Personal Monitor is designed for extended families, and it goes easily with small families. It allows you to monitor your children’s activities remotely on the internet, you will be alerted about suspicious activities of either your children or guys they chatting with.

Easy To Install and To Use

The monitor does not involve a steep learning curve and can be configured easily automatically, Thus iSafe Personal Monitor can be set up and used easily by anyone. So just download your free trial version and get yourself going!

Remote Monitoring

There’s no need to rush home during the launch hour just to check up the logs, iSafe Personal Monitor offers the necessary degree of interactivity which allows you to monitor your kids’ actions remotely over the email. So you can learn about what your kids are doing just in your office!

Real-Time Alerts

Should you be worried now or later? Simply logging keystrokes and storing screen captures is not enough for constant protection of your family. An immediate action is required to prevent your kids from trouble.

iSafe Personal Monitor is flexible enough to allow you to configure multiple alerts on harmful or offensive keystrokes sent or received on their computer. If a pre-defined event happens on their PC then you will be notified instantly with the real-time alerts.

You can easily set iSafe Personal Monitor to alert you by e-mail. Lots of smart template are available to filter keystrokes that contain pre-defined trigger phrase. 

Save Screen and Key Presses

iSafe Personal Monitor can create a list of all activities you specify it to log. It records web sites browsed, logs or chats and IM conversations as well as other things typed or received by your kids in chats, messengers, blogs, forums and other online and offline applications.

iSafe Personal Monitor saves each keystrokes and every phrase typed, and makes periodic screenshots to better illustrate what was going on at that moment.

Capture Chats and Instant Messengers

Individual keystrokes are of little use while analyzing your kids’ behavior. iSafe Personal Monitor will detect popular chats and instant messengers, and can form clearly legible and readable logs containing chats and instant messenger conversations formatted in a manner that is convenient to read. 

Stealth Operation

The awesome thing iSafe Personal Monitor can do is that it can be completely hidden from your kids’ eyes. It runs in secret and unobtrusively on PC while taking screen shots and recording each key that they press, logging applications that they open and web sites that they browse. You can access these logs easily either locally or remotely at any time.

iSafe Personal Monitor goes great well with all modern Windows OS releases: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®.


Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Protect your company’s assets with employee monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software records and monitors your employee’s activities and provides you on-site and remote access to employee’s logs and computer screens in real time. About computer monitoring software. 

Thanks to your products, our employees spend less time chatting and more time working. Employee Monitor helps us keep confidential information inside the company.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    D. Ward

Can Employee Monitoring Benefit Your Company? 

Have you ever suspected your employee’s productivity is lacking? You may find out some of your employees using their computer resources and internet connection solely for your business. And you may also find that they work less hard than they do when you are watching over their shoulders. If you are encountering these conditions then you should consider installing a surveillance system to address the problem.

Look no further! iSafe Employee Monitoring Software records and monitors your employee’s activities and provides you no-site and remote access to employee’s logs and computer screens in real time. The software solution will be installed in just few minutes, and does not require other extra hardware but a normal computer. And it will configure itself automatically.

Improve Employee Productivity

Statistics show that surveillance disciplines employees and improves their productivity. Employees will perform better when they are being monitored or even when they think they may be monitored. iSafe Employee Monitoring Software will help you accomplish the aim easily through constantly monitoring your employee’s computers.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Under constant control with real-time feedback from their supervisor, employees will perform better. iSafe software will record all keystrokes and save screenshots for future analysis. And what is important feature is a certain level of interaction and feedback, which may be good for tightening discipline and improving performance.

iSafe Employee Monitoring Software allows managers and supervisors to monitor multiple employees remotely in real time.

Capture the action and see what your staffs are doing while they are still doing it, and provide immediate feedback on their activities which makes it no need to leave a comfortable executive chair so as to check each employee’s PC for unauthorized activities.

Save Screens and Keystrokes

Hard evidences, for instance, lists of web sites browsed, chat logs and other things typed by employees are vital in decreasing the possibilities of security leakage and notifying disloyal employees.

iSafe Employee Monitoring Software is completely invisible to your employees

It runs in secret and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee’s computers. The product captures each keystroke, makes periodic screenshot, logs programs that are launched or killed, and records all web sites browsed. You will check up the logs on-site or remotely.

iSafe Employee Computer Monitoring Software is easy to configure to alert you about certain events via e-mail or by uploading to an FTP server. It also allows preset trigger phrases or words with smart templates which will be helpful for maximum security or minimal intrusion.


ISafe Employee Monitoring Software is a powerful tool to prevent your company from security breaches and improve employee productivity. Download the free evaluation version for trail and make your employees aware of it, and the bottom line will be improved quickly!

Free Keylogger Download

iSafe Keylogger Free Trial Download- Free Keylogger Download

iSafe Keylogger is a brand new PC Keylogger Free Trial. You may Download Keylogger Free from the download link below to enjoy the keylogger free trial.

iSafe Keylogger is a professional keylogger which runs hidden in the background and records all keystrokes, websites, screenshots, applications automatically. Download Free Keylogger now and you will be able to use the keylogger free for 7 days.

Family Free Keylogger Download

Download free family keylogger keyboard keystroke recorder PC and internet activity monitoring software keylogger from iSafe keylogger download. Download keylogger free, you can use it as a family keylogger to monitors all activities on the keyboard happened on your home computer. Download free family keylogger to save your family, especially your kids form negative information.

Remote Free Keylogger Download

Download 7 days trial version of  iSafe remote Keylogger free of cost from our website and monitors your PC even when you are far away with any remote computers. iSafe keylogger is a free download remote keylogger, customized for windows keylogger download, featured as invisible keylogger download and remote keylogger download.  iSafe keylogger is 100% safe and free remote keylogger download. Download free remote keylogger to monitor any remote computers from anywhere.

Spy Free Keylogger Download

Download the best free spy keylogger – iSafe Keylogger – for windows 7, 64 bit/32bit system, which is a free invisible keylogger download for Windows XP and free keylogger download for Windows vista system. iSafe keylogger is completely hidden in the system once downloaded installed. Download free spy keylogger to intercepts all keystrokes without being undetected.

Why Choose iSafe Free Keylogger Download?

There are so many alternative free keylogger download choices: ardamax free keylogger download, refog free keylogger download, perfect free keylogger download, elite free keylogger download, free advanced keylogger download and so on.

Why iSafe free keylogger download is optimal?

  • Safe and clean; Intuitive interface; Easy to use
  • No excessive but essential functions
  • Essential features customizable
  • 5-days free trial keylogger download
  • Stands out among free keylogger download in the quality-price ratio

Free Keylogger Download and safeguard your PC Now!

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