keystroke recorder to protect kids online safe

If you worry about your kids’ safety while they are searching on the Internet then you should monitor their activities. Those evil “hackers” that everyone talks about are really just kids in most cases. In our real life, they do not need to have any special knowledge to start illegal activities. You are offered lots of hacker groups to join in. when you are equipped a few tools and read a few docs, you will be able to steal passwords and credit card info from imprudent Internet users. So it is your responsibility to protect your kids from doing the preceding things on the Internet since the Internet is a virtual world for most people, and also you should protect yourself.

We will recommend you a efficient way to keep your kids from such illegal things by installing iSafe keylogger (keystroke logger/keystroke recorder)on your kids’ PC. It runs in a secret mode so it is invisible for kids, and only the specified secret key is hit by you then it showed on the desk, and it cannot be seen with the Windows Task manager or other protect software.

The program logs all keystrokes (Keystroke Logging) along with the name of the application in which the keystrokes were entered. it also records the window captions and all URLs visited with a web browser. With the logs you will be able to review all the activities whilst your kids using the PC, such as you maybe interest in the text editor, e-mail client or an on-line text control on a web page. The pages they had visited in a web browser and their passwords for all their on-line accounts are logged too. And what amazing feature is that you can turn on automatic screenshot to capture screen periodically for easier monitoring.

You will be informed the logs by anyways you like, such as you can review the logs locally or you can visit them via the FTP or email.

iSafe keylogger can also useful for you as it can log all your login info, texts that you’ve typed, and the content of your Windows Clipboard which allows you to easily restore any of these if needed once it is installed on your own PC .So it is powerful.

How to Track Websites Visited with Keylogger

iSafe Keylogger can effectively track websites visited and detect URL address, page title, and time of access of every website visited with commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and Mozilla even if the Private mode is enabled.

Have you ever suspected your kids what they are doing with the Internet when you find them use the Internet and the history is emptied? The web browsers usually keep history files of recently visited websites but kids keep deleting all the browsing history, cache and everything. So maybe you are interested in the programs that can track websites visited while you are out.

You will admit that to install an invisible keylogger that allows you to track visited websites on home computer is the best way which will not be circumvented. Here we recommend you a powerful parent control software: iSafe Keylogger, a stealthy keylogger integrated with advanced logging mechanisims, to track websites visited.

With iSafe Keylogger, you will not worry about the browser’s private mode, as it can effectively detect URL address, page title, and time of access of every website visited with commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and Opera. It tracks the websites visited and lists the logs within a specified period of time and sends the lists to you via Emails and FTP.

Apart from website tracking, iSafe Keylogger can prevent you kids to access you defined websites, such as social networking websites, adult websites, stock websites and more. It also has the ability to block some particular programs and games. By adding the keywords of the unwanted  websites and applications to iSafe Keylogger black list, you are able to close the door to the online inappropriate content.

With iSafe Keylogger, you can effectively analyze what your kids are doing online and make sure they are safe with the Internet. So it is a powerful parent control tool for you.


Remote Keylogger

Remote installation keylogger Spy can help you remotely monitor a computer via a web browser, so you will not necessary to access the PC physically. You will remotely install the monitoring system through an email attachment without the PC user recognizing the installation! The activity logs can be accessed by you from anywhere where Internet is available.

The monitoring system is easy to use very much. There is no need for you to remember long IP address and to directly connect to the remote PC as you can check logs up from the Remote Keylogger website which contain all activities of any machines that you have deploy Remote Keylogger on. All logs are password protected and securely stored for you only – and no worrying about waiting for the remote machine to sign-on to retrieve its IP address to monitor it.

Main Features:

  • Online Conversations
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Website Visits
  • Applications Ran
  • Documents Viewed
  • Windows opened
  • System Login Activity
  • Remotely Installable/Uninsatllable!
  • Monitor a PC from Anywhere
  • Secure online log storage
  • Monitor from anywhere
  • Check logs at any time
  • Remote log deleting
  • Log search

How Remote Keylogger works

To use this monitoring system, a configuration program is required in which you can create a remote install module that you e-mail to the remote PC you wish to monitor. You must send the file you create via e-mail to the remote PC. There are two options for you to enable or disable the ‘alert user’ mask. The remote PC user must download and run the attached file to install Remote Keylogger. Once the user runs the file, you can view their activities stored on our servers from any location securely. To aid the installation, you can give any name to the install module you create – it must always end with the.exe extension to run


Family Keylogger

To provide kids with a safe experience on the web, parents are looking for a way to observe the activity of teenagers over the Internet. Family Keylogger is available here to allow you to monitor exactly how the home computer is used by logging all the users’ activities.

As a complete windows keylogger monitoring program, Family keylogger allows you to track all activities carried out on home computer system by kids, spouse in their absence.

Family keylogger for Parental Control

These days, as computers and Internet become one of the entertainment and education centers for kids in families, the advanced technology, family keylogger, is also moving forward to save our children from the predators as well as the dark side of the Internet. Family keylogger allows you to keep an eye on activities of your children on the personal computer. Family keylogger is basically a computer monitoring program that can run invisibly and thus family keylogger provides a stealth mode. The users, your children, can’t detect the stealthy family keylogger. But you can define hot keys to access to the control and options of family keylogger.

Family keylogger for Catching Cheating Spouse

Most of the time, children aren’t the only targets who might need to be monitored with a family keylogger. If your partner is spending many time as well as money on the Internet or flirting with net friends, then family keylogger could guide you to find something and eliminate your suspicious. Family keylogger records each typed keystrokes, mails, usernames, passwords, and every visited site. Family keylogger is also a smart surveillance program having the ability to capture screenshots on cheating spouse’s activity.

You can view the log files, including saved passwords and text, in your emails at any time. By keeping a strict eye on kids or partners with family keylogger, they are growing and molded on the way you want. Family keylogger method can be a good choice for parents and spouses.