Online safety guide for children from Google

We are developing programs to monitor user activity of home (Employee monitoring software) and office (Employee Monitor) computers, as well as to control usage of your children’s computer (iSafe Keylogger).


According to a research conducted by the Internet Development Fund, children in Europe and the NIS states usually know more about the Internet than their parents do.

From the one hand, this is a positive and logical thing. From the other hand – we don’t really know how children understand the basics of online security. Regular incidents involving Internet fraud and harassment prove that the problem is very real and the level of online threat awareness among teenagers is very low.

You can try to shield your kids from such threats in many ways, but you must be ready to face the fact that an Internet-savvy teenager won’t have any problems finding a workaround. And that is why you, as a parent, will have to explain the basics of online security to them.

Google has published a guide for parents and teachers that explains how online dangers can be avoided and how the rules of online conduct can be efficiently communicated to minors. All of these materials have been published as “Family Safety Center”.

The guide contains articles written by Google and other companies working on the problems of online security for children.

However, we should not forget than no technology, even the most advanced one, will ever be able to replace parental control and proper upbringing.

Invisible Keylogger Freeware

What’s Invisible Keylogger Freeware

Invisible Keylogger Freeware is a hidden, easy-to-use monitor software, it can monitor and record all activities that happened on the computer wherever you are. The superior point of  Invisible Keylogger Freeware is  free of charge. isafe  Keylogger Freeware provides you with 5-day free trial. In addition, isafe Keylogger Freeware offers the same function within the official version.

What Invisible Keylogger Freeware does
Invisible Keylogger Freeware records keystrokes, passwords, websites, chat logs, desktop screenshots, and so on. Then it Automatically and silently gets your logs uploaded to your FTP space or email for your remote review later. The whole process of monitoring, sending logs is totally invisible to the computer users. So the user does not know what happen on him.

Who need Invisible Keylogger Freeware
When you are not at home and inquisitive what happens on your PC, you may install an Invisible Keylogger Freeware. If you want to know what  your kids do online and protect them , you really need to install Invisible Keylogger Freeware. When you doubt if your mate is cheating on you, you can install an Invisible Keylogger Freeware and find out the truth by logging the chats, emails and passwords.

Where do you find an Invisible Keylogger  Freeware to protect kids online, trace a cheating spouse stealthily, and control your own computers? For a safe, functional Invisible Keylogger Freeware which offers all-sided features with security protection as well as quality tech support service.

Download Invisible Keylogger Freeware from CNET – Trusted freeware provider.

Keylogger for Windows 8

Keylogger for Windows 8 both 32bit and 64 bit

It is perfectly pardonable, common, as well as legal for you to know how to keylog users who are using the computer that you own or is located in your home or office. Keylogger for Windows 8, one of the varieties of different keyloggers, will ideally help you to monitor your child’s, spouse’s, and employee’s activity when they are using your computer which has recently upgraded to the Windows 8 operating system. A Keylogger for Windows 8 designed to be compatible with the Windows 8 operating system is currently used to keep track of all keystrokes made on a keyboard, which performs diversiform functions for safeguarding your child’s safe online, getting cheating spouse’s trace on the Internet, and monitoring employees’ activities in office.

What’s a quality Keylogger for Windows 8

First of all, a quality keylogger needs to work impeccably with the Windows 8 operating system and record every keystroke of the users typed on the keyboard with effect. A Keylogger for Windows 8 with such functions, however, can only be alluded to as a plain Keylogger for Windows 8. To identify a quality Keylogger for Windows 8, the following points are what you need to focused on.

  • Imperceptible

A quality Keylogger for Windows 8 owns the ability to run virtually invisible in the background and being undetected by the user of that particular computer. That means the quality Keylogger for Windows 8 will work in stealth mode and goes completely latently while users employ the computer under monitoring.

  • Secure

Functional, a quality Keylogger for Windows 8 is secured with password. Anyone who intends to change the Keylogger for Windows 8, with little exception, the Master Password is required! To make sure no one can uninstall, block or circumvent Keylogger for Windows 8, users need password to verify the authentication, which makes you relieved to apply a Keylogger for Windows 8.

  • Easy-to-use

An easy-to-use Keylogger for Windows 8 is quickly downloadable in one or two minutes and fully installed within 5 minutes, which also provides brief guide of instructions to help configure and customize the Keylogger for Windows 8.

All of the spotlights above make Keylogger for Windows 8 shine to be a very useful tool and it most often sought-after in the aspects below.

  • Smart

A quality Keylogger for Windows 8 not only logs text typed but also captures vivid screenshots of the user’s desktop once there is any activity, which ensures that all data is backed up with visual evidence of exactly what users are doing. What’s more, a quality Keylogger for Windows 8 is able to record all programs users executed on the PC with timestamp. You can also remotely view the logs of all activity from another computer online as a quality Keylogger for Windows 8 sends log reports to your email. Thus, you can know clearly the users are doing what at what time with a quality Keylogger for Windows 8.

Parental Control Keylogger for Windows 8

If you never thought about it before or if you are concerned about the websites anyone in your family, especially your children, is visiting, it is pretty important for you to have Parental Control Keylogger for Windows 8 to be installed on the home computer. Thus, on another computer remotely, you can supervise all family members by viewing the logs including screen shots, internet activity, websites visited, chat logs which are collected by a Parental Control Keylogger for Windows 8.

Cheating Spouse Keylogger for Windows 8

If something is harassing you as your spouse is acting singularly online late at night or if you are suspecting him/her cheating on you, a cheating Spouse Keylogger for Windows 8 is a viable option for spouses to find out the fact. You can easily catch your cheating spouse red handed without a detective but a Cheating Spouse Keylogger for Windows 8 which records all hard facts, such as chat conversations, emails, Facebook chats  and websites, that can’t be denied.

Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Windows 8

If you are looking for a solution to evaluate employee’s working progress or if you want to ensure the team productivity in your office, it’s time for company leader to take consider of an Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Windows 8 installed onto the company computers. An Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Windows 8 provides a way for you to inspect if your employees are using their time wisely and identify the work ethics of their employees. It may be easy for employees to erase their activities on the computers when they log off at the end of the day. This is in vain, however, for an intelligent Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Windows 8 which records all activates in a secretive way and keeps the keyboard user unaware about being monitored. For company leaders, Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Windows 8 can be beneficial to them in curbing employee misbehavior as well as clearly defining corporate standards.

Whether you are trying to be a more vigilant parent, or you are planning to ascertain your spouse’s secrets, or you are wish to boost your company competitiveness, a Keylogger for Windows 8 can help you by telling you everything you need to know. Please just keep in mind of one thing: Install a Keylogger for Windows 8 on the computer you own or you may entrap yourself in big trouble.