keystroke recorder to protect kids online safe

If you worry about your kids’ safety while they are searching on the Internet then you should monitor their activities. Those evil “hackers” that everyone talks about are really just kids in most cases. In our real life, they do not need to have any special knowledge to start illegal activities. You are offered lots of hacker groups to join in. when you are equipped a few tools and read a few docs, you will be able to steal passwords and credit card info from imprudent Internet users. So it is your responsibility to protect your kids from doing the preceding things on the Internet since the Internet is a virtual world for most people, and also you should protect yourself.

We will recommend you a efficient way to keep your kids from such illegal things by installing iSafe keylogger (keystroke logger/keystroke recorder)on your kids’ PC. It runs in a secret mode so it is invisible for kids, and only the specified secret key is hit by you then it showed on the desk, and it cannot be seen with the Windows Task manager or other protect software.

The program logs all keystrokes (Keystroke Logging) along with the name of the application in which the keystrokes were entered. it also records the window captions and all URLs visited with a web browser. With the logs you will be able to review all the activities whilst your kids using the PC, such as you maybe interest in the text editor, e-mail client or an on-line text control on a web page. The pages they had visited in a web browser and their passwords for all their on-line accounts are logged too. And what amazing feature is that you can turn on automatic screenshot to capture screen periodically for easier monitoring.

You will be informed the logs by anyways you like, such as you can review the logs locally or you can visit them via the FTP or email.

iSafe keylogger can also useful for you as it can log all your login info, texts that you’ve typed, and the content of your Windows Clipboard which allows you to easily restore any of these if needed once it is installed on your own PC .So it is powerful.

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