Legal or illegal to use keylogger software?

What’s keylogger software?

It’s known as  a kind of monitoring software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, websites visited, chat conversations, applications used, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Not only a few keylogger software does have  monitoring feature but also control such as websites blocking, instant messengers disabled, internet content filtering or USB or printer disable to outside management team(iSafe keylogger software has this skills).

Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are any laws regarding when they use Keystroke logger software, and is keylogger software legal or illegal?

I have consulted lawyers in many countries and reached the conclusion-Absolute legal,no any problem.

Keylogger software itself  is always legal.Just as money, the love for money is root of all evils  and people committed crimes because of money,right ? No, it is because their own mind and thought. Money is faultless.You can not say to use money is illegal, and it depends on how you use it. Same as keylogger software, it is legal to use, on the premise that:


  1. You are given administrator password to the device or you own the property of that device.
  2. Install keylogger software on the computers you own. Hint others of the keylogger software installed if they use your computer.
  3. It is completely legal manner that parents using keylogger software to monitor children’s online activity to make sure they don’t visit pornographic web sites or don’t make any dubious acquaintances.parental-control-necessary
  4. Employers keeping tracking employees’computer activities may be controversial. Notify them of the fact that they are being monitored, and what is being monitored, it will be perfectly legal.employee monitoring
  5. Police guard force can use keylogger software in assistance of their case cracking.
  6. To catch a suspected cheating spouse, for this issue, it is controversial. Remember, just get proof, do not use to commit crime.
 keylogger software use
The main purpose, or rather usefulness,for the install of keylogger software is to learn and improve.


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