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isafe all in one keylogger

Keylogger software is something of a hot topic both in the professional and personal worlds. As many of us know computer monitoring software can be used to inflict great damage on our personal lives when used maliciously. However this technology was originally designed to protect companies and keep track of suspicious individuals before it was used to steal people’s identities.

Businesses make extensive use of Keylogger Software to monitor their employee’s machines for strange activity. While some may cry that this is an invasion of privacy the fact of the matter is that if it’s a corporate owned machine you have no privacy to begin with. Legal Computer Monitoring software is used to monitor all emails, texts, and other transmissions to and from the machines it’s installed on.

By using these technologies companies can prevent corporate sabotage, identify and fire lazy employees, and identify other offenders as well. Businesses have a right to ensure that no one is trying to take them for a ride or steal from them under false pretenses. When used responsibly monitoring technologies can be very effective and protecting a companies interests.

Of course Keylogger Software can also be used in your home to monitor computer activity when you’re not there. This is especially helpful when you need to monitor your children’s computer activity without literally standing over their shoulder. While most people are disdainful about using computer monitoring software in their homes to keep an eye on their teen’s computer usage it is a necessary evil at times.

There are various levels of Keylogger Software to purchase and their functions vary with their total price. While the general functions such as monitoring activity are included in all versions there are additional features that are available with high end versions. Higher levels of Computer Monitoring Software can be configured to export all recorded activity to a text file and email it to your own computer or cell phone at set intervals.

Others can let you know when certain terms have been searched for or certain websites have been visited. Or if you simply want to know when someone’s using your computer the basic level software will suffice and simply send you an email alert when someone activates the computer. Regardless of which level of the software you’re using it’s important to keep track of things if more than one person is using your machine.

If you’re running a business then you need to monitor your employees especially if you work with large sums of money. While it’s unfortunate to think about not everyone is as hard working as you are and some people are just out to get rich as quick as they can. This means that they might not think twice about stealing from your company in order to satisfy their own greed.

While using Keylogger software isn’t something that most businesses or parents look forward to the option is there if you need it. There are varying types of computer monitoring software available for purchase meaning that regardless of your budget there is something to fit your needs. Most forms of this software will alert you via email or other silent means to inform you when the computer being monitored is being used or when a certain term has been searched for.
Besides that, iSafe All in One Keylogger can also fiter internet content,block unwanted websites,disable applications or ports and control use time of computer or internet.

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