Simple keylogger

Simple keylogger is developed for people who have little computer tech, which will record key hits only by users while using the computer. Keylogger is a solution of capturing and recording users’ keystrokes which keeps track of every key that is entered into your computer. The reasons why you might want to install a Simple Keylogger onto your devices you own are might to keep tab on your children or employees, to see if anyone is using your computer that shouldn’t be.

Simple but Effective Keylogger

With the purpose of monitoring computer easier, Simple Keylogger focusses it’s attention on catching things that should not be going on while people using the computers by recording keystrokes typed, passwords typed, websites browsed, chat conversations and desktop screenshots with less time of installation and configuration easier.

Simple Keylogger is Easy-to-use

The concise, intuitional and user-friendly interface makes the installation more easily, and no computer expert knowledge being needed. Installation will be finished in just two minutes by following the tips. All common configurations are set automatically and what you should to do is to enter your email to offering the address the logs be send to by Simple keylogger. Then hide the software and wait to check your emails.

Simple keylogger runs invisibly

The Simple Keylogger working in the background takes up very little in the way of system resources. Simple keylogger is working in secret mode protected by a hot key and a password you set. Other users on your computer are not authorized to detect or open keylogger window or change any settings unless he or she have the password. A best Simple keylogger have the features of installing easily and discovered hard by computer savvy users.

Simple keylogger automatically sends log reports

Simple Keylogger provides simple but flexible ways to view the log reports for parents and employers. Users have variable ways to check the reports ,such as checking logs by opening the keylogger to read the log reports, view logs remotely be emails that you entered while installation, in this way users will realize the help of a simple keylogger easily.

Most of the people will monitor users on the computer hard. Simple Keylogger will enable you to consistently remain in awareness of the computer usage of your children and employees easily either in your home or working places.

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