Spector Pro User Review

SpectorSoft is a well-known monitoring software provider,having enjoyed great fame for a long time.It develops, markets and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, education, government and general home users.

You may have found while searching keylogger related words in search engines or some other popular web sites,a lot of advertisements were shown to you and sponsored banners are also seen in some related web sites.

If you are looking for a keylogger,then you are just reading the right article. SpectorSoft mainly has three categories of products;they are home solutions,small business solutions and enterprise solutions. This review is for Spector Pro of home solutions and the operating system is Windows,including Windows 7,Windows Vista,and Windows XP.

Features of Spector Pro for Windows

Capture keystrokes typed,including passwords
Capture Facebook and other social networks
Remote viewer of the logs from another device
Capture all Chats and Instant Messages – both sides
Capture Emails in and out,including web-based emails
Block unwanted web sites
Capture web sites visited
Capture Online Searches
Capture program activity
Keyword alerts,be notified for inappropriate language or sites you deem harmful
Screen snapshot,video-style playback, in exact order they do it, step by step
Among those features,both side chat conversation is hard to get in other keylogger software;video-style activity snapshot is quite attractive and easy to use. This two features reflects the perfect technique and excellent quality of SpectorSoft in monitoring software development.

The cons of Spector Pro for Windows

No trial version can be used before purchase
Price is $ 99.95,which is rather costly to many families
Does not provide refunds for simply changing mind
Unable to monitor activity of clipboard,USB or microphone
Detectable by anti-virus software,not true stealth mode
Almost all shareware vendors provides free trial for the person who desires a purchase of the product. And 30 day money back guarantee is offered too;some may be shorter than 30 days. On the other hand, when installing Spector Pro,anti-virus software has to be closed and add Spector Pro files to the trust list of anti-virus software. Another point worthy of note is that,interface of this piece of software is grey;all reports are grey too,including the video style snapshots,not the real recording of colorful screen.

Above is what I have found from Windows Spector Pro. I hope that helps you make the decision of buying or not.

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