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It is well known that internet has become indispensable part of people’s life.It gives people great convenience to learn knowledge and skill. However, just as a coin has two sides,internet inevitably has its disadvantages,especially to kids.

Almost everyday we hear stories about kids who indulge themselves in internet games.Put aside their school work affected seriously,it is believed that some violent games or other addictive ones have brought kids and teens psychological problems. At the same time,online predator or pedophilia may be looking for next victim in chat rooms or social websites such as Myspace and Facebook,with the frequent use of instant messengers,swindlers have more chances to cheat money and even there are innocent girls deceived to meet strangers.Even without these external risks,kids may encounter accidental dangers such as adult content when surfing internet or search on search engines.Apart from those,a problem existing widely among kids is overly use of the internet.Too many issues to describe,then what we are more concerned is how to deal with this,right?

It is natural responsibility for parents to protect kids online.No doubt that online protection towards kids is definitely necessary.Parental control software does help addressing this problem,but some families can not afford expensive parental protection software.This article therefore tells how to start parental control without cost.

For Windows 7 users,there is a parental control icon in control panel.This can help parents set time limits for kids using the computer,control games by rating,content or title and allow or block programs on the computer. To use this function,it’s best to refer to the guide here (easier to understand than Microsoft guide)

After that,parents can start protection to their kids partially.What if want more detailed control? A good recommendation is Google Family Safety Center which you can use to manage online experience.It enables parents to have SafeSearch,YouTube Safety Mode, and content filtering on Android.Meanwhile,parents can report inappropriate content,learn tips from parents at Google and get advice on family safety issues. More information is at

There is yet another way to implement parental protection,that is,setting up within your router. For most of families,router is the only way which must be passed to access internet.Parents can block unhealthy websites,improper games and control the time of service. It depends on the brand of your router. It is suggested parents read the router instruction or consult the router seller.

As long as parents make full use of these free parental control services,which is a set of whole care to kids in respect of online activities,there is no need to buy parental control software.

Before you decide to buy parental control software,please be advised to read this article.

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