Top 3 keyloggers for home and company

Keylogger is a program that monitors and records the keystrokes used on your computer. You may wonder why this information is important. It is important to both the legitimate and illegitimate users of computer because legitimate users, such as businesses or individuals can find out important information about where people have been on their computer. The term originated with the manual logging of each stroke on the keyboard of a computer so that mistakes could be undone. Now, keylogging has a variety of very positive uses, including tracking and storing key stroke information for individuals and businesses.

What are some reasons to use a keylogger program? Some reasons an individual or small business owner may wish to answer these questions:

Is my spouse having an inappropriate relationship?

Is my significant other telling me truth about their activities?

Are websites being accessed by my significant other, employee or child that is unsafe or inappropriate?

Are my children safe on the computer?

Is my employee wasting time online or in chat sessions?

The majority of these types of monitoring programs will register all computer activity, not just keystrokes. Among the many programs available, consumers may choose from services that include a service that records not only keystrokes but also documents, e-mails or instant messages and websites visited, sometimes even taking a “picture” of the site itself.

How do you choose a keylogger program? There are two questions you need to ask when choosing a keylogger program for personal or small business use. First, do you have physical access to the computer you want monitored? In many cases, the answer to this question is yes. You can access your family member or significant others computer at some point in time, as well as an employees. However, if you are “dating” it may be more difficult. Many keylogger programs require physical access but there are some programs that allow you to monitor remotely.

The second question is, “What is your purpose for using a keylogger program?” Is it to monitor a family member or employee? Is it to check on where your household members have been visiting on the web? Or primarily to monitor your child’s computer activity. Although there are many keylogger programs highly rated, for the purposes stated above, three programs are considered most effective.

iSafe All in One Keylogger is a winner of many editor’s choice awards. Unique features of iSafe All in One Keylogger include that you don’t need physical access to the computer being monitored. Monitoring is completed through the internet and information is posted to a private website for your review. Other features of iSafe All in One Keylogger include: some controls to limit options of computer users, monitoring of keystrokes, all typing, e-mails (in coming & outgoing), on line chats, instant messaging, tracking visited websites, and screenshots of sites visited. iSafe All in One Keylogger is one of the most comprehensive keylogger programs available is $79.00.

Spector Pro 6.0 is consistently described as reliable and easy to use. However, with Spector Pro 6.0 you do need to have physical access to the computer being monitored. If that is not a problem, Spector Pro is good choice. Many users praise the look, organization and user-friendly interface of this one. One of the unique features of Spector Pro is the ability to monitor peer-to-peer activity. By monitoring this type of activity, activities such as illegal downloads of music or movies can be detected and result in criminal charges or lawsuits. As a result, parents are very interested in finding software that will stop this activity. SpectorPro records and monitors: all keystrokes, sent and received e-mails, several popular instant message programs, website history, peer to peer activity and also takes screenshots. It is available for a one time price of $99.99

SpyAgent is a third very desirable keylogger program. One unique aspect of this program is the ability to have many different settings and lots of options. SpyAgent is the most customizable keylogger program available. However, if you do not have physical access to the computer being monitored, SpyAgent can only access information via e-mail. SpyAgent monitors: all keystrokes typed, e-mails, instant messaging, web site history, clipboard log, and takes screenshots. The cost of SpyAgent is $65.00.

Keylogger programs are different from antivirus, anti spyware and adware blocker programs, not only do they monitor different types of computer activity, but they are also available for a one time fee. You use them for as long as you can, once you have paid the fee and you can use it on multiple computers. The ability to monitor computer activity is important to many as a parent, partner or employer. This software can provide parents with peace of mind, protect employers from being taken advantage of by employees and can settle many character questions for those in relationships.

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