What to look for-a keylogger for windows XP

Keyloggers are very useful little tools that you can easily install on your computer to record various types of information. A keylogger for Windows XP can be your window into the life of someone and the time they spend on their computer. The most common application of a keylogger for Windows XP is as a parental control on a home computer.

If you don’t know very much about keyloggers, imagine having a running log of every action performed on your computer. This is really not far fetched at all.

A keylogger for Windows XP will:

Track all internet activity, log passwords and save compressed screenshots in a log file;
Keep a log of all chat conversations, including times, dates, and amount of time spent in the conversation;
Run invisibly in the background – nothing can detect it, not a firewall, an anti virus program or an anti spyware program;
Record every single keystroke performed on your keyboard.
There are many applications for a keylogger and many situations that will make it your best investment. The main reasons people install these programs are:

1. They suspect their spouse is cheating on them and they want to know for sure.
2. They want to keep track of what their kids are doing on the computer;
3. They want to make sure their employees are being productive at work and not wasting valuable company time and resources.

Whatever your reason is, you can get a complete picture of all activity performed on your computer. You only need a minute or two to install a keylogger, and the registry keys can be renamed so that they don’t identify themselves to someone snooping in the registry. A keylogger will never leave a footprint by adding a desktop icon or showing in the running processes tray.

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